Monday, September 12, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Monday - September 12

Joy! Joy! They're playing cards!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Cagey Cards:
  • Locked inside while the comp set-up is being built in the yard, they turned to playing cards, cooking and eating for most of the evening.
  • During the extended card games with all five playing, there was absolutely no game talk.
  • Well, no BB talk ... there was plenty of cards talk.
  • The BB game talk turned on when it was just Paul and James in a room together in the late night hours.
  • Paul makes a good case -- they need to team up together to split up Corey and Nicole because Corey and Nicole would take each other to the final two. He also pointed out that neither of them (himself or James) could win against either Corey or Nicole.
  • It's definitely a sound strategy.
  • Paul thinks it needs to be them (him and James) in the final two if either has any hopes of winning.
  • Yeah, sounds logical and it's probably true.
  • BUT ... rumors have it that James and Nicole have a pre-season pact to be the final two.
  • If James gets in power and Corey is out of the picture ... would he take Nicole or Paul to the end?
  • I think it would be more strategical to take Paul.
  • However, I also think James would lose against either if the jury isn't a bunch of bitter biddies.
  • Paul is a totally obnoxious person. But he's escaped the block after nomination numerous times. He's a good strategist. He has won some comps.
  • Nicole has never been on the block. She could claim to be playing a game like Derrick's -- puppetmaster.
  • What can James claim? That he's a nice guy? That he slept most of the game away and let his showmance take over?
  • Any scenario of a final three that includes James at this point (even throwing Corey in the mix) has James taking second place.
  • But Paul is right ... they do need to split up Corey and Nicole or those two would be the final two.
  • While I think there quite possibly is a final two pact with Nicole and James, I think James would uphold it while it's extremely possible Nicole won't. It's quite likely she would take Corey.
  • I guess we'll see! 
  • Oh, yeah ... it will be Victor going out tonight. There are no doubts about that bit. 

Excitement abounds!

Breathtaking action!


tbc said...


See you tomorrow night...

chrob61 said...

Thanks Jackie-

I don't really see any scenario with James winning. Even Corey has more comp wins. It really depends on the jury. Could it be that James is just going for 2nd place?

Sharon N said...

Like Jackie says, there's no scenario where James can win more than 2nd place vs anyone in the house. Not at this point.

If James was up vs Paul, the people on the Jury haven't shown that they see Paul as we do.
James vs Corey, he'd still be 2nd because the Jury would see the majority of Corey's comp wins have come at an important time of the game.

As enamored Nicole is of Corey, she would choose him for F2 (if she wins the final HOH).
I believe she would dump any preseason agreement with James... in the desperate attempt to keep Corey as her boyfriend after the show. The only way that wouldn't happen was IF Nicole accidentally heard some of the things Corey has said, like: not his type; not interested in Nicole; gonna dump her as soon as the show is over. But I don't think she's heard any of that because she's not that a good on an actress to continue the showmance all giggly and happy.

Petals said...

OK, so here is my question: Yes, James & Nicole have the F2 deal and James would (probably) honor that, were he put in that position. But would Nicole?? Would she take Corey over James for F2, if given that choice?

Wait. As I type this, it occurs to me that there is a rumor of the final being 3 people, not 2. Is that so?

Petals said...

OH, what time tomorrow??



Sharon N said...

Feeds return Tuesday night at 9:00pm PST.
The show is recorded, so we won't see Victor leave "live."

hmmmm... a F3 would be changing things up quite a bit.
Plans for winning the $500 or $50 could be screwed up! lol

Anonymous said...

Who says Nicole and James DO HAVE a final 2 deal. Jackie never reported anyone talked of that. How do we know that is true...and if so...production will probably have some kind of hand in how that plays out. I hope they do go to the end. I would not mind those two in the finale. They are both nice people and have not offended anyone. Nicole IS playing the game. She is not doing it overtly and in your face. Derrick did it....why not a girl????? If it was good game play for Derrick it should be the same for Nicole. You go girl!!
Would have to have all camera's on the guys if that happens. What a shockerooooo!

