Monday, June 13, 2016

Big Brother 18: CBS Delays the Cast Reveal

BB18 cast reveal delayed by CBS. Instead of this morning, the cast reveal on CBS All Access will be taped (not live) and shown tomorrow -- Tuesday, June 14, starting at 1pm PT/4pm ET. The timing is a bit better for my own reasons due to work. But, this whole casting thing between no media interviews and now this is very weird.

The photo above is just a screenshot of the CBS announcement page ... which makes it seem like they never announced the reveal would be this morning. Hmm.

UPDATE: In a Twitter announcement, CBS said that the announcement was delayed due to the tragedy in Orlando.


Chacha said...

link to the first 12 houseguests.
Yes, we will have returning guests.
also Cody (bb16) brother
also Vanessa(bb17) sister

Chacha said...

CBS bio/pics of cast

David said...

I hope they put up video interviews of these people. Just from reading the bio's I get a sense that I will not like Victor or Natalie right off and Jozea seems lost on the concept of the game. But that is just what CBS printed from their interviews so all of my first impressions could change if I could get more information on them or see video's to see how they really are.

Can't wait for this to start. =)

I guess since they are holding back 4 people, possibly returning house guests, the blog pool won't be completed until sometime after the first two shows are broadcast. And please CBS, do NOT bring back Frankie Grande or even have a guest appearance of him this year. lol

Chacha said...

cbs all access will have the videos starting in at4:00 eastern today

i can't figure out who i like and who i don't without the videos

the rumors of returning houseguests

jessica UNderwood said...

Hello everyone!!!! I'm back!

uncartie said...

Anyone wanna guess who my favorite HG is? :)

Chacha said...


let us have it...

I am in the minority of people and my favorite male winner of all time is
Dick Donato. favorite female winner is Jordan.

uncartie said...

Chacha,Favorite houseguest of all time? Janelle Pierzina

Favorite HG this year? Tiffany Rousso,younger sister of Vanessa Rousso. She has a masters in psychology and with Vanessa's experience to help her she should go far.

Petals said...

Uncartie - YAY! Janelle is my all-time favorite, too. LOVE me my Janey.
Favorite this year? Victor, so far, because he resembles Roger Federer.