Saturday, October 08, 2016

BBOTT: Care Package and More - Saturday, October 7

Doesn't want a final two with Jason

... and Scott told him as much. "Oh, I want to work long with you in the game. But I don't want to take you to the final two because you'd win."

Not really the best way to phrase the thought, eh? It would probably be best had he not phrased it at all. I'll agree that it's probably on all of those little hamster minds that being in a final two with Jason would mean second place. That doesn't mean you go ahead and tell him that! And Scott is so proud of himself for saying it. Silly hamster.

Yesterday saw the delivery of the first care package sent by America and the live diary room sessions. Here's how stuff went down:
  • Kryssie got the care package -- it's Save a Friend. She can save one other hamster from nomination this week. Unfortunately, she herself is still vulnerable to being nominated. 
  • She's taking it very seriously. She's thrilled that America seems to like her after being an outcast in her daily life. Or, Jason would call it, a Misfit Toy.
  • She's probably going to save Jason with it.
  • But, the idea of the America involvement is messing with their heads in the HoH.
  • Alex doesn't want to tick off America.
  • In her Diary Room, she said that she's working with Monte right now because she needs him. The divide is already in place in the house and that's the side she happens to be on ... for now.
  • Monte wants her to nominate Justin and Danielle.
  • She more wants to nominate Shane and Danielle.
  • It seems most of the readers here on the blog (and I) would like America to nominate Monte.
  • Monte still wants to work with Shane if he can get him away from Danielle. He thinks that Danielle has taken his focus off the game.
  • Meanwhile, Shane feels comfortable with Danielle, Jason, Kryssie and Justin.
  • Kryssie worked on trying to get Scott to go to their side. Although he told us in the DR bit that he would be open to work with them, he balked at the idea from Kryssie. He said he can't play to please America.
  • Um, well, dude.
  • Alex worked on Kryssie, telling her that it would be best for her (K's) game to save Jason.
  • That's even though Alex hasn't really played with the notion of nominating Jason in the first place. 
  • But she's not telling Kryssie that.
  • Jason has worked his way in solid with both Kryssie and Justin. The latter seems unlikely, but it's true.
  • Justin will be happy to keep pushing Monte's buttons.
  • They're also spreading the word around that Monte is homophobic. 
  • I don't know about that so much. But he does have this thing about how he needs to "protect" women. I can see him with a wife barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.
  • I'm beginning to think I would have liked to see this crew of hamsters on the last televised season more so than the ones we got.
  • Tonight should be the first Safety Ceremony.
  • Still got to get used to the schedule! 

Feels he will have to fight for safety each week

Probably thinking evil thoughts about Monte

Neeley keeps straddling the line


It's great to be picked first for once!


Petals said...

Justin is so entertaining. At first, he annoyed me as trying to hard, but it's just his nature - he's just one of those crazy kinda dudes. I like it.
Monte and the Pythons - that is what the Minion alliance calls themselves. LOL Okay. I wonder if Monte is even aware of Monty Python, or does he think they got that name because of a big snake? bwhaha
I love the amount of input that America has. It's unusual, this online stuff, but I like it so far. Like Jackie, I am still adjusting to the schedule.
Miss our tri-weekly parties, tho - chatting with you guys. Hope everyone is doing well and all of our group is safe from Matthew.

Petals said...

Oh - and Monte sure did get a man-crush on Shane during that first week, didn't he? Monte's all butt-hurt that Shane has left him for Danielle, but doens't want to vote him out, wants him to "come back to the fold".

Judi Sweeney said...

I am keeping track of everything through here!!! Thanks Jackie!