Thursday, September 29, 2016

BBOTT: HOH Comp Underway and Stuff - September 29

Only one may drink ...

Now we know why the backyard was open with an HoH comp expected ...
  • It's weird.
  • I don't think I'd go as far as to say it's "over the top."
  • Y'see, they came in from an outdoor lockdown to find the bottle of blue stuff and the note "Only one may drink" in the living room.
  • Shane drank.
  • Silly boy.
  • Now he's infected with the BB Bug and cannot win HoH.
  • He passes it on to someone else who passes it on to someone else, etc.
  • Once infected, they must wear special t-shirts and they're each out of the running for HoH.
  • How exciting is this?!?
  • It's supposed to continue until tomorrow.
  • Last uninfected hamster is HoH.
  • A thrill a minute, I say!
  • As I get this posted the infected are Shane, Danielle, Justin, Shelby, Scott, Neeley.
  • In other news ... Monte is trying to make people think that Jason is a plant, a saboteur, needs to go. Monte wants to win HoH and nominate Jason.
  • Have I mentioned before that I don't care for Monte? My first impression of him was bad and he's done nothing but dig himself in deeper with me.
  • Justin seems stoned when he can't possibly be stoned.
  • Shane wears a man-bun.
  • Kryssie seriously tried to work her way in with Jason.
  • Scott was talking about how frugal he is. Well, since he probably doesn't want pesky debt collectors calling him, I'm not surprised!
That's about it for now. I want to thank all of those who voiced concern due to the horrific NJ Transit train accident today. It wasn't my train line and, the stations I travel aren't endpoints. The worst that has ever/could ever happen is that the trains I ride sometimes overshoot the platforms. Then they either have to back up or we have to get out in very low gravel. The stations I frequent aren't end of the line ... there's just more track. Thank you all again for your concern!

He took the drink that started it


Not infected, just has a zombie look


Sharon N said...

This is building to be a very weird "edition" of BB. Maybe "Over the Top" is BB production's idea of a cost-savings. All to the tune of, "let's not have any comp equipment and just have them all drink from the little blue bottle."

Something needs to happen soon or this show will continue to scream 'tedious/boring All-Access rip-off."

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

I think if Jason is nominated he will get America's vote. Not sure about the rest of them. hmmm


Judi Sweeney said...

LOL.... I hope the infection process picks up tonight! I hope that Jason wins HOH!

On a serious note I'm glad you weren't on that train Jackie! I'm sure Vincent is glad too! Thanks for updating us!

David said...

Ummmmm, if I remember correctly there is going to be "safety" meetings instead of the HOH nominating people for eviction. Since no one has explained how this is going to work yet, and of course subject to change on the producers whims, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

monty924 said...

David, I think that only means the the HOH will reveal all the ones who are safe and leave two who aren't safe. CBS said that the HOH will nominate two each week and WE get to nominate the third one. It's all up in the air with this season... I think they're just messing with us, lol.

Brent McKee said...

Just to be clear, "over the top" doesn't have anything to do with the actions or activities seen on screen. According to Wikipedia it refers to direct transmission of content over the Internet: "The Internet provider may be aware of the contents of the Internet Protocol packets but is not responsible for, nor able to control, the viewing abilities, copyrights, and/or other redistribution of the content. This model contrasts with the purchasing or rental of video or audio content from an Internet service provider (ISP), such as pay television, video on demand or an IPTV video service. OTT refers to content from a third party that is delivered to an end-user, with the ISP simply transporting IP packets."

Unknown said...

Does anyone know if full episodes are going to be on the CBS all Access app? I'm new to the app and there are not full episodes listed. I can't stay up Wednesday night that late with working early.


Anonymous said...

first season of BB was changed quickly.this rookie first season of this kind is a could be cool..could go really really bad..good luck BB

Petals said...

MOnte is the new HOH @@