Friday, September 02, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Friday - September 2

Who wants to see my HoH room?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Goodbye Sweet Baby James:
  • But first ... a quick recap of last night ...
  • No one is a Have Not. Corey, James and Paul are the three who got the eggs in the safety basket. Natalie has her Never Not pass from her care package. And, Victor, who won the HoH is exempt from Have Not because of his win.
  • James absolutely sucked at the comp with Paul sucking not far behind him.
  • For the longest time Natalie, Corey and Victor were tied.
  • An egg broke on Natalie's ramp which might have cost her the win, maybe not. It's egg under the bridge at this point.
  • James had a sit-down with both Victor and Paul, explaining why he's voted the way he has, why he's aligned with whom he's aligned, etc.
  • It was all very amicable and straightforward.
  • But, too late and the explanations didn't reveal much Victor/Paul didn't already know.
  • A key point for Victor/Paul is that James/Natalie switched their alliance to Corey/Nicole AFTER Victor ousted Paulie for the cause.
  • James made a plea for them not to oust Natalie.
  • They don't intend on doing so anyway.
  • Both Victor and Paul want James out and pretty much told him so.
  • After their talk with James, Victor went to Natalie to give her a heads up that she will be on the block but James is the target.
  • So, the writing is on the wall. James, in his showmance stupor, has blown his second try for the BB win. Had he been focused on the game at hand instead of the showmance, he could have been a contender.
  • Of course, James will have the chance to save himself with the veto ... and Natalie wants him to do just that. She seems to realize the win would mean more for him than for her.
  • James told Natalie that, if she wins veto, she needs to take herself down.
  • Mind you, the nominations technically haven't been announced yet.
  • James is sure that Victor will be the next target after they go.
  • Nicole is worried that James is talking trash about them.
  • She doesn't have to worry. She won't go home this week, neither will Corey.
  • But, after James and Natalie, they'll be next unless Victor gets the boot next week when he can't play for HoH.
  • As James said to Natalie tonight, it's to the point where you win comps or you go home.
  • James also advised Natalie to put up Nicole and Paul if she wins HoH next.
  • In lighter news, Victor got dominoes in his HoH basket. That's more entertaining to watch than them playing chess.
  • Paul has already settled into the HoH room, listening to the music and bopping around to it before Victor had a chance.
  • Well, all I can say is ...
  • Rockabye, sweet baby James. 

What does the fox say?

The writing is on the wall, James.

Dominoes came in Victor's HoH basket

Clearing the air won't help now

Stop pulling your leg hairs. Ew!

Oh, Jamesy, I can't play without you!


Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie... I love reading your recaps! More entertaining than BB!

Chacha said...

I am so happy to wake up this and every morning to read your reports. Especially now, that this season just goes on and on, boredom and all.

I have to say I am ready for Sept 28 when the new online version. It will be fun watching something somewhat new....

Anonymous said...

I also blame Big Brother for James being in this trouble. Victor should never had been allowed back in a second time! Totally unfair to James!

Anonymous said...

How is Victor the downfall of James? It's Big Brother. You're supposed to "Expect the Unexpected". You never know what is going to happen, so you need to always be playing the game. James could have started by not giving away HOH competitions. If he would have not given up to Nicole, he could have won HOH and put Victor and Paul on the block. Don't blame Victor or Big Brother for James losing this season, he did that all by himself.

Anonymous said...

James threw away his game for a showmance. Don't blame Big Brother. He knew someone could have come back with the Round Trip ticket and they talked about someone coming back if the Round Trip ticket wasn't used. Even now he's more worried about Natalie than himself. Love them or hate them Paul and Victor have been playing the game hard all season and deserve to win.

chrob61 said...

I agree with Anonymous!

Paul and Victor to the final 2. If they are not in the final 2, then whoever of the 2 that makes it that far deserves the win.

This has been a rather boring season, but I am not going to get the All Access to watch an online version of this show- maybe I'll check in to the blog to see if there are any updates in the Fall.

Sharon N said...

