Tuesday, July 26, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Tuesday Morning - July 26

I did have hopes for her ... no more

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lackadaisical Louts:
  • As I mentioned in my last update -- Michelle did not use the veto and they all (I think) have envelopes from the secret room. ONE of the envelopes contain a RETURN TRIP TICKET which will allow the bearer immediately back in the house if evicted. They aren't allowed to open the envelopes until evicted. Paul was the first one to figure out the clues.
  • Bridgette can't convince Michelle that she didn't say something about shaving her eyebrows off while she slept. She can't convince her because she can't convince herself. She thinks it's possible she said it.
  • So, Bridgette thinks all the girls bully her.
  • Nicole's playing both sides is catching up to her between Da'Vonne and Frank planting seeds that she can't be trusted.
  • She continues to cling onto Corey like he's some sort of lifeline. 
  • The latest is that she's all upset that Corey didn't give her the code to get into the secret room and she had to figure it out for herself. (Actually, Victor helped her.)
  • @@
  • Why oh why did she get involved in a showmance?
  • You can tell that Corey does care for her as a person. But there's nothing really much more to it. It won't last a week outside the house.
  • The conspiracy theorists will have their day until Thursday ... beyond if Frank has the return trip ticket. Even Paulie is theorizing that BB will swap envelopes with Frank so he stays.
  • Bridgette cried.
  • Michelle cried.
  • Oh, save your drama for your Mama, sunshines!
  • Well, maybe not your Mama Day. She would easily turn it around to use it against you.
  • Speaking of Da'Vonne, Paulie is a bit worried that things he's said to her will be used against him.
  • Michelle cried and cried. And cried. Bridgette won't accept her apology. She really likes Frank and has done him wrong. She's being portrayed badly. And on and on.
  • Poor Michelle. She's the superfan who should have known what she's getting into, right?
  • By being the first to figure out the code to the room, Paul now thinks he's even more all that and a bag of chips. His ego diminishes his beard.
  • Zakiyah thinks that Nicole is becoming more distant with her, as is Paulie. She tells Da'Vonne this. Hmm.
  • There are all kinds of bad feelings due to the room. Many were asleep when the clue came over the screen about it. They're mad because the ones seeing it didn't wake them up. Others are mad because people wouldn't just give them the code.
  • @@
  • Michelle thinks that Victor is one who wants to be in control. It seems to me many of them want to be in control -- Frank, Paulie, Paul, Da'Vonne.
  • Nicole and Corey made up. For now.
  • Bridgette and Michelle, not so much.
  • It does look like it will still be Frank walking out the door Thursday.
  • But ... as Stephen King said, sometimes they come back.
  • Heh, heh.

Are the eyebrows still there? Peek, peek.

Likes to be in charge

Still a target, but playing much wiser

Apparently, I'm an a______. Well, yeah!


Chacha said...

I believe Frank is Praying he isn't the round trip ticket winner.

It would be funny though if he is the winner and gets to get a weeks "vacation" from the house to return.

I don't think the ticket winner should go right back in unless they are free from noms or renom for that week.

All this crying from Michelle in my opinion is to get the HG to vote out Bridgette. Michelle is like the jilted girlfriend. Can't stand her.

Paul is working on my last nerve. I tend to try and change rooms when he is on the feeds. Problem is, he jumps from room to room. To me he is playing the Andy(s15) game of being a rat but he isn't careful.

Between Paulie and Paul with all there talk I would actually like to see them do something. Neither will punch someone, hit someone or screem in there face and bully them like they say. The two are all talk. Its just like Cody in s16 saying what he would do to this one any minute and then never did anything.

Its amazing that these hamsters are so stupid. Although it shouldn't be. From what I understand is that Robin the casting agent also casts for Bachelor/ette. As far back as when Kristen was in the house with Haydon in season 12 I can remember her saying she was suposed to be on the bachelor

Chacha said...

Has anyone read this article?


I am not sure I buy what this article is selling.

It would be nice to have something to watch when I don't have my "shows" on.

I can't see Julie Chen doing this in the fall.

David said...

A fall BB season? And starts only a day after this season ends? They are trying to kill Jackie if that is true. Bad CBS, bad. I don't buy it. As bad as the one winter season was, I would hope they wouldn't do it again. No TAR scheduled yet is what bothered me more even though they have already filmed it. Yup, just don't buy the whole article at all. Doing it all online only causes a whole lot of other problems.

I hate that people in the big cities totally forget that half of the USA still doesn't have high speed internet available to them just because they have it. I have just 1 step above dial-up available to me, nothing else without paying a fortune for satellite which isn't much better. The phone company refuses to upgrade their DSL system even though they admit it is overloaded and xfinity refuses to extend cable out to this area. Sorry, End of Rant. lol

Petals said...

I can see Victor and Natalie both being asked to do Bachelor/ette; both claimed they opted for Big Brother because they can earn money all summer.
Which is true.

Yes, Paul is playing the Double-Agent game, ala Andy, but Andy was very stealthy...he was a great lurker. Paul is a bull in a china shop by comparison! Between his stories and the romantic way he strokes his beard, he's a

Cha - I read the article, hadn't heard that. Hmm. Hard to imagine that there are enough contestants for another round of BB yet (unless they are recruiting more Bachelor cast-offs)

Sharon N said...

re: Fall BB and TAR.
NO, not a fall version of BB... please!
Please correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the 'host' resign from the show recently?

