Saturday, October 29, 2016

BBOTT: America's Care Package and into Saturday, October 29

Have Not reprieve

Oh, geez. America, what is wrong with you? Do you WANT boredom? I mean, nothing against Shelby and all, but ...!
  • The big news of yesterday is that Shelby got America's Care Package.
  • Sigh.
  • Now, I like Shelby okay. I wish she wouldn't make such odd faces, but that's sort of entertaining in and of itself.
  • BUT ...
  • ... I don't watch BB for Kumbaya, holding hands, all is love entertainment.
  • If the side Shelby's on, which already has the numbers, now can eliminate all three votes of the other side, all will be peachy-keen, namby-pamby and BORING.
  • I would guess that, if America nominates Kryssie, she will go home this week.
  • I'd really rather Scott go.
  • In other news, they're all excited for Halloween.
  • Woohoo.
  • In yet other news, the Have Nots ended and the new Have Nots haven't been named yet.
  • A feast was enjoyed by all.
  • We've had no new brouhahas or even kerfuffles, albeit some saltiness about America's Care Package.
  • I'm a bit salty over it myself. 

Not a lot of hot tub action in BBOTT

Everybody hates me! Wah!

I can't get it open!

Kryssie's care package reaction

Jason undercover


Judi Sweeney said...

I am still pushing for Scott. Maybe if the LNJ would ease up just a tad on their trash talking, America would go after the Plastics! Just trying to help the the LNJ group!

Bizaro22 said...

The LNJ are petty and they are the ones playing Best Friends and not BB. Kryssie couldn't even comprehend why the two girls flipped and lied to her? Does she not understand numbers and it's a game? The LNJ just trash talks and throws words like Bullying around, when they are just as bad or worse. From what I've seen, the BS'ers strategize while the LNJ just talk petty trash and get butt hurt the other side is actually playing a game. Anything the helps Alex is welcomed by me!

Bizaro22 said...

Also, I don't think it will get boring if Kryssie goes home. I think that will force cross-alliances and make the game more interesting. Just sayin...

Petals said...

Thank you, Bizarro~ Exactly!

T-Town Chick said...

I loved the LNJ in the beginning. But you are right, they sit around and trash talk non stop. Kryssie has started to get on my nerves. I don't like how she calls the other girls bitches and hoes. I don't like her poor me attitude and I don't like how she takes everything personally. She could have been a great player if she actually had studied the game. I still love Jason and love, love, love Justin. On the other side I do like Whitney and Alex. I wanted Scott gone since he walked in the door (he totally creeps me out and because of his attitude I usually want to punch him in the face) I like that Alex is playing the game, but don't like how she's paired up with Scott. I can take or leave Morgan, Shelby, and Danielle. My final three pick is Justin, Jason, and Alex.

monty924 said...

Justin, Kryssie and Whitney are Have Nots

David said...

I am glad Whitney was one of the have nots. She was also named first so now the plastics are all freaking out about what that could mean. Wooooot for no jumping around like idiots today by the plastics. lol

Now if Danielle will just put up two of the girls so America can nominate Scott, the war of two sides can continue on.

T-Town Chick said...

I'm with you David

Judi Sweeney said...

We could only hope so David....

monty924 said...

Yep!! Be smart Danielle!