James didn't only throw away his game for a showmance. He also threw it away by trusting his personal friendship with Nicole and letting her win HOH. Yes, WE all know it was a dumb move, but learning she repaid his 'favor' by turning her back on him has to hurt. It's not the kind of thing he would do.

Let's face it, James is much too nice to try and play a game of lies and backstabbing.
It's just not part of his make-up.

Petals said...

I suspect that James threw the egg comp last night.

Lili said...

Personally I give BB ups for at least coming up with some new comps this year like the weather report one etc. And for getting rid of that twin HOH thing they had for the last several years that we all hated but at the moment I can't remember the name of. You know the one where everyone agreed in advance a HG would throw the comp so that Fred stayed HOH instead of Betty?

But I honestly think no one that leaves should ever come back, not once, and especially not twice. It's fundamentally unfair to the HGs who are now in a situation where their votes, HOHs, and general alliances and strategies are randomly made null. Oh sorry you guys that have been on slop for two weeks and got a sprained ankle in the last comp....we're gonna bring back someone who has been living a relaxed luxurious carefree existence for two weeks and make you compete against them.

BB is much more interesting to me when it's more comp wins, alliances, and game strategy. It is much less interesting when it's a wholly random crap shoot of forced teams, immunity for half the house, returning HGs, America's Secret Player, Pandoras Box, Coupe de Etat, etc. I feel like the random advantages should be mostly limited to America voting for Care Packages.

I like James, and I think he got hosed this season. But I think everyone remaining in the house got hosed as well by someone coming back twice. Except for Paul who won the jackpot with the Victor returns. The game of BB has never been, nor ever intended to be, somehow fair or even create a level playing field for all the participants. Essentially they get paid to be on TV, they agree to exploited and tormented, we get to be entertained. Most of the winners are male, usually ones we don't like, usually ones who are willing to turn against their own alliances members, and usually the ones who are less than charitable to most HGs, especially those who are female. We all know that. And unless they start picking female HGs by some other metric than how they look in a bikini it ain't ever gonna change.

But I get the feeling that many of us, me especially, have a hopeless tendency to root for the nice guy, male or female. And/or the underdog. And this year that would be James. Fingers crossed he wins POV, and the next HOH. But most likely he won't. And most likely Victors name will be on the $500k check. And so it goes, just like most every other season. But at least I and lots of you, had some fun along the way...some good comps, the Paris Room, possibly my favorite house decor theme ever, and watching the cheerleader and the cowboy form a life long bond that I think will serve them well for years to come.

As always Jackie your blog elevates the whole experience, thank you.

tbc said...

James is in the position he is in all of his own accord. No one to blame but himself.

As much as I detest Paul and the thought of him winning is vomit inducing, he is playing the game.

However, James' attitude is "it's just a game". He has said so to Paulie on more than one occasion. As much as I am frustrated with his lack of gaming, it's his choice.

Anonymous said...

James has nobody to blame but himself. Frankly...he was very boring and he really was a floater. I kind of think of him as a floater when he played before. He is a prankster, but that gets old. I am not invested in anyone. JUST DON'T LET VILE PAUL WIN....or the ultimate slacker Corey. I have to say...Victor crying did get to me. :)

monty924 said...


You're thinking of the Battle of the Block (BoB)

Chauncey said...

James is getting what he deserves. Never give up a HOH at the point of the game he did, just stupid and now he is paying for it. If I was Nat I'd be pissed at him for doing that. at this point if Paul and Vic are the final 2 you have to give it to Vic for all the comps he was won even though his social game was lacking. If it wasn't for him getting back in Paul would have been gone, so even though Paul's game has been great, he owes a lot to Vic coming back in twice. I hope BB doesn't do that again though, once you get voted out, stay out.

monty924 said...

I went back and looked at last season that was only 1 day shorter and this season is right on track with last. The week that they get down to final five, two will go home. Austin and Johnny Mac both went home that week last season and that brought them to the Liz, Steve and Vanessa final 3.

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%

Zoe in CA

Chacha said...


I completely agree that Victor isn't deserving of the win.

This game is not only based on winning comps.

Lets not forget this show started out as a social experiment. The game winner should be based on physical/social not just physical.

