Sunday, August 28, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - August 28

Finding it hard to nap 24/7?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Misguided Mongrels:
  • All in all, not much has changed since the overnight.
  • James is still napping too much, much of the time with Natalie.
  • He doesn't want Natalie to approach Nicole because he doesn't want Nicole to think he doesn't trust her.
  • He really should be noticing the fact that Paul and Victor are Nicole and Corey's constant companions.
  • I'm pretty sure he's safe this week, as is Natalie.
  • While I doubt Nicole will flip the game and vote out Paul on the tie, it will be Michelle leaving.
  • The huge news of the house today is that someone flew a drone with a blow-up doll on it. There was writing, but no one is really sure what it said.
  • Is it an omen?
  • Are fans trying to tell them something?
  • Does the doll represent Nicole? Natalie? Michelle?
  • Don't ask me!
  • I didn't really see it on the feeds. There they were talking about bears eating people and Leonardo DiCaprio and suddenly we got fish cam, then Jeff loops.
  • Production told them not to talk about it.
  • But, stuck in the house on an indoor lockdown because of it ... how could they resist?
  • But they didn't see the message clearly at all. So, it's a guessing game.
  • In other news, Nicole doesn't think Victor is smart enough to be playing them.
  • She and Corey discussed giving Victor the bribe to vote out Michelle (even though he would anyway) because he drives a car without air conditioning.
  • @@
  • BB did let them back out in the yard again.
  • I still think the noms will remain the same.

I never cared if he loses, never cared

Mingling man

Oh my


monty924 said...

The drone thing is completely fabulous and whoever thought that up is totally crazy. No more flying banner planes over the back yard that BB spots before they hit the airspace, lol. The doll that was under it didn't really say anything that they could make out, but it had them all in a frantic mess, so KUDOS to whoever did it, lol.

Watched the RHAP tonight with Glenn as the guest. It was funny when they discussed how in the heck did Corey win ACP this week. Thoughts were that Vic and Paul's votes were 50/50 so that left a Corey to come in there and win it. Another thought was that Nicole and James' Twitter fans pushed it over for Corey. I'd add another to their analogy... a lot of us just didn't want Paul to get it for whatever reason. I think that's plain and simple and the reason why I gave my votes to Corey minus the few I gave Vic. Not everyone has Twitter or is a James or Nicole fan... some of us just follow and vote the way we want, lol. The BB interweb world (minus Twitter) can make a difference every now and then. :))

Lili said...

I know Victor and Paul are playing a strong game and deserve to get to the end but I really dislike both of them. Am hoping against hope that Natalie or James will win the next two HOHs and two of the three other guys in the house will get booted. I frankly think it was hecka lame to have a jury member come back into the house this late in the game, and essentially it is giving the rest of the season to Victor and Paul.

Going forward I am thinking that no one should ever, ever, give an HOH comp to somebody in return for being safe, because from now on it seems that deal is meaningless. James was convinced to turn on the people he promised to keep safe and Nicole strongly considered ignoring her deal with James. Natalie was right to be pissed at him for that because he put being a nice guy about Nicole's mom as a more important priority than protecting himself and Natalie when there are only seven people left, and two of them...Victor and Paul are reunited and have every reason in the world to come after James and Natalie. Nicole really used James essential gentlemanliness against him.

Victor and Paul are probably unstoppable at the point but I hope not.

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

As much as I do like Vic, if he winds up winning this game, it will leave a really bad taste in a lot of people's mouth. I think buy backs as I've stated before are 100% unfair, and the show needs an overhaul, starting at the top. Grodner and Meehan need to find other jobs and let's put some people who really know Big Brother at the helm. Cast real players, not models they recruit, or actor wannabe's, as this will continue to produce sub par seasons. I think Paul is saving it for BB18, given he's smart, and has been able to access the nuances of this game quite intelligently, and probably really deserves to win. The returning so call Vets, a 100% complete bust. You would think that after getting a 2nd chance at playing BB, and a 1 in 16 shot at 500K that they would have learned from their previous stint, but as we know, not the case at all. Some will argue, but look, they are in the final 7.....and I say, look at who was playing all year. When you casts a bunch of bozo's, it's not surprising that they get to the end, when all of them are bozo's.

I'm a broken recored, I know....but I really like this game, and Big Brother USA has been lacking game substance for a long time, with a few moments peppered here and there.