Monday, July 18, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday Morning - July 18

Category 4 weak link who thinks she's not

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Turning Tides for Tiff:
  • Da'Vonne just might be in a lot of trouble this week.
  • What's that you say?
  • She isn't even on the block?
  • Well, that will surely change today when the PoV meeting goes down.
  • Corey, the PoV winner, is slated to take himself off the block, leaving Natalie and Tiffany as the nominees for eviction.
  • Of those two, Tiffany would definitely be gone. Natalie creates less drama in the house ... MUCH less drama.
  • Plus, Natalie doesn't have a sister named Vanessa.
  • Since Corey was the Road Kill nominee, that means that Tiffany (Road Kill winner) will (secretly) be the one to name the renom.
  • And, that renom will definitely be Da'Vonne.
  • Tiffany has been workin' it. She has gone to just about everybody and anybody -- except to Da'Vonne -- spilling all kinds of stuff about Da'Vonne, mostly truths but some embellishments, too.
  • Da'Vonne's BB habits of planting seeds, blabbing a bit too much and being too cocky are likely to catch up to her this week.
  • As it stands now, Tiffany has Frank, Bridgette, Corey and Natalie as votes to keep her and oust Da'Vonne.
  • She just might have Zakiyah, too.
  • Paulie claims that he's on her side when he's talking to her and has mentioned it would be a good opportunity to get Da'Vonne out.
  • But he doesn't seem fully aboard. If the vote comes to a tie, he'd be the tiebreaker this week. His vehemence over Tiffany might end up in him saving Da'Vonne to save his precious male "always right" ego.
  • Michelle wants Tiffany out. Maybe that's because Da'Vonne never thought her important enough to give her the time of the Day (heehee) and she doesn't have much to do with her while Tiffany has had more interactions with her.
  • As Tiffany is making the rounds to push her anti-Da'Vonne campaign, Michelle is making rounds to push her anti-Tiffany campaign.
  • Da'Vonne isn't making rounds ... yet. She's not on the block, y'know.
  • I'm not really sure of Michelle's motivation in all of this. Like Paul deciding he's going to be a double agent, I can see this biting Michelle on the butt down the line.
  • If she's not in a close alliance with Da'Vonne (which she's not; Da'Vonne doesn't trust her), she would do better just to be quieter and observe it all.
  • She thinks she's swayed Corey and Natalie, but I don't really think they're swayed. I think they'll still go to vote out Da'Vonne instead of Tiffany at this point.
  • At least this week's doldrums early week period should have kerfuffles going on!
  • The PoV meeting should be later today.
  • Then we should see some good scrambling topped by emotional outbursts.
  • Yeah, it sucks to be them. But they wanted to be on TV. We didn't!

I didn't realize Da'Vonne was so against me

Tiffany put him up, he will take himself down

SEEMS to be getting along, always a target

Still playing rather low-key


Chauncey said...

Why would they fall for a evict Davonne next plan when they all know how Frank has been running the house? The next time Davonne wins something will be her first time winning anything so what's the rush to get her out when Frank is the veto and roadkill beast? dummies

Chacha said...

After catching up on yesterdays BB house I must say that Nicole and Coreys best option is to jump off the Paulie train.
although Nicole can't stick to anything she says. In a matter of three minutes she was flipping to keep Davonne, then get rid od Davoone then back to keeping Davonne.

I think Michelle really wants Tiffany out because she knows that Davonne will through her under the bus about keeping Tiff and Davonne has brought info to Michelle.

Nicole better wake up.

I must say though the best comedy for me was Nicole stating that she is over michelle due to the fact that she is like CHristine(bb14). Hair, glasses, ring, etc. That made me almost spit my drink out of my mouth.

Paulie with his HOHitis will be the death of him in this game. he is just venting his own insecurity of himself onto Tiffany.

I am so glad these HG are locked away and have no clue what is actually going on in the world right now.

Should be an interesting afternoon and evening.

Chacha said...


The house is on to her. Both Tiffany and Davonne need to go as well as Frank.

For the most part Davonne has created the paranoia in Tiffany and why the HG didn't want to be around her

I truly believe that Paulie and Corey do want Frank to stay long term as that is a shield for them.

I wish we could have gotten a Corey/Paulie convo last night without Paul and Michelle butting in the room.

David said...

