Sunday, September 18, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - September 18

Practicing her speech to the jury

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Schemin' Demons:
  • Okay, so there's not much scheming going on lately.
  • They were awake for hours today and also had the yard.
  • Woohoo.
  • Nicole and Paul separately practiced their speeches and possible answers to juror questions.
  • A bit of interesting insight to those speeches ...
  • Nicole's speech and "answers" seem to put James in the other chair.
  • Paul's practice seems geared towards Nicole in the other chair.
  • What we can probably infer from that is that if Nicole wins the third part of HoH, she'll be taking James. If Paul wins the third part, he'll probably be taking Nicole.
  • I think I'd rather the latter -- Paul and Nicole.
  • With James in there, the end game is too predictable. He would win second.
  • Another interesting thing to note is that they were talking hamsters of the season. Both Nicole and PAUL commented on Bridgette's potty mouth!
  • Now, Nicole has a case. She generally isn't cussing all over the place.
  • Paul, on the other hand, can't say a sentence without using profanity.
  • Not much exciting to report on.
  • Jackie out. 

Sleepy Jamesy

Fashion police! I think there's a crime here.

Both of them will take me!

Guffawing once again

Let it end already!!! The madness!


Jackie H. from NC said...

Come on Nicole and James.

Dr_Celine said...

I think James has a shot IF he frames his responses to jurors questions right. He needs to make it a POINT to say his strategy was throwing comps, making himself a "non-threat," and playing a great social game - people like him because he was interested in the others even if he tended to spend too much time with Natalie. His more collaborative versus competitive strategy is STILL a type of strategy to win this game but he has to be able to articulate this well with the jury. I'm pulling for a James/Nicole finale because the odds were stacked against them both - everyone wanted the Vets out at the beginning and yet HERE THEY ARE!! That is impressive IMHO.

Dr_Celine said...

*jurors' questions

Judi Sweeney said...

What's funny is both Nicole and Paul are practicing their speeches and answers to questions.... But not James! I think James is just playing for second place!!

Judi Sweeney said...

I didn't actually see a social game for James during BB18... Until after Natalie left the house. I didn't see much active collaboration on James part except with Natalie and then Natalie did most of the collaboration with others. And... I really like James... He is very likable.

Sharon N said...

Always appreciate your blog for your insight Jackie.
Nicole would be inclined to take James because she's pretty sure she can beat him.

Indeed, Paul seems to be inclined to take Nicole to F2, however, earlier this evening, they had a 3-way talk that got interesting. Nicole was aware of pretty much everything that took place in the house, and she filled Paul and James in on various HGs. Nicole was totally aware of all the lies, what wasn't a lie, and who did what to who and when. Whereas, Paul and James were shocked because they were so totally out of loop.

Come to think of it, Nicole may have shot herself in the foot with the tell-all... showing she knew all this information when they didn't. Paul might not want quite that amount of knowledgeable competition for the $500k. lol

Sharon N said...

Agree Judi,
I like James too, but along with throwing all those comps, his social game was really quite terrible this year. As you say, the social part did improve slightly after Natalie left, but not enough. James, in his dreams, says he needs to keep Paul/Nicole apart so they can't make a F2 deal (too late chickadee), but then sleeps the day (and night) away with sugar plums dancing in his head.

Jackie said...

I really like James as a person. That said, I don't think he played either a good social game this season, nor a very strategical game at all. I believe he will take second place to whomever takes him to the final two ... IF one of them take him.

As for Paul and James listening to all of the things Nicole was telling them, I can see Paul turning that around in speeches to win if it's him and Nicole in the final two.

Judi Sweeney said...

Exactly how I feel Jackie... You can't help but like James, but I was very disappointed in his gaming. I expected more from James the second time round.

Thanks for giving us an outlet Jackie!

Sharon N said...

I still wouldn't be surprised if Paul wins Part 3 and takes Nicole to F2. In all his practice speeches, he's always mentioning Nicole, but I haven't heard him mention James at all.

monty924 said...

Great screen caps and captions Jackie! Yes, it's down to the last few days when there isn't much to report on, but I found Nicole's Safari room talking to herself/making arguments interesting. I don't pay much attention to Paul but I still think he's actually the best player this season, but that doesn't always win the jury over.

As much as I like James, I don't have one hope of him winning. I just don't see him putting together an argument (verbally/coherently) against either Nicole or Paul. I want the final two to be Nic/Paul. I think they are the two who really deserve the win this season, but James will be there if Nicole wins Part 3... at least I think so. Paul needs to win and then take Nicole for me to have my F2 dream come true this season. They are the two best this season for a lot of reasons and my the best of those two win.

monty924 said...

Judi, James was very social with the guys this season and that kept him and Natalie safe. James has a fantastic social game to brag about. It's just the fact that he threw so many comps and I don't know if this jury will appreciate it.

Sharon N said...

It sounds like Nicole is really stressing over who to take to F2. Talking to James, she's actually hinting that she might not take James because he "could" beat her with the girl-vote. It will be interesting to see how it starts to shake out through Mon/Tues.

Sharon N said...

Don't forget to Vote. I gave Saturday's votes about 7:00pm tonight, but found the BB clock has reset and I was able to vote again for Monday just now.

David said...

Brought over from previous thread, this is all I could find on Big Brother withdraw.

Sharon N said...

That was funny David!!!
You started my morning off right! LOL

Judi Sweeney said...

Oh my word David... I was laughing so hard! Perfect withdrawal from BB video! Love it!

Judi Sweeney said...

I didn't see James jumping into a room for a few minutes and leaving as a real social game.... Maybe when he played pool on occasion! But I never saw James hanging out with the guys TALKING for any length of time... Thus socializing. I saw James listening and taking things in... But not really exchanging much.

If BB had a competition between the three of them that solely was directed towards "how much do you know your fellow house guests (not just what they might have said)"... I think James would fail it drastically! Winning something like that says you had a great social game! I would say Paul would win something like that.... But because he spent so much time talking, I'm not sure if he really listened to what others shared about themselves with him! JMT

Getting closer! Eager for the party to begin Jackie!!! Smiling...

Petals said...

Thanks Jax

I don't remember so much rehearsing before. Yuck.

monty924 said...

ROFL David!!! That was great :)))

Petals said...

Guess I'll watch David's link. I am in such a bad mood, so hurt, disappointed & angry. ARRGGGHHH!