Sunday, September 11, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Sunday - September 11

I have a few days left

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dwindling Days and Deflated Egos:
  • With Nicole winning the Power of Veto, Victor sees the writing on the wall.
  • He's expecting to be evicted for the third and last time this week.
  • Paul is a bit resigned that he'll be following Victor out of the house. 
  • Oh, he's asking a lot of questions and plans to study for a mental HoH, but much of his bravado about how he and Victor are ruling the game has ended.
  • He knows that, without Victor, he's not horrible in most comps (except the slip and slide!). But he's not the competition beast kind of guy. He's more the guy who stands behind the competition beast kind of guy.
  • Victor and Paul, in a talk with each other, spoke of the good run they've had in the house.
  • Victor, in particular, is proud of his integrity and loyalty.
  • I would guess that would make his parents proud. His potty mouth might be another matter.
  • But we ... the constant audience for the hamsters ... know that integrity and honestly don't get you far in the game of Big Brother.
  • Loyalty, on the other hand, is indeed a good thing in the game. But it's the loyalty between a few people from the start that seems to work best. Think of Danielle and Jason. Think of Derrick and Cody. When hamsters allow the flip-flopping alliances with the weekly power that be, it's not a good thing. Victor and Paul were loyal to each other, but they flip-flopped with the powers. Would they have made it to the end as a lone wolf duo? I don't know.
  • I'm kind of surprised that neither Paul nor Victor are trying to convince Nicole to save one of them. But that would be futile. Whichever one saved if James went up ... the other one would go home.
  • I think we're in for doldrums this coming week because Victor and Paul are accepting their fates so peacefully and everybody is in the "we're all friends and it's a game" mode.
  • About the only excitement would be if Paul manages to win the upcoming HoH or veto.
  • Otherwise, we're going to be on auto-pilot.
  • You can unbuckle your seatbelts and return your seats to recline. 

Nine days and one wake-up left!

I'm an a__hole. I know it.

That bun always looks like a rat's nest!


Delee said...

So happy you were out to the BBQ until the early Sunday morning hours. The old saying... "you deserve a break today" came to my mind! Vincent must have wondered where you were! LOL
I almost gave up on BB, as I thought it was turning into the V/P game. Will be interesting to see how the rest turns out!

Petals said...

Victor for AFP!

Anonymous said...

So, if Paul wins HOH will he put Nicole and Corey on the block? Also, if Nicole and James make it to final two, would Nicole be the winner? Gah, I hate the fact the Nicole and Corey are most likely going to be final 3/2. I so wanted them out of the house by now. Every year around this time I say I'm done and I'm not watching the rest of the season, this may be the first year I actually do that. I feel like I wasted my whole summer on this.

Anonymous said...

Victor and Paul talked of very gross things and had the worse potty mouths probably ever on the show. Constant. Every other word is the F word. To me that does not describe AFP.

Judi Sweeney said...

I'm with you Petals.... Victor for AFP! Thanks Jackie!!!

Sharon N said...

What's that old saying? You are who you keep company with?

Paul has had the worst potty mouth on the show this season, with others jumping on the bandwagon. We see it happen every year. A few of the girls even started to talk pretty foul (Bridgette comes to mind).

I don't know why, but Victor doesn't strike me as one who was quite as foul before coming on BB and becoming BFFs with Paul. When these HGs part ways and return home, I doubt the habits displayed by Victor (and others) will be tolerated, especially if they live at home.
Moms are funny like that!!

Anonymous said...

If James ever had a potty mouth like V/ either was very random or not at all. True, Bridgette did have a mouth similar to V/P. I might be weird, but its not what I want to hear from the houseguests 24/7.

Anonymous said...

I hate a potty mouth, but, unfortunately, the younger generation seem to think it is normal. Have you been around a group of teenagers lately?

I hate that Nicole and Corey may be in the final three. However, there is hope. Corey nominated V/P and Nicole will probably not use the Veto. So, Paul will be furious and if he wins HOH I would not be surprised to see him nominate C/N out of spite.

I am still having trouble with Google, so, will be using Anon until I get it straightened out.

Petals said...

Well, Anon - "boys will be boys"; it's not "America's Favorite Vocabulary". I love Victor and I believe he has played the game VERY well. He has impressed me more than has James. So yes, for me, Vic is my Favorite Player. How America feels is another story; we'll see...
On that note, I agree with Sharon - I think Victor is not as foul outside the house.

God Bless America on this Sept.11. I was living up there, not far from Jackie, when it happened. We watched (in horror) from our office; time stood still. You could hear a pin drop in Ridgewood, NJ. Thankfully, we only had one loss from our office family, a worker at Cantor Fitzgerald. His car remained at the nearby transit lot for months, collecting yellow flowers, flyers, notes.

Petals said...

Paul & Victor brainstorming & testing "stingers" to throw at the remaining HGs. Paul seems to particularly hate James (why, who knows???) and wants to directs his slams on him.

They (V/P) did try to warn James to get OVER Natalie. He is still carrying this stupid little warped torch. He truly cannot seem to accept what happened.

monty924 said...

I'm voting for Victor for AFP and not just because he's my pool boy. I wouldn't mind James winning, but he just wasn't my favorite in there this summer. If for no other reason, Vic got Paulie out and that's enough for me, lol.

Petals said...

AND he was good-natured, a good sport, fun to watch, and a happy guy. And, it must be said, very easy on the eyes. *wink*

Anonymous said...

I would never vote for someone with such a terrible potty mouth like Paul and sad to say but Victor have followed suit. To bad/so sad. I am going with James again because I think he could use the money and basically a good person. Victor has gotten almost as bad as Paul . Hard to watch the feed or view BBAD. My skin can crawl just so much.

monty924 said...

The language doesn't bother me. I was like that in my twenties. People grow out of it.

Petals said...

Exactly, my friend! I mean, every year we have these kids that curse. Paul is pretty bad, so was Brigette - I was shocked to hear her curse as much as she did, as often and as nasty.
Anon - I hope you don't have cable.