Paul definitely wanted to have his say in all conversations that were going on last night, LOUDLY. How the whole house does not know he is trying to be a spy when they could have heard him yelling in Las Vegas what he was doing is beyond me. Michelle crying (literally) to Cory about how much she hates Tiffany and wants her out was just over the top for me. I did see Nichole compare Michelle to Christine last night and it cracked me up also. lol

uncartie said...

Chauncy,You asked why they would fall for an evict DaVonne plan? It's because Tiffany,
like her sister Vanessa did last season,presents a logical case which she backs up with facts for getting her out. HG's that do want her out slowly come to the conclusion that what Tiff is saying is right. Eventually their votes will change. The only 2 that won't budge are,egomaniac Paulie,or meangirl Michelle and their reasons have nothing to do with logic or reasoning. The rest are open to change their decisions and a lot of that may be based on how Day reacts to being put up.

As I'm typing this Davonne has been nominated and she's not tooooo happy about it. She hasn't exploded yet but the pot is definitely simmering on high. :)

And now a little paranoia for your amusement. :) David,you'll appreciate this...

Sun 11:36 PM BBT Nicole: What If Michelles secretly playing 4 Christine, & she's trying to get me back? It's freaking me out. C: I don't think so.

Sharon N said...

As expected, Corey took himself off the block, and Da'Vonne went up... courtesy of Tiffany.
Since Day was rather expecting it, she didn't go crazy... no doubt disappointing Frank and Tiffany.

uncartie said...
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uncartie said...

Sharon,It's only a matter of time before Day goes off. She has 3 days to brood about it and you know Frank and Tiff are going to try and agitate her.
Just wait until she finds out there may be 4 votes for sure against her.

Nick said...

I think Michelle may self-evict if Tiffany stays. Her hatred for Tiffany has reached a scary level, and like everyone else, I'm not quite sure what triggered it. These next few days should be very intriguing...I still say as of now Da'Vonne will be staying, but it really is tricky to tell when almost all of the houseguests are saying different things depending on who is around.

David said...

That's funny uncartie. lol On BBAD they cut into the conversation just about when Nichole was saying that or cut away so I didn't catch all she said.

Sharon N said...

Uncartie, agree...just waiting for Da'Vonne to 'lose it' too. She's trying to control her temper, but it's it's always sitting right there...on the edge.

Nick, Michelle's hatred really is over the top. Supposedly, she is a BB fan, so maybe it's just like Paulie's "Vanessa" phobia. And/or, Michelle has been playing both sides and figures Tiffany has watched/listened and knows a lot more than Michelle is comfortable with.

Petals said...

I watched Day being confronted (only slightly) overnight, and she just pish-poshes and turns heel.


Chacha said...

The best today was after the pov ceremony Tiffany wanted to get Davonne in trouble for "assaulting"her with her braids.

I do hope Davonne pops off. I am convinced it will happen. The only problem is that it has to be in front of people so she doesn't report it back falsely.

Michelle is just too much. I am not sure what Tiff has on Michelle except she was in on the flip originally last week.

Its amazing how she wants to get Natalie for some reason. She is always dropping stuff to James.
I really believe she is just an insecure mean girl. She really wants to have that guy to latch onto in the house and all the guys are taken or arent interested.

Sharon N said...

Chacha, I think you've nailed Michelle.
Michelle likes to think she can tell people who they can be friends with and who they can't talk to. When she told James he shouldn't talk to Tiffany or Bridgette, it didn't set well with him and he told her he will talk to everyone. Whether he was kidding or not (probably not), Michelle didn't take it very well when he told her that she's mean.
Wait for it... Michelle will try to turn everyone against James now.

Petals said...

Wow. Watching around 2:30, where Natalie seems to be making a play for Paulie. He keeps her in check. Love it.
Poor James.

Petals said...

But I know Natalie's type - she is adorable, but she dates out of her league and, as a result, is insecure. Yeah. Too bad.

Jackie Hardin said...

I'm about ready to get on Frank's train. King PAULIE and his knights are so silly. What he sees in Z I don't know. Corey needs to just put a big move on Nicole. She is so "don't touch me girl". I think James is making a mistake with Nathalie. Michelle and Paul needs to get together. I can't wait till they will turn on each other.

Jean in Tampa said...

Does anybody else think that Natalie looks like the actress that played Molly's sister in Mike & Molly when she was younger?