Chacha said...

The only scenerio I see James winning the game is if he and Nicole are in the final two.
with the two of them in the final two
James: Natalie, Michelle, Brigette,
Nicole: Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

Davonne was pissed at both, Victor, Paul depends on how salty they are

As of now Nicole has more wins then James but she was chosen for the first one, and James jumped to give her the second.

Sharon N said...

Anon 2:52
There was the bull-horn saying Nicole/James have F2. That 'might' only mean people messing with the game. However, this happened Sunday...

Nicole/Corey/James were talking...
Nicole told James/Corey how much she loves them and said she would gladly lose 500k to them. She also hopes one of them win AFP. James mentioned not forgetting their deal if they win.

Now, unless James was just trying to put suspicions in Corey's head (when has he ever been that clever?), then that would be a strong indication that they do actually have some kind of a pre-game deal.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that Corey will not drop Nicole quickly after the show ends if she wins. He will stay around for some of that money perks first. When that stops he will move on. I am not to sure Day, Z, Bridgette and Nat would not for James to win. They are girls stick together and Nat will give JAMES a lot of good points. They do not like Nicole or the boys so much.

monty924 said...

I agree that James best shot at winning would be going up against Nicole, but even Day seemed to be giving Nicole kudos when we saw the jury house segment last week.

Judi Sweeney said...

What be a smart move by Victor or Paul is if they spilled all of the Nicole conversations Corey shared with them! You want to open Nicole's eyes and split them up... Tell her how he plans to get her drunk at the after show so he can leave and party with the guys! How he doesn't want to settle down... Etc! They would have to share it all... Because Corey would charm her with "Oh I was just trying to be one of the guys, never meant it!" It might at least open her eyes a little!

Thanks Jackie!

monty924 said...

I wouldn't put too much stock in the F3 rumor. That started out here by people that didn't think there was enough time for the amount of people left in the house. It started back at final seven. The timeline and number still in there is exactly what it was in S16 and S17 so it will more than likely be the same thing. There will be three there on finale night but the third place will walk out on stage and join the jury like we've seen since S11. S10 with Dan and Memphis was the last year that the final two were alone in the house for a few days.

monty924 said...

Here's the answer to who Natalie would vote for if James isn't in the final two. Probably Michelle, Bridgette and Day would as well. We will see.

Lili said...

I actually think James could win against Nicole. Lots of jury folks will probably say Nicole got to the end because Corey won a lot of comps. Conversely Natalie did not aid James the same way. James had a good attitude, a good social game, didn't hold grudges or go on rants like both Pauls. And he won a few comps.

Plus if he wins the final HOH the jury always seems to give extra bonus points for that. And I have trouble picturing Michelle, Victor, or Paul voting for Nicole, or even Paulie.

Hopefully Corey will follow Victor to the jury and then we can watch Paul try to make F2 deals with both Nicole and James.

Sharon N said...

Thanks for the link Monty!
Who knew Natalie could talk without it being "all about ME." lol

The Jury could be bitter and might decide to only vote on comp wins...
If so, it's a good thing Victor is being evicted! He has 8 total wins: 3 HOHs, 1 VETO, 1 RoadKill, plus the 3 Battle-Backs. Is that a BB record?

Corey the Vague finally has won 2 HOHs and 3 VETOs.
Nicole has 2 HOHs, 2 VETOs (no matter how she won the HOHs, they count).
Paul the Obnoxious has won 1 HOH and 2 VETOs.
James slept the summer away, winning only 1 HOH.

tbc said...

Thanks for the link, Monty!

David said...

I also think James has a chance against Nichole in the final 2. On the other hand, Nichole had better be thinking about taking James to the end if she wants to win. She will lose for sure against Paul or Corey.

BBAD is scheduled to start an hour before the feeds are scheduled to come back tomorrow night. That is an hour later than normal for BBAD on Tuesday's. Guess we will have to see if they show the house or not.

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Monty for the link.... Can this day go any faster?!!! Come on....