Thursday, September 29, 2016

BBOTT: Live Feeds Into Thursday - September 29

Thank goodness, it's JASON

Keep in mind that we never ever never want to see the hamsters enter the house one by one again. Never. It's akin to Chinese Water Torture.

  • After last night's painful one-by-one hamster entry to the house, Julie's voice told them to all gather in the living room.
  • She came on the screen to let them know there will be no jury this season -- when they're voted out, they're gone. She told them that America will be voting the winner.
  • Scott, whose strategy is working on gaining jury votes, seemed crushed.
  • She also told them the first HoH comp will be tomorrow.
  • That, of course, is today.
  • It can't be anything too intense as BB opened the backyard for them.
  • Just before Jason arrived, BB had given them booze.
  • Justin, who seems stoned to begin with, definitely put his boozing shoes on.
  • He likes Danielle. Woo ...
  • Jason picked up on the fact that Alex and Morgan look almost the same on the Memory Wall pictures.
  • Not 'fessing up to being sisters at the start might come back to bite them in the butt.
  • And, a shame ... those two should be strong game players in the house.
  • Ohhh ... Alrx called Morgan "Mo" as if she knows her! And, it didn't go unnoticed.
  • Shelby picked up on it.
  • They were being called into the Diary Room, but we saw none of the sessions.
  • Grr.
  • BB sent their suitcases in and they got them from the storage room, going through them to see what was confiscated.
So far, I'm not super excited. I had signed off the feeds and now I'm getting an error that the content isn't available yet. I am happy that Jason is back in instead of Jozea. We'll see how this goes. 

Julie tells them no jury and more


David said...

Jackie, I got that error a few times last night. I just had to refresh the browser page to get it back.

Haven't really seen anything on the feeds as I had actual work to do instead. Thanks for the update. =)

Chacha said...

I agree watching the HG move in one by one was so boring.
I kept thinking I really love the first episode where everyone meets around the couch..
Morgan and Alex will have the slip come back to bite them.
Shelby and Jason have noticed.
Poor Scott just doesn't fit in at all with these hamsters.
As much as I couldn't stand Whitneys voice in the previews it wasn't so bad when i was watching last night.
Watching Julie cut in last night was kind of funny. They were all at the couches and she had a pause where the HG were supposed to laugh and didn't.....
I didn't have any issues with the feeds watching on the fire stick.

Chacha said...


I am hoping this train accident hasn't impacted you. Prayers to all in Jersey.
My uncle called already to let us know he and my Aunt are still at home and haven't ventured out today.

Ed in Ohio said...

Same here Jackie, hope all is well! Thoughts & Prayers to all involved.

Jean said...

Thinking about you this morning Jackie. Hope all is good with you! Prayers for all affected by the train accident.

Sharon N said...

Thinking of you Jackie and hoping you are ok.

monty924 said...

Prayers going up here as well

Chacha said...

new info from CBS

Chacha said...

So the HOH began..

The HG went inside to a bottle of blue liquid that said "Only One May Drink"

after a few moments Shane drank it.

BB then said SHane you have been infected. Please go to Diary.
That is where we are now

Chacha said...

this HOH is like hot potatoe, there will be a sound and infected person gives the infection to someone else. Shane has now been eliminated from HOH comp. The person he gives it to will be infected and eliminated next. This will last 24 hours.

monty924 said...


Chacha said...

some are discussing this will show who is friends/alliances with who...

Petals said...

LOVE that Jason is back. Hope that will be a wake-up call to Jose' that being a fancy-pants jerk gets you NOWHERE with the BB viewers.

I haven't seen the ep yet, nor any live feeds (been sleeping/working). Hopefully there'll be some action later.

Chacha said...

Shane has now given the bug to Danielle.

There is chatter among a few different people that they want to target Kryssie and/or Danielle.

~~Silk said...

How do you suppose lack of a jury will affect play?

Anonymous said...

Hello Jackie,
I had you on my mind today, as I heard the sad news that took place in Hoboken NJ. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Take care Jackie.


SueGee said...

This is all reminding me more and more of the first season where people were evicted by phone votes if I'm not mistaken. Anyone else remember all that nonsense?

SueGee on the LeftCoast

Petals said...

I don't, SuG, but that is not helpful, because I can't remember what I had for dinner last night.

I like Monte, Cornbread, Scott and Jason so far. The sisters, I don't like, because they are hiding it.

monty924 said...

Jason is hanging out with Neeley a lot. I like it!!

monty924 said...

Jackie, just want to say that we're all so relieved that you are okay. Still praying for NJ tonight. When I saw the news this morning the first thing I thought of was you riding the trains in to work. Relief for all of us but such a sad situation there. HUGS!!!

Petals said...

Ditto Monty! My ex is one of my best friends, and he takes the 5:15...I was worried about both of you guys.

Petals said...

Shane is a golfer, wanted to be a pro? Wow - surprise.

monty924 said...

Does anyone else get a Chicken George sort of vibe out of Cornbread? I do. :))

Petals, glad that your ex is also okay ♥

Chacha said...

Justin and now Shelby have been infected.

Cornbread does remind me of chicken George

SueGee said...

I also wanted to say to Jackie I'm so glad you were safe and not heading into NYC this morning, but I'm guessing the trains going either way are going to be messed up for a while. Hope you have a good bus alternative to get back and forth to work.

tbc said...

So glad Jason is back in.

Jackie, glad you are safe.

I am checking in to see the posts. It's just weird not to see the HGs on tv 3 times a week, too.

Petals said...

Kryssie is growing on me.