I agree that Victor should not have been allowed back in the game not once but twice.

Paul, although he irritates me would in my opinion deserve to be the winner at the final 2.
If it wasn't for Paul, Victor would not have lasted this long. Yes he still could have come back both times but without Paul he would have been right back out that door.

Now onto James. He seems ready for jury. He and Nicole have stated they thought this summer would be like vacation. This is BB there isn't a vacation...

I totally miss the days of BB pre season 13. I would like back to basics. HOH, Have/Haven't comp, Veto, then eviction. None of this hocus pocus of battle back, returning juror.

I will say I am no fan of Frank, never have never will be but I believe he was the only player truly "screwed" this summer. Only player not helped by the powers of BB. As the producer Allison has stated on multiple occasions he is one of her faves he didn't have a chance for Battleback or Juror return. Production who screws with all elements of this game could have given him the Return ticket... We know they always mess with the game.

I subscribe to CBS all access for reasons besides BB and will wait to see what awaits us for an online version.

Chacha said...

Nicole sitting in final two would be a total disaster for any long time bb superfans.

She has done squat this season(IMO).

Kind of have to agree with some of what Michele apparently said last night as I didn't watch.

Judi Sweeney said...

Great to know Monty! Thanks for checking on that!!!

Judi Sweeney said...

Michelle made her own bed... She attacked and went after Bridget out of jealousy... Once Bridget was gone, Nicole was her new target for the same type of reason! The problem with Michelle is she let her thoughts be known to everyone (including both girls)!

I feel she played very stupidly... Emotionally and jealousy type of game playing will always come back to bite you in the rear!

Michelle only has herself to blame!

Judi Sweeney said...

Another thing I didn't like about Michelle was her lack of class... Not only in her existing with a foul mouth, but she takes the pelican and she also took Pauls jeans/pants that he loaned her for a day. She purposely packed them in her suitcase along with numerous other items.

After the looking for the disks hidden in the multicolored ball game, she walked away with a green ball. She had mentioned a number of times this season about selling items on eBay.

All that at the end was vindictive and immature... Again, just my opinion

Chacha said...

Judi Sweeney-

Let me clarify my Michele remark.

Her talking about nicole on the way out. Nicole has done nothing but latch onto a guy to win. She has done unmentionable acts, although not as bad as Rachel did with Brendan....
she hasn't worked physically to win this game. Her social game has sucked...IMO

Sharon N said...

I agree about Michelle about purposely taking personal items belonging to other HGs. That's nothing short of stealing and we've seen things like that in the past and they all talk about selling stuff on ebay. I wonder how they can prove what items [of clothing] belonged to who, and I've never understood the rationale anyway. Why would anyone even want to buy those things?

With that said, she didn't keep the Pablo the Pelican. It was tossed to the audience, so taking Pablo was to get at Paul... and it did get to him! lol

Lili said...

Once James is gone I assume V and P will target Corey next because they both seem to assume women can't win comps. So it will be interesting at F5 and F4 to see who turns on who first. I predict Paul will turn on Victor one step prior to Victor thinking of turning on Paul. As the two strongest players remaining in the house neither will want to be sitting next to the other at the end.

Corey's statement of "to be the best you have to win against the best" was hokum fed to him by Paulie so Corey would be dumb enough to take Paulie to the end if he were in a position to do so.

Paul has played the longest, most strategically effective game this season. He was fluid and adaptive in coping with some of his people getting booted. He groomed and shaped Victors game, he was fun and funny when he needed to be, and ruthless when it served him. He is a hypocrite, a narcissist, and kind of a tool, and I predict he will win. Mostly because he deserves it under the metrics of BB game play, and because when he can he will move heaven and earth to backdoor Victor because if Victor is F2 he is guaranteed the win due to comp wins and the unprecented two re entries.

Meanwhile Michelle will cry in jury, James and Natalie will have a blast in Jury, and Nicole will be shocked when the second James leaves she and her bed buddy are next and she will be heading for jury. I predict that both Paul and Victor will attempt to go to F2 with Natalie who isn't great at comps, and it can be argued that without James she never would have gotten this far at all.

