Wednesday, September 07, 2016

BB18: Live Feeds into Wednesday - September 7

Mmm! A half-gallon of ice cream!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Loquacious Louts:
  • Still no fisticuffs.
  • But there was a bit more excitement in the late night hours than there was all day yesterday.
  • BB gave them alcohol, a rarity this season.
  • Not that they gave them enough to really do any damage. It was like a six-pack of beer and a couple of bottles of wine for six people.
  • Unless one person hogs that all, there really isn't much to get excited about!
  • The big excitement started with someone outside the yard and a megaphone.
  • Ah, memories of Kitty, the Megaphone Lady of BB2 (if memory serves), memories of fans throwing candy and notes over the fence, memories of banner planes ... the good ol' days of Big Brother!
  • We got fish and then into Jeff highlights loops.
  • From the context of what little was said without being interrupted by fish or Jeff, it was something about James and Nicole in an alliance.
  • Well, WE knew that they did have one. But is there too much water under the bridge since the beginning? Are they deep down that loyal to each other to be such good actors? Hmm. They were friends outside the house before going in together. Hmm.
  • The other big news is that James finally woke up and realizes that he and Natalie will never be a couple.
  • Well, duh.
  • She went off to bed to sulk while James talked everything out with the rest of the hamsters.
  • Interesting.
  • So, James keeps (whether it's his intention or not) working his way into the midst of the others while Natalie continues to alienate them.
  • Yet James keeps caring about her and doesn't want to see her hurt.
  • Gah!
  • Natalie told James she never threw him under the bus.
  • I say, "Did too!"
  • I have to admit that she does seem to be a bit torn between wanting to stay and wanting to go.
  • She told James she wants him to stay and can't campaign against him.
  • Yet, we know she has.
  • I have a personal bias in this because I think James is an honorable truly nice kind of guy. But I also don't think Natalie ever really intended this to turn into such an infatuation on his part. She's looking for friends and good times. He's looking for the love of his life.
  • At this point, they're both hurting in different ways.
  • It seems the latest Natalie crisis had to do with the megaphone and an Nicole/James pre-show final two deal.
  • Hmm.
  • I don't see Corey getting all up in arms about it.
  • But we did see Nicole tell Corey she wants the final three to include James with them.
  • Hmm.
  • The Natalie/James "discussion" went on for HOURS and isn't really resolved although by before dawn she was scarfing down ice cream while he joked around in the kitchen. 
  • She even wanted to self-evict at one point. James "shattered her heart," y'know. 
  • I hate to quote Paul but, "Go ahead. Never cared."
  • Of course, James apologized to her.
  • Sheesh. She should be apologizing to him!
  • But that's how James is.
  • It's looking quite possible that he will stay this week instead of Natalie.
  • I think Nicole wants him to stay (final two deal?). Corey will vote whatever Nicole decides. That would be all he needs to stay. Paul is likely to vote with the other two.
  • I hope that's the case even though I've been very disappointed with him this season.

Most likely to remain a couple afterwards

So, this is my neck?

I won't miss these two.

I've invested too much in her. (D'oh!)

Whazzat? I hear something!


chrob61 said...

Thanks for the updates Jackie!

It seems like Natalie is starting to act a little Meech-like with her crying and self-implosion. I would rather see her go than James.

Petals said...

LMAO @ the photo caps for Vaul & Corey.

Sally said...

I really like the alliteration you cleverly use to start most live feeds posts: that Big Brother House of Loquacious Louts, Duplicitous Dopes, Paranoid Players, etc. You have a way of nailing the mood of the house with two or three words (as well as an extensive vocabulary). Well done!

Chacha said...

When will this agony of a season end???
We started with all kinds of comps and so much excitement.
Now its coming to a crawl of an end.

Chacha said...

It seems I can't even come up with anything exciting to say about anyone.
Its crazy how a megaphone doesn't excite me anymore.

Petals said...


LOL, right ChaCha?

Petals said...

I actually did watch James & Natalie early this morning, but it was tedious & sad.
The rest of it is just summer camp. As cute as Victor is, he can't hold my attention that long.

Judi Sweeney said...

I agree Jackie.... I hope that's the case too! Thanks again for making it interesting!

Sharon N said...

I try to find good things about Natalie, but it's difficult.

Natalie flip-flops about what James actually means to her, totally confusing him. After he needlessly feels he needs to apologize/grovel (and she thinks he has been sufficiently reeled back in), she starts blaming him for everything all over again.

Oh yes, James gets the picture, even if he doesn't want to. Last night, he even laid it all out to Natalie, and told her that she's showing her true colors. Needless to say, Natalie didn't like the fairly accurate picture he painted, so she whined/cried until he felt the need to apologize all over again.

If anyone is passive-aggressive, it's Natalie!

tbc said...

Thanks for the insight!

Chacha said...


I guess i am wash, rinse repeat just like the houseguests....

Petals said...

I didn't mean YOU, Cha. I mean *yawn* at the season. LOL

Judi Sweeney said...

Exactly Sharon... Natalie is extremely passive aggressive! She can't even release him completely to give him peace of mind and acceptance! She continues to give him hope while in the same breath blaming their break up on him.... Because he shared his doubts about whether she really liked him as a boyfriend or not. One thing for sure, she is they type of girlfriend who will ALWAYS throw up a mistake to a guy no matter how much he apologizes or grovels... She is so confusing and totally knows she is messing with his mind and heart. She knows how to flirt and manipulate. So painful to watch because everything he said to her, he was spot on! His head is telling him the truth but his heart wants to believe there is more.

She is so good at it that there are times she even reels me and I get confused. I'll be glad when she is gone and James wakes up!

Chacha said...

I knew that. I was just saying that basically at this point in the season I am saying the same thing over and over again. I am just so bored. Even a megaphone didn't give me any excitement.

Jackie said...

Thanks, Sally! Sometimes it's a challenge to come up with the descriptors!

Petals said...

We need a megaphone, alcohol, maybe a pony - THEN it might be interesting.

monty924 said...

I'm ready to see how James plays the game without a sidekick/female. No pony this year but we did get reindeer! :)))

Sharon N said...

Victor is deep in thought... probably about last night's announcement that Nicole/James have F2. It doesn't seem to be concerning Nicole/Corey... or Paul.

If their F2 is still in effect, Nic/Corey could feel James would come to their side and they'd have the advantage. For Paul, who knows what he thinks about the whole thing, but it's pretty much guaranteed he's already been analyzing all the pros/cons.

Nicole/Corey are more inclined to vote for James to stay. Paul would be the lone vote to evict, guaranteeing James goes to Nicole/Corey, so he's stuck voting with them. The way Nic/Corey feel about Natalie, I don't see either voting to keep Natalie.