I actually get what you're talking about (internet), although on a much different level.
We do get high speed... well, as high a speed as we are allowed on the west side of Colorado Springs (20 available in the city, 12 on the West side). You'd think the West would be offered the 'best available' speed, but no... that went to the poorer neighborhoods in the city. For some reason, CenturyLink (phone company provides internet here) refuses to invest in upgrading the lines in our area.... where the people can actually afford it! Unfortunately, I'm contract-locked with CenturyLink for 2 yrs (Prism TV/internet/home phone). :(

I wonder if you'd be able to get something through Verizon? I know Verizon has a phone system that's lower cost than the local phone company, but don't know how that would work with internet... never hurts to ask. (They also have a TV system too, but it's not available in my area... only in the larger part of the city.)

Chacha said...

David- I am sorry you have those issues with internet/cable.
I live in an area that is considered rural although I am twenty miles from New Orleans.
We have gotten the upgraded DSL system but I live in what is considered a dead zone. My internet and phone company had to put whats called a mini tower in my house just to get signal.

Petals- I don't watch the bachelor/ette so I would never see any of these players.

Pauls voice just irritates me to the core. I just yell STFU PAUL...

I can't really see CBS doing an all out BB in the fall. I remember the winter edition during the writers strike. It was so thrown together but did get it done.

I also believe TAR isn't set in stone yest due to Football which is on CBS until November

Nicole Chenault said...

When this season bores me, I've been going back and watching BB2 - since I didn't start watching this show until the tail end of the All Stars season - and frankly, I'm enjoying it more than this season! Everything is so new to the people, even the show's creators, and seeing how they set up the game back then is fun.

They had to fight for food weekly - period - or they got pb&j for the week. The HOH room is smaller than their current bathroom. The bedrooms - glass partitions for 2 and tiny for them all. The keys! I forgot about the keys! And the best part (so far - 10 episodes in) there is no battle back, buy back, MVP or even a POV...once you are on the block, that's it - one of them is going home.

So if you get bored with today's show, or need something to fill the gap after this one ends - watch this one. It's awesome!

Petals said...

Yeah, I don't watch Bachelor, but my gf was on one season and I did watch her. The show is all rigged, we discovered first-hand.

David said...

Sharon N
I am also stuck with CenturyLink as the only provider available. I would almost kill to have 12mb available to me. Heck, just 3mb would be a serious upgrade. I am stuck with 1.5mb DSL with no option for anything faster without a serious hit to my wallet. There is a WiFi internet company in this area but the prices are outrageous and the penalties for going over monthly data limits are even worse.

Since I use my computer almost constantly, I work from home most of the time by choice, my data usage is very high. Since I choose to work from home the company won't pay for my internet service. I do know a lot of tricks to fool CenturyLink to maximize my speed above normal, VPN's, IDM, etc. I can get the speed up to almost 3mb on downloads, but they don't work on streaming video. I just checked and have used 132gb of data this month so far and it has been a light month. Looking at my keyboard the only letters that have not been totally worn off are the q, x, v, and j. No wonder I miss-spell so many words. lol

Chacha, I think you need to scream a little louder to make Paul SHUT UP. lol I am watching last nights BBAD while messing around and he is definitely getting worse. And Nichole needs to go. sheeeesh. Maybe if they got rid of Cory she would snap out of it but I think she may be a lost cause at this point.

Petals said...

Paul is trying so hard to be remembered. I may remember him as "that loud guy with the beard"...

For this season, my faves are James, Paulie and Michelle. I think I stand alone on Michelle, though, right? lol

Petals said...

OH! Jackie (or anyone who 'feeds') - what is with Natalie's "private" workouts? Has she said why they are private?

Sharon N said...

As of right now, the only ones I can like are James and Natalie.
Victor has improved enough that he's tolerable... and Day, but only to a certain level.

IMO, Paul is louder version of Jozea...so obnoxious and full of himself.
It's no wonder they paired up so well. @@

Nicole has become an irritating, whining gnat. I doubt Corey would put up with her nonsense in the real world. Makes me wonder if she became this clingy/whiny nitwit with Hayden.

Sharon N said...

Natalie's workouts are a curiosity. Maybe she doesn't want anyone watching and making fun of her (somehow, doubt that), or maybe she doesn't want them to know she's preparing for physical comps?

Petals said...

James trying to kiss Natalie, but she refuses because "she promised to not kiss on TV". What BFS - she kissed Victor right off the bat!
She is just using our little Jamesy *grrrrr*

Petals said...

Sharon - curious is a good word for it. She is young and in great (enviable) shape! Maybe the Jet dancers have some sort of privacy thing about their workouts (like the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, they have private stuff like that)?
Yeah, actually that could be what it is.

Sharon N said...

Or... I suspect Natalie doesn't want to be out of shape for the cheerleader tryouts.
I read somewhere that everyone has to try out each year, no guarantees.

Petals said...

but the secret workouts are weird. I mean, people in the past just worked-out, period. No hiding, or secret, late-night work-outs. Weird.

Uhoh, Nicole told Paul he "makes" this season. Bwhahaha. NOPE.

monty924 said...

Not sure what I think of the fall season. I don't think I can do another three months of this, LOL. I'll wait until CBS says so.

I'm still lovin' the Paul drama because I think it's funny and he's always a huge target in a way. Michelle's crying spell in the storage room seemed a little fake to me as I watched it on the feeds. I think she's quite the little actress. jmo

Paulie is so much like Cody it isn't funny. I didn't like Cody at all and I started this season liking Paulie. He's just meh to me now.

Looking forward to the OTEV veto comp tomorrow and some of the other things that CBS has in the edit.

monty924 said...

And just another mention for Paulie. He's holding tight to his spot at the bottom of the HG Rankings. Only one lower than he is... Jozea :)))

Petals said...

I'm surprised at Paulie's unpopularity.

Sharon N said...

I'm surprised that do-nothing Natalie is ranked #1.
#2 James.
#3 Frank was as low as Paulie for 1 or 2 weeks, then started climbing again. So all is not lost for Paulie. LOL

monty924 said...

Petals, he started sinking with his latest bout of HOHitis