Monday, October 10, 2016

BBOTT: Continuing Kerfuffles and Nominations - Into Monday, October 10

Popcorn party of one, please.

Although I was originally a bit dismayed by this cast (how the heck did Cornbread get on the show?), I really wish that all the folks who like BB but didn't want to pay for CBS All Access could see them. They're more interesting than many of the previous hamsters cast in the show.
  • It's BB, but it isn't the same. 
  • It does have the same BB voice reprimanding them.
  • They can't sleep all day like other casts in the past. BB Voice will call them out on napping. There is no napping.
  • But that doesn't keep a contingent from being up late into the night.
  • The night owls are Kryssie, Justin, Jason and Neeley for the most part. Others come and go.
  • Monte thinks he isn't in with them because his own body clock has him going to bed around 10pm.
  • One of the things that I'm not thrilled with is how much the "Misfits" are really picking on Shelby. I mean, Monte is also picked on, but for people who decry bullies to constantly be at the girl ... it's a bit unsettling.
  • I have to say that Jason hiding all the Krackle bars because they're Shelby's favorite, was a hoot, though. Heh.
  • Jason claimed that Monte told him he deliberately runs over squirrels. Now, I didn't see him say that on the feeds for myself. I don't know if it's just Jason embellishing stuff or if it's the truth. If it's the truth, shame on Monte.
  • I think Neeley is in one of the best positions in the house at the moment. Although she hangs out with the Misfits, she's also on good terms with the others.
  • Not unexpected at all, Alex put Shane and Danielle on the block. 
  • As I write this up, we don't know America's nominee yet. I would guess it will be either Monte or Scott.
  • Shane and Danielle stormed out after the announcement, not wanting to even hear what Alex had to say.
  • Shane promises that next week WILL be personal.
  • It's interesting that the lines have been drawn in the house, yet the Misfits could actually accept Morgan, Alex and Whitney if not for Shelby and Monte. Well, except with Shane, that is.
  • And, those girls know that. Will they leave the option open to jump ship?
  • I dunno.
  • Oh, yeah. And then there's Scott. While he tries to mingle with both sides, his game is so tarnished that he's an outsider with both.
  • That's where we stand for now. While I don't think there will be fisticuffs, you could cut the tension in the house with a knife.
  • I don't like tension in my personal life.
  • But I sure find it more entertaining when there's tension in a BB house! 

Neeley is flying under all the radar

I find Kryssie screen cap gold

Running low on cigarettes

More comfortable than the race car beds


~~Silk said...

I don't have the feeds, but following your reports, I don't miss watching anything at all. Thank you.

Chacha said...

I have been out of town all weekend and trying to catch up.

I do find this online season very interesting and wonder what will be brought into the summer television edited version next year.

I hope its the napping all day they move to BB19.

I split my votes for Monte, Morgan for america nominee.

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie... I love your happenings point of view!

Sharon N said...

Interesting that BB isn't allowing napping during the day. But then, BBOTT doesn't have BBAD, so there's no reason for BB to let them sleep during the day.

Although, BB didn't do a very good job of keeping them awake for us during BBAD, so we'd have something to watch late at night on BB18. Really, that was a lot of TV-time $$ spent for us to watch 3 hours of sleepers.

David said...

Monte is America's nominee. I guess the twitter and other campaigns I saw to get Morgan OTB were not enough to overcome the dislike of Monte.

I will have to go back and see how this effects him and the others around him late tonight. That boy is Kryptonite, and if he doesn't win Veto they would be wise to get rid of him.

They have been trying to explain away the other America's votes as something they are not, but I don't think this one will be so easy to chalk up to something else. Maybe now they will see the writing on the wall.

Chacha said...

Shane won POV. It was a golf POV with winning tickets. There

Alex, Shane, Danielle, Shelby, Scott and Monte competed.

All but shane got Punishments.

Big Jeff Hosted!!

Petals said...

Ahhh cayunt stayund the waaaayyy thayut Whit-nayyy tawksss...

Judi Sweeney said...

Wioooo Hooooo Monte is on the block! They should be paying attention to what America thinks!

monty924 said...

This week is turning out great from my perspective. Monte is probably safe though with the votes. We will see. :)))

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best BB weeks ever!

The house is divided and both sides are scheming to dupe the other side so that the votes go in their favor. Backyard Gang plan to get Alex to put up Scott under the impression that they will vote out Scott, but what that will really do is make scott upset and they will all vote out monte.

Meanwhile the Southerners have a plan of their own. They want to trick the BY Crew and get Kryssie on the block, then vote out Danielle.

But the BY crew are better at their plan and have the best leverage and numbers, so now Alex and the HOH crew are confused and have no idea what they should do, bow down to the Back Yard or hope that America will vote against Danielle.

Whitney is surprisingly the brains of the Southerners. Without her, they would have been duped.