Never liked Frank but it would have been interesting to see him stay in the game. This season Frank, Day, Victor, Paulie, and Paul played the hardest. Everyone else was either clueless, hapless, or maybe found something better than the game itself (J & N). For future seasons it would be nice to just have hardcore players, leave all the bikini models to go on The Bachelor.

Judi Sweeney said...

Chacha, Michelle hasn't done anything unless you want to call sleeping 17 hours a day a great social game! She ate, slept, and was a very bitter young lady! As much as I dislike listening to Nicole whine I didn't like Michelle being a mean girl! Always complaining....

I think the happiest I saw her was when she was with Zingbot! I found her negative and draining. I think she let her low opinion of herself get in the way of her truly enjoying the BB experience! Especially for a super fan! But again, that's just my opinion.

Sharon... Glad to know she threw Pablo to the audience! But then again... That was a mean act... I wouldn't buy anything like that on eBay either.

Judi Sweeney said...

You got this down Lily! Well done...

Jackie H. from NC said...

I use to like Victor, but watching BBAD last night I've changed my mind. To me he was acting like Paul. Corey hasn't done anything but act stupid. Nicole is plain silly. I felt so sorry for James and Natalie. The other four was very rude. Now this is just me.

monty924 said...

Snagging Pablo the Pelican was the highlight of the show last night, and yes she threw it into the audience as soon as she hit the stage. I loved it.

While I think that Paul would cut Victor in a heartbeat, he may not. Neither one of them were really true fans of the show sort of like Derrick and Cody and we know how that ended. Same with Memphis when he cut Jerry to go to the end with Dan. Dan's mist aside, I think Memphis would have took him regardless.

chrob61 said...

I have to somewhat disagree with the earlier posts about Natalie- she got things started the week the house turned on Paulie. Don't know if that qualifies as good gameplay though....Other than that, she hasn't done much.

I am having a flashback to early in the season when Paulie made some remark about not letting the powderpuff girls win it all. This show needs to cast better female players, more cutthroat ones, that's for sure.

Anyway, still pulling for my poolboy Paul!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget that taking a seemingly "weak" girl to final three does not always work. Remember Jordan? She didn't win hardly anything all season and she killed it at the end.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the days of Dan. I used to be excited to watch true blindsides on this show. I'm afraid those days are long gone. Now you have to vote with the house! So boring. Re-watch Dan's funeral on YouTube. It's still awesome 🙆

Judi Sweeney said...

OH my word, Paul is already saying "jokingly"... We aught to join up against Victor and Corey! Testing the water?!

Judi Sweeney said...

Oh... Minor detail... It was to Nicole. She didn't respond to Paul about it. Already he is feeling things out!

monty924 said...

True with Jordan, but she won the second and final parts of the HOH and she chose to take Natalie instead of Kevin. Smart choice because Natalie was despised in the jury. Kind of like how I felt about her, lol!!

Petals said...

Right Monty? (re that Natalie) LOL
It's no secret that I despise Paul and think that everything he does is NOT for the game, but for self-promotion. He's digusting.
Every season, my faves are usually fans of the show. I love it when a fan makes the big move to try-out, persevere, and finally make it IN to the house for the show. Michelle did that. So did Victor (and - in true Victor fashion - he did it TWICE. I mean, he tried out twice for BB before making it).
That is why Victor is my choice for WINNER. That and MANY other reasons, I feel that he is just an overall superior human being that Paul.

The females this season were all wanting, lacking, depressing, sad. Even whatsername's sister - van's sister? She was a weepy, sloppy MESS!! Even the "feminist" did nothing other than (shaking my head) BAKE! And besides them we had a chick who talked like a cartoon and actually wore a flower in her hair. And who else, but a cheerleader??!? And who else? Oh! The token angry black chick. LOL.
I mean, it really was a joke. I bet the casting people lost a bet or something, to think that we (BB-viewing America) would believe that they really vetted ANY chicks this season. Seemed like they actually DID scrape the bottom of the audition barrel, and STILL didn't have enough decent houseguests, so they called Nic & James to beg them to return. JMO

Nicole is a joke and a disappointment. She can fade back in to oblivion, the sooner the better.

