Wednesday, July 27, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday Morning - July 27

Just messin' with nails while worlds collide

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of A'lying Alliances:
  • The most interesting developments of the night came in the morning here on the East Coast.
  • Y'see, Frank has been playing the "dead man walking" card with Bridgette, telling her that he's not campaigning to stay, knows he's targeted and all.
  • Yet, he has been talking to people trying to scramble to stay.
  • Well, Da'Vonne and Zakiyah told Bridgette some of the reasons they want him gone, including the butt-slapping incidents.
  • It turns out that Bridgette had no clue exactly what that was all about, nor how angry people were about it.
  • Frank had told her people were just trying to make him look bad.
  • And she believed him.
  • Just as she believed that he would never campaign to stay at her expense.
  • She feels betrayed and hurt by him.
  • That's just what they want.
  • Paul had an extended talk with Frank, telling him that he (Frank) belittles him and makes people feel uncomfortable.
  • Frank denied all and said that he never said Bridgette was ready to go home.
  • Practically everybody (except Michelle, who's scared) has visited poor little Bridgette to offer her support.
  • It looks like the latest has sealed the deal -- Frank might be going unanimously tomorrow night.
  • As I type this up, Paulie is talking to Frank. He told him that everybody is hovering around Bridgette and she feels he (Frank) has been campaigning against her.
  • He calls Frank a "legend" and "my bro." 
  • Frank keeps telling him that he's not worried about it. The Bridgette being upset at him? His going home? What's IT, Frank?
  • Now that I think of it, Paulie hasn't really been involved in the consoling Bridgette times. He came in, listened for a bit and left.
  • Paulie has been adamant all along about not liking Bridgette.
  • Huh.
  • Maybe there will be one vote for Frank to stay.
  • Then again, he could be blowing smoke.
  • Too bad Frank doesn't have mist or he could stay in the game.
  • Frank says the Diary Room makes him feel like ____ because he hasn't been trying for votes.
  • The saga goes on ...
Paulie needs to keep that bandana on.

Frank's been lying to me?!?!?!

You belittle me, Frank. (Someone has to.)

I'm waiting for them to turn on each other

A happy Day ... for now


Sharon N said...

Many stayed up till 4:00 to 7:00am.
Prepare for another very dull day.

Petals said...

...and Paul stroked his beard as he droned on & on with his Paul-isms: PISSED! Friendship! Don't care!

Watch out if someone laugh at a Paul comment, because he'll repeat it 20 times! Then it becomes part of his repertoire.

See you guys tonight!!!!

Sharon N said...

Guess Frank did a good bit of droning on and on and on and on replaying his favorite movies last night. I don't care for Bridgette but had to feel a bit sorry for her... being bored out of her gourd.

Then Good Ol' Paul filled Bridgette in on Frank (some truth, some lies), and now she's feeling betrayed by Frank.

I can't understand why some of these people don't get a clue and start concentrating on PAUL, the Fount of All Things Real and Unreal.

Petals said...

Yeah, Paul will be on their radar soon enough. I hope!