Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Scoop on Big Brother Over the Top (BBOTT)

Please vote Jason, not Jozea. Thank you.

The first thing I'd like to address is the voting of a "veteran" player into the cast. I have no clue what CBS has been smoking to even think that we want to see Jozea again! Please, if you have CBS All Access, throw your votes to Jason on the CBS website. Most of us will be eternally grateful.

That said ... 
Last night I watched most of the backyard interviews on the live feeds. But I was a bit too burnt out from the long (Survivor premiere, BB18 finale) live-blogging night to write more on them on the time. An unusual interview, a person I've never seen in the backyard interviews, was Julie Chen. Of course, she showed to plug BBOTT.

Here's what I garnered from her interview and some scouting about:
  • There will be 12 brand spanking new hamsters and one (JASON) returning hamster for a total of 13.
  • Everything will ONLY be through CBS All Access online -- NO television aired shows, etc.
  • It's to be a shortened season -- 10 weeks.
  • The cast reveal will be Monday morning and I should be able to cover it as long as the reveal happens when it should (around 10am ET). 
  • There will be Julie Chen hosted weekly eviction shows at 7pm PT or 10pm ET on Wednesday evenings. 11pm ET would be the live eviction with the HoH comps starting a midnight ET. Eek! I'll try my best to do what I can with those!
  • Julie Chen will be doing the evicted hamster interviews on Thursday.
  • The Veto comps should be Mondays at 4pm ET (which I won't be able to cover live here).
  • The Veto ceremony should be Tuesdays at 4pm ET (which I also won't be able to cover live here).
  • They have live Diary Rooms on Tuesday and Friday nights at 10:30pm ET.
  • On Saturdays, at 4pm ET, the Have Not Reveal
  • On Saturdays, at 10pm ET, there's a new "Safety Ceremony." From what Julie said, if you don't get safety there, you get nominated. Not YOU literally. That's a figurative YOU.
  • Then, just to confuse things more, there's a Safety Ceremony and Nominations Sunday night at 10pm ET.
I'm SO confused! There's some conflicting information out there right now. I will definitely be doing some kind of coverage of the season. But until the show goes live, I'm not sure exactly how I'll be covering it. However, I will promise to post something daily so that the blog readers with CBS have a place to discuss things daily.


Chacha said...

Thank you Jackie, I have access at work to feeds if I am not busy. Hopefully we feeders can update when needed in the commenting section.
This seems very strange to me. What I have read is this is more on the lines of some international big brother shows.
vote Jason, 20 times a day!!!

David said...

Here is Julie Chen's backyard interview with Jeff. She goes into a little more detail about the BBOTT in her interview with Rob Has a Podcast than Jeff.

I saw in another interview that the prize is $250,000 which seems like a lot for an online only show.

monty924 said...

This one might be a huge file/download. More backyard interviews

3 Cat said...
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David said...

Just a reminder. Today is the last day to sign up for CBS all access and get a free month of limited commercial access. Use promo code FALLCBS to get it. Expires at 8 pm eastern time today. You do have to have a credit card to sign up and will be charged $5.99 a month if you don't cancel it before the month is up.

I just signed up and threw my votes for Jason to be on BBOTT. No way do I want Jozea to be anywhere near a TV screen again unless he is the one watching it, not on it. I don't expect to watch it much but it is free for a month so what the heck. =)

tbc said...

I haven't had a chance to watch all of the backyard interviews yet. However, I am halfway through Rob's (which aren't great) and he is so pushing Jozea. WTF?