Thursday, July 28, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Thursday - July 28

Nah, no one's back there. Y'think?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Worrisome Worrywarts:
  • Even though Frank will be leaving tonight (unless he comes back). everybody is paranoid that he's not.
  • Da'Vonne keeps planting seeds that Nicole and Corey can't be trusted.
  • Paulie's "leadership" is in doubt.
  • James and Da'Vonne are worried that Paulie will vote to keep Frank and oust Bridgette and the house will flip last minute.
  • Paul grows more obnoxious by the day. For a well-educated guy, he's turned into a foul-mouthed little bully with nothing to back it up.
  • Zakiyah thinks that Nicole is flirting with Paulie and doesn't like it.
  • Remember, a week or two ago, Zakiyah thought Michelle was flirting with Paulie and didn't like it.
  • All the jealousy without reason is wearing thin on Paulie.
  • Natalie told James that she can't trust Nicole because something she said in confidentially to her got back to Bridgette.
  • But, then again, Natalie has always been closer to Bridgette than she has been to Nicole. She'd rather Bridgette be in the house longer than Nicole.
  • Da'Vonne told Paulie that Nicole is saying she (Da'Vonne) is throwing her (Nicole) under the bus.
  • Well, duh. She is and has been!
  • Da'Vonne is paranoid because she heard Corey said more attention should be on her rather than him and Nicole.
  • Paulie told Da'Vonne that is being said only because it was brought up if Bridgette wins HoH, she'd nominate Nicole and Corey.
  • Meanwhile, Nicole is whispering stuff about Da'Vonne to Paul.
  • And, on it goes.
  • Paranoia the destroyah!
  • The house seems to be one pitted against the other throughout, yet it's fairly certain it will be unanimous or close to it for Frank to go home tonight.

Spending the last of their time together.

She's safe. For now.

Da'Vonne continues to plant seeds to him

What? Someone is behind the mirror?


Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

For the conspiracy theorist, if Frank does have the Round Trip, it wouldn't be very hard to rig that outcome. Having them not open their cards is the key. All the cards could have been either winners or losers, and then Prod can manipulate them during lockdowns, since they know where all the cards are stored by the HG's. Just some food for thought for the conspiracy theorist. I suppose I'm holding out hope that for a change, Frank comes back, either him or Bridg win HOH, and then we have a great week of fun watching the drama on the feeds. One can only dream I suppose.

chrob61 said...

OOOOH Fred- I for one would like to see that happen, it's been a little too cozy in that house with everyone just determined that Frank will be leaving. Good way for production to amp up the drama and "kerfuffles" as Jackie would put it!

Nicole Chenault said...

Oh yes! Bridgette winning HOH would be great for the feeds! Since she's not really aligned much with anyone left (except maybe Natalie?) and it would be open season on the house guests.

Anonymous said...

Fred and TwoBlackAces.............great idea! Love to have Frank back too!

If any problems come for production, just let the FBI investigate.........they seem to do a good job of stuff, right? Seems like we all have a better chance of getting OFF in this country now...............

or maybe not.............its who you know?

Back to BB, but I do plan to VOTE!

Stormy said...

Paul is hard on my eyes, hard on my ears, hard on my nerves. Wish they would vote him out fast.

David said...

What Michelle said in the diary room on lasts night show finally made me understand why she hated Tiffany and now Bridgette so much to the pint of crying at the fact Tiffany might not be evicted. She hates anyone, especially if female, that got close to Frank because she wanted to be Frank's significant other in the house or maybe even more. She is a dang stalker and wanted to kill off her perceived rivals. LOL

Petals said...

Fred - Yes, that is food for thought, but here is an appetizer - production could have suggested to Frank from where to pull his envelope? (I haven't seen the envelope scene(s), so I have no idea how they were placed or where...)

Stormy - I agree!

I'm just so glad that Victor is back. Sure, he's a fame whore, but he is so much more amiable (and easier on the eyes!)about it.

Jackie Hardin said...

Frank will have the card to stay. BB will see to that. I want Frank to stay so he and Michelle can get together. I want to see Nicole and Paulie get together. Get "Z" out of the House. I loved it last night on BBAD when she got all dolled up and Paulie never did come a round.

Jackie said...

I hate to burst the Conspiracy Theory bubble, but the envelopes are numbered.

Jean in Tampa said...

I'm watching last night's BBAD. Zak is nuts.