Sunday, July 17, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds Overnight into Sunday - July 17

Little Miss Pigtails

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Wanton Wannabes:
  • Interesting. Paul knows all the words and has the right inflection to an Emimem song (Lose Yourself) and it took the BB staff several lines before they realized it's a song and shut him down. 
  • Yet, they can sing made up nonsense stuff and BB shuts them down immediately!
  • Of course, these are the same staff that will focus and unfocus a camera on a vase or somesuch for extended periods of time.
  • I wonder what would happen if BB issued them boxing gloves and told them to go wild.
  • Right now, so many have so much frustration inside of themselves that it's frustrating to watch them and keep up with who is mad at whom.
  • Nicole is all bent out of shape because Corey dared to speak to Tiffany without her at his side.
  • Da'Vonne has alienated just about the whole house and Frank's not doing much better. Both have become huge targets.
  • James is doing better than his fellow returnees. But he's all over the place on all sides and so linked with Natalie that his own game probably won't last to the end.
  • Paulie seems to be King Bee at the moment. Yet, with great power comes great responsibility. He who tries to rule the world will surely fall.
  • Just ask Frank.
  • Corey thinks his mother will say his lack of winning comps is because he "didn't visualize." That made me realize ... all the time he's sitting around just taking stuff in ... he must be visualizing.
  • The hamsters think someone is coming back soon.
  • No, BB Production Conspiracy Theorists ... the Diary Room didn't hint or tell them. 
  • Like every other season, they did the math. They know that they can count on one, if not two, double evictions (good ratings!) and this is the longest season ever. Someone HAS to be coming back.
  • Zakiyah thinks that Tiffany tried to turn her against Paulie.
  • Y'see, Tiffany is angry at Paulie for "calling her out."
  • But, then again, Tiffany was angry at Frank last week and now she's one of his best buddies. So she thinks, anyway.
  • Tiffany does seem to realize her ship has sunk and, no matter what happens or who goes up as a renom, she'll be voted out this week.
  • But that's not going to stop her from getting all involved and instigating problems.
  • Meanwhile, Frank still intends on voting out Tiffany this week.
  • Paul continues to try to be some kind of double-agent, getting in with Bridgette and Frank, reporting back to Nicole, Zakiyah and Corey. 
  • He probably doesn't realize that it's nothing new that he's doing. He's all thrilled with himself and all.
  • Da'Vonne, for the most part, has been laying a bit low as of late. She knows that she's ruffled feathers and probably should calm down for a bit.
  • They talked social media. BB tells them they should deactivate accounts before they go in.
  • Well, gee. I wonder why? Heh.
  • They also talked of various leaks about the cast and house they saw before they went into sequester. I guess maybe they didn't get locked up quick enough this year!
  • The unlikely pairing of James and Natalie continues. Of course, with those two being the only ones remaining on their team and also being Have Nots, they're thrust even more together.
  • She loves his accent.
  • I don't see it lasting as much more than a friendship after the season, though. But, I bet that James does build great friendships with women. He can be very brotherly despite his pranks and flirting. He really does do well with "girl talk."
  • Michelle and Zakiyah talked about watching Jersey Shore. Yuch. I live not far from Jersey Shore and never watched Staten Island whacked-out implants.
  • Michelle says she loves reality television ... but never watches Survivor or The Amazing Race (the BEST shows in the genre!).
  • We had our first incident of Sleepwalker Corey. It does seem to be real, not faked. He walked into the Have Not Room. He seemed quite confused. They helped him back to bed.
  • Rats. I was thinking it would be more exciting.
  • Although things were relatively calm overnight, we can expect some kerfuffles during the week.
  • Da'Vonne vows pots and pans.
  • We will see.

Don't they ever put stuff away?

That spoon gets around

Spends a lot of time doing just this

Let there be yard


Miss Margaret said...

Lots of talk last night during BBAD about staging a fake kerfuffle between Paul and Paulie. I think the point would be to solidify Frank's trust in Paul so he could continue "spying".

Nicole whined a LOT and needed reassurance from everybody that they loved her, needed her, trusted her, liked her, and wanted to be her friend. It was almost as bad as Vanessa/Tiffany bouts of insecurity.

Paulie, Corey, and Paul (well, mostly Paulie) have mapped out the rest of their game to victory with no signs of allegiance to anyone they've helped or have been helped by up to now.

I don't get the feeds, so I just don't understand what everybody has against Da'Vonne. She always seems so low-key when I see her on BBAD. Can anyone give details?

It's a BEAUTIFUL day here in the D.C. area: a GREAT day for baseball! Hope everybody enjoys their Sunday.

Chacha said...

Miss Margaret

Davonne has whispered in everyone's ear. She is a great pot stirrer. Like last season this will do her in this season.

Delee said...

Was watching a new episode of House Hunter on HGTV. It was in Key West, I thought one of the guys looked familiar...turned out Marcellas was the friend along to help his buddy find a home!

Thanks Jackie for all you do here at the blog!!!

Chacha said...

Davonne won't be able to do the pots and pans,
According to Dick BB8 it is now not allowed in the rule book.

Paulie for all his big talk decided they shouldn't do the call out as he Paul and Corey want to do. Davonne really shouldn't want it. House brouhaha never turn out well, they are fun to watch though.

If Nicole was smart she would flip. It really wouldn't take much for her and Corey to flip. They can always blame Paul and michelle.
On the other hand Nicole is so scared of her own shadow she wouldn't do it but I can dream

Miss Margaret said...

What has Da'vonne been whispering in their ears? Is she giving up real secrets, or is she making stuff up? She, Zakiyah, Michelle, and Nicole seemed thick as thieves just a week ago!

What's "pots and pans"?

Jean in Tampa said...

Miss Margaret, here's a clip of a little bit of Evel Dick and the pots and pans:

David said...

Da'Vonne was mostly spreading lies and rumors but most of the hamsters are on to her and her ways. She keeps trying though. When something doesn't get the rise she wants she keeps going bigger with the lies.

As for pots and pans, walking through the house banging them and waking people up by banging them in their ears. Here is a video of Evil Dick doing it.

Carol Calvin said...

I saw that House Hunters as well, recognized the voice and only saw his face for a moment when I came back into the room - I would never have made it out to be Marcellas but you are right Delee!

Connie in Fla said...

And Lil' Miss Natalie--Oh, Wow is me,just a little girl in pigtails who will do
you no harm. Sickening. If she doesn't want to win she should not be there.
Be Gone,Be Gone, Lil' girl.

Chacha said...

Davonne is telling lies the same way frank is doing. The others all see it.
She is now trying to get close with James to make sure he won't vote her out.

Chacha said...

I will be stepping away for lost of the day.
The shooting of the Baton Rouge Police officers is really hitting home with my family and myself.
We live 50 miles from this in the New Orleans area and it's just horrible.
I can say though these hamsters are lucky they are tucked away from the madness of this world.

Petals said...

3:33, cam 3 - Vaniffany spills to Paulie about all the alliances, etc.

Sharon N said...

Tiffany must figure that if she's going to go out,she'll go out with a BANG. lol
I think she told Frank about all the 'other' alliances after her non-eviction.