Friday, September 02, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Friday Evening, Nominations - September 2

You two did too much of this all summer

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Domino Daze:
  • Oh, gee. James and Natalie slept most of the day away.
  • Even when they were awake, they stayed away from the others.
  • Of course, it's a lost cause at this point anyway.
  • Natalie asked James if he threw last night's HoH comp.
  • He told her he didn't.
  • But, what of all of the ones he DID throw all summer long?
  • Nicole, being the paranoid woman she is, worried if they made the right decision keeping Paul and Victor for the final four with her and Corey.
  • It's also a little too late for that.
  • Victor and Paul made it clear in the late night hours that James would be the target, Natalie would be the pawn this week.
  • And, so it came to be.
  • Natalie and James are on the block.
  • One will go home even if the other is saved by the veto.
  • In other news, the Chosen Final Four played dominoes peppered with loud profanity from the boys.
  • I had to keep turning down the volume because I don't think my neighbors would appreciate such outbursts. 
  • Ain't really got nuthin' else to say.

Comeback kid will need protection next week

Dominoes and profanity


monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

This has been one frustrating season for me, lol. It's frustrating because I'm like some of the others here, like Joe in NY, in that I just can't pin down one person that I want to root whole heartedly for to the end. Seriously, at this point, I won't be upset over any of them winning except for Corey. TRUTH!!

He lost me with the goat story.

Sharon N said...

I'm with you there Monty! Seems like I remember there was another story Corey told... about setting a fire. No clue if either of the stories were true, or if he was trying to make himself sound like a 'big man' @@ but certainly nothing to spew on TV. He might have a few officials waiting to 'discuss' his nefarious adventures.

If this HOH takes James out, there's only 2 left that I'd be inclined to vote for:
Victor > because he fought his way back, won a bunch, and he's a nicer guy, in general.
Paul > hate to say it, but he actually DID work at playing the game.

monty924 said...

Yeah, he has a fascination evidently with setting fire to things. Friends want to set a goat on fire, he almost started a forest fire. @@ His stories in there haven't done him any favors out here.

Judi Sweeney said...

Wow.... Corey is a little scary! Thanks Jackie!

Cheryl in NC said...

I agree ya'll .I really haven't had anyone that I wanted to root for all season.My homeyown girl was Z and I can't even deal with how disappointing she was.I like James and Nicole but they both just threw their games away over showmances.I am pullling for Vic for the win ..though I am afraid Paul will cut him loose sooner rather than later because he knows he cant win the jury vote over him. I really dislike Paul but he has played a damn good game.He should have been out right after Vic the first time but he managed to keep the target off his back for a long time.And he wins comps when he needs too. Guess we will see how things shake out this week.Dream scenario James wins veto comes off the block and maybe the replacement nominee goes home instead of Nat.

JonMD1267 said...

Lord James and Natalie acting like Rose and Jack and the titanic going down around them lol

Sharon N said...

^^^^ LMAO!!!! ^^^^

Anonymous said...

mAYBE james should take some time to reflect being on the wall when he game his and Nats game away to Nicole

Miss Margaret said...

Couldn't have said it better JonMD and Anonymous (12:25)

Cheryl in NC said...

LMAO @ Jon

Sharon N said...

I can't think CBS is happy paying for nothing happening.
Oh for the good ol' days, back when the HGs used to STAY THE HECK UP for BBAD!!!
Chess, Pool, begging for alcohol, playing silly games, or just plain talking.

Now we hear heartbeats and snoring.
Which means I should go to bed now!! LMAO

monty924 said...

Jon... "STOP THAT", lol

monty924 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
monty924 said...

Where was THIS James at the last week? He's coaching Natalie on what to do if he goes to jury. JAMESSSSSSUHH

Judy said...

Jon, that's hilarious! Haha!

I agree with Anonymous - why oh why did James jump down and hand the Loch Mess comp to Nicole???

Jackie, I hope your ankle is feeling better!

monty924 said...

I can't take this much DUMB anymore tonight/this morning. Natalie: "Yay, zucchini"... but it's yellow squash. Things that irritate me, lol.

Out of here. See everyone later in the comments.

Anonymous said...

Nicole..Nicole...Nicole...Don't you think live TV knows what you were doing under the covers??? and then Corey gave you a kiss...TSK TSK TSK

Stormy said...

Nicole tried to portray herself as a nice wholesome girl that would never do anything "under the covers". We are to smart not to know what is happening even if it is covered up. GEES. Hope she goes out next. Spent the summer servicing Corey and backstabbing.

Jackie H. from NC said...

I remember the first BB. They had people of all ages. I really did like Chicken George. My husband and I was watching where they auction off expensive cars and there was Chicken George. He was the person that stood with the person making the offer for the car. Anyway I hate the way Natalie is being treated. Their day is coming. Paul and Vic are playing the game. Get Corey out that guy makes me sick.