VICTOR for the WIN! ♥

JonMD1267 said...

Team Victor!!!!

Petals said...

But I do have a serious question: Do James & Nicole still think they have a Final Deal?

I've not been on top of the feeds enough to know...Jackie may know, some of you might have heard something on feeds...Anyone know?

{just now watching the show from last night. It was kinda sweet how Michelle consoled Paul when he was choked-up about the fam vids.}

Anonymous said...

I think Paul being choked up was completely fake. Victor was very emotional and Paul is so jealous of him. He cried just to get attention. Period.

Anonymous said...

Reading the posts day after day.....Doesn't someone at CBS or BB want to fire the casting people. They do a horrible job. Where have the days of Janelle and Will gone?? Its not like that could not happen again. Please!! Hire someone who can actually do the job.

Chacha said...


I never said I liked Michelle. Couldn't stand her as a houseguest.... Just that she did drop some truth bombs in that house and was usually right.

she is better, self consience and such.

Pablo was taken from the audience by production of the live show. No one got Pablo from the set.

If Paul and Victor want the clear path to final 2 they should take James and Natalie. This is my opinion.

Sharon N said...

IMO, the only problem with Vic/Paul taking James/Nat instead of Nic/Corey...
Both realize that James is actually capable of winning comps -- on his own -- without having it handed to him on a silver platter (ala Nicole). And they know James would put them both OTB in a heartbeat... no question.

James saw how much time P/V was (and still is) spending with Nic/Corey, so I'm sure he realizes Nicole back-stabbed him. But he also know that if he wins VETO, and then HOH, Nicole will be all-over him again. Of course, that's if he wins VETO and doesn't do something romantically dumb... like use the VETO on Natalie instead.

Petals said...

Yeeps, Sharon, I know! I worried about James winning Veto and using it on her. I mean, WTF!??!

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

About the only thing I have left to watch is when N gets the boot, and she has the opportunity without C in jury to think about what a waste of summer she had, especially after being handed a 2nd opportunity to play this game. Same with James. If this and the other casting don't get Allison Groder, Rich Meehan and Robyn Cass fired, then nothing will. The days of competitive Big Brother will be long gone, and long live the recruit models and wannabe actors.

Sharon N said...

James is already saying he will use the VETO on Natalie... if he wins. So dumb, but guess she wouldn't have to fight as hard as James. With Natalie alone, you know Vic/Paul will then start to concentrate on the other pair, Nicole/Corey.

Sharon N said...

Although, if Paul wins the next HOH, he might decide to take out Victor.
Now THAT would be something to see Victor's face!!

~~Silk said...

I have some theories on why casting is so bad. It suffers from the same problems as the presidential races. Intelligent, dynamic people who want do good without ulterior motives don't want that job. Who would want to deal with Congress? You can be more effective outside Washington, with a lot less pain and a lot greater reward. Back when BB was new, The House was an interesting concept, so the pool of competitive people who wanted to test themselves and their ability to win friends and influence people was large. Now, BB has shown that if you aren't careful, you can be torn to pieces by vicious strangers on the internet, for very little possible reward. Most level-headed people don't consider it worth it. So now all you get volunteering are people who think that sounds good, or who are desperate for exposure, of any kind. Not a promising cadre.

monty924 said...

Just finished watching Michelle's interview with Jeff on the AfterShow. Watch it. She clears up a lot of things and it was a charming Michelle (she loves Big Meech) and Derrick did the second half of the interview. A good 49 minute watch.

monty924 said...

I seriously doubt that James would actually use the veto on Natalie. I'm not buying that. He has a little girl to think about and his stipend won't go near as far as 500K. He might say somethings in quiet with Natalie just discussing options, but I don't she'd want him to do it, and I don't think his level head will allow him to do it. It's all speculation at this point anyways. Personally, I'd love to see James stay and team up with Paul and Victor to get out Corey or Nicole and I think he'd love to do it. :))

Petals said...

I can't watch the Michelle interview - the link took me to an old BB episode. I'll have to wait for it to be on YouTube.
What did she clear-up?