Sunday, July 03, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Overnight into Sunday - July 3

Beauty fades; obnoxious might be forever

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of The Ants Come Marching In:
  • I don't have a heck of a lot for you.
  • As I mentioned in the last update, Paulie won the Power of Veto, thus his plan should go down as planned.
  • What was that plan?
  • Backdoor Victor, of course.
  • Earlier he thought he'd warn Victor just before the ceremony.
  • Now he thinks he probably won't.
  • He sincerely wants what will make it easiest for the rest of the house.
  • Victor has a temper. 
  • As of right now, Victor doesn't have a clue. He doesn't even know what a backdoor is.
  • Well, he probably knows what one in a house is. But we're talking a backdoor plan as in reference to Big Brother!
  • Paulie plans to take Paul off the block and replace him with Victor.
  • Lots of small talk.
  • They've been in indoor lockdown overnight due to clean up from the PoV comp.
  • It was a messy spelling a word comp. Technotronics!
  • Ah, well. Even though a group stayed up really really late (for a change), it was mostly small talk. Frank, Zakiyah and Paulie talked about how unrealistic it is for Jozea and Victor to think the show will bring Hollywood knocking at their doors.

Talk about under the radar ...

It was a messy PoV comp

Paulie and Nicole celebrate his win

Zakiyah plays with Paulie's hair
Toasting with water in chalices


Petals said...

Thanks Ms Jackie.

The late-night talk among the returners was to get Tiffany out ASAP. I agree!
Would love to see Tiffany gone sooner rather than later.
Natalie admits to liking James, said that she would "go for" him. Wow! What
a cool & interesting showmance!

Happy Independence Day Eve!

Petals said...

where is everyone?

Off topic: Why does everyone say, "Happy 4th"? It's Independence Day, it
means something!

uncartie said...

The women are starting to wake up to the fact that the guys are running the show. Day and Tiffany discussed that fact and had a bonding moment last night,so Tiffany is now off Day's radar. Sorry Petals but you're going to have to suffer some more. :)

We needs a female to win the next HOH and shake things up. Otherwise we may be in for a long boring season. A mental comp is long overdue.

Sharon N said...

So true Jackie! One look at that picture of Victor says it all: "Beauty fades."
Not even remotely attractive anymore.

I suspect there's only one woman 'possibility' who could win HOH and not let a guy lead her by the nose: Tiffany. If she's anything like Vanessa, she HAS to be making her own plans, but I don't know how far that will get her since not many like/trust her (mostly Frank, but it's mutual).

David said...

I'm glad to hear Tiffany had a good talk with Da'Vonne. I was getting tired of Da' doing nothing but talking about Tiffany and how she has Paulie possibly as her number one ally and complaining about it. All while talking to her number one, Zakiyah. Da' seems to get obsessed with one HG at a time and just can't let it go until a new target gets on her radar with some perceived wrong that has been committed against her, real or not.

So who will emerge as her new obsession? Frank, Victor, James, Julie for not calling on her, a return to Nichole, or the ants that have invaded every part of the house. After all, the ants are everywhere so they must know what is going on and have been privy to every conversation. They must be stopped! And evicted right away. Stay tuned, for she must have someone to focus on or she becomes lost.

Anonymous said...

Can someone share the point of the story/"game" Paul was doing last night? I got bored and fell asleep. It felt like he was making things up as he went. (Shocker). "There was a man with a package…now ask me questions." And they did!! And we think we're bored!


Anonymous said...

Can someone fill me in on Paul's story/game last night? I got bored and feel asleep. "There was a man with a package…now ask me questions." And they did!! We think we're bored; I think they are beyond that to willingly play those "games."


Jean in Tampa said...

lucy2, POP went to commercial. When After Dark came back, it was too late. I got the very tail (tale) end of Paul explaining the answer.

uncartie said...

David,Frank was alone with DaVonne talking about how they both want Tiffany gone and Davonne is agreeing with everything he says. The minute Frank left Davonne deliberately turned to the camera and gave her best WTF? look. I'll be curious to see if she shares that meeting with Tiffany.

David said...

Hard to say what DaVonne will do since I am not sure she is over her obsession with Tiffany. I haven't seen it or their conversation so I can't judge it. If she does tell Tiffany about the Frank conversation then I guess we will know who her new obsession will be. lol