Friday, July 08, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Friday Evening, Road Kill - July 8

His name is getting tossed around for renom

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Not So Lovable Louts:
  • Between nominations and the Road Kill comp, the feeds were more Jeff interview loops than hamsters today.
  • Frank wants to "mess with Tiffany's head" a bit before the PoV comp.
  • He's thoughtful like that, y'know.
  • After the feeds came back post Road Kill, Frank talked to Nicole about winning the Road Kill comp.
  • Again.
  • Frank's own big target -- Tiffany -- is already on the block. He wants to keep Paul, the other nominee, around for a while longer. 
  • So, he needs to put up someone inconsequential or that he'd kind of like gone as a second choice to Tiffany. Sounds like Bronte to me!
  • Yep! That's who he tells Nicole he plans to nominate.
  • He told Da'Vonne he's thinking of putting Michelle on the block. When she tells him he can't because Michelle is on her team, he claims he forgot.
  • Apparently he likes messing with Da'Vonne's head, too.
  • James mentions (once again) that Frank is too dangerous to keep in the game and must be taken out first available chance.
  • Well, duh.
  • Corey's days of flying under the radar have come to an end. Da'Vonne and Frank were mentioning his name as the one to get rid of because Nicole and Corey need to be broken up. 
  • Also, Bronte and Bridgette were also talking about taking him down with the girls alliance votes if they get him up as a renom.
  • Bronte is all upset, sure she will go up as the Road Kill nominee.
  • Great. Now we have another week of that.
  • Why, she was so upset, the bows fell out of her hair and her voice went down two octaves!
  • Heh.
  • The Have Nots are chomping at the bit to eat at midnight.
  • And, yes ... after yet another feeds block, Bronte is the Road Kill nominee.

Playing well ... so far

When she's upset, the bows fall off.

Let's just nickname him "Roadkill"

Not under the radar, yet not a target


monty924 said...

Seriously, I want Bronte to go home this week, because of the PowerPuff girls or whatever. That would throw a lot of them into a tailspin. James is spilling his guts out to Natalie and assuring her that Tiffany will go home. I hope not. I want drama.

Stormy said...

James may be getting to many stars in his eyes. Be best for him to not tell Natalie all his secrets.

Petals said...

It just irritates me that Natalie is just there for a paid vacay until football season. When I think about the other people who would be there to PLAY and would enjoy the BB game. She thinks the house stuff is all just a prelude to the jury party. @@