Sunday, July 10, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - July 10

Lovin' his muffins

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Rowdy Ruffians:
  • James and Corey talked. James said that both Natalie and Bronte wanted to make it to jury. Corey told James that Tiffany going was a go this week.
  • Michelle and Da'Vonne talked about Tiffany going. Michelle is worried she might say something that could damage their games. Da'Vonne doesn't think so. Michelle thinks that Tiffany thinks she's staying.
  • I don't think she does. I think Tiffany HOPES she's staying but knows that Frank is manipulative and wants her out.
  • Interesting ... in a talk about dreams, Frank mentioned he had to quit his job to come on the show.
  • I guess he needs the stipend as much as any of them ... maybe more!
  • They only had the yard for a short time as BB wanted to set up the Outback dinner won during the PoV.
  • Natalie found out that some were calling the Spy Girls, the Powderpuff Girls. She doesn't like that.
  • Frank doesn't think Da'Vonne will target him. Paulie or Corey, but not him.
  • Ha.
  • Frank kept trying to get Corey to think that Da'Vonne needs to go before long.
  • Corey says he understands the Tiffany target, but doesn't agree with going after those in the alliance.
  • Then Paulie, James and Paul got together ... James thinks they should wait until the time is right, then tell Bridgette that Frank is the Road Kill winner who nominated her buddy, Bronte.
  • They think the Powderpuff Girls are basically clueless.
  • Paul has overcome his Victor/Jozea ties and is getting in with Paulie and others. He's in-ish with Frank, but knows that Frank is only doing whatever advances his own game.
  • Michelle and Frank had a kerfuffle over Dan Gheesling. Michelle likes his and thinks he's fantastic at BB. Frank disagrees.
  • Frank's probably jealous, methinks.
  • Zakiyah, Da'Vonne, Paul, Paulie, Michelle, Bridgette and Frank are the ones attending the Outback dinner in the yard.
  • Natalie, James, Corey, Tiffany, Bronte and Nicole are left inside.
  • Again, a lot of "if I win HoH" talks, Frank is still falling out of favor with all and Tiffany is most likely going to get evicted this week.
  • The PoV meeting didn't go down.
  • But I don't think it will change much. IF Bridgette takes down Bronte, the one Frank puts up would likely be the third Powderpuff Girl, Bridgette's other friend, Natalie.

Watching television

First rays of sun in days

Will everything catch up to Frank?

Da'Vonne must have Frank on her mind

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Sharon N said...

Anyone else notice the fish tank is bigger this year?
It's really nice and more of a decorative focal point in the HOH.

Bridgette has become the big mouth frog.
Frank looking a tad on the haggard side lately. Maybe it starting to wear on him... spending so much time conniving, and trying to keep track of all his alliances has to be the pits! LOL