Sunday, October 09, 2016

BBOTT: Have Nots, Kerfuffles and Some Safety - into Sunday, October 9

Playing with big balls

Shane is playing a golf-type game with big balls and big clubs. Sheesh. Get your minds out of the gutter!

After an extremely slow start, this group has become more entertaining. Unfortunately, at the moment (at least), things have gone copacetic for the most part. That is, unless your name is Scott.

Here's the skinny, not necessarily in chronological order:
  • Monte, already getting homophobic heat for making a comment about not wanting to sleep with a grown man (CB), is now getting racist heat.
  • He made what he claims was an off-the-cuff joke when others were wondering where Justin gets his (expensive) clothes. "Probably steals them." Monte says he wasn't thinking color when he said it and that, as a white guy from the South, things tend to automatically lean towards him being racist.
  • Justin, as a black guy, took the comment to heart as he thinks it was a comment on his race. Danielle saw how it could be construed that way, as well. I can see it, too.
  • With Monte and Justin almost coming to blows previously over Justin "disrespecting" Morgan by disrobing in front of her ... cue dramatic music now.
  • Um, nah. They all talked things out, all of the hamsters.
  • Except Scott.
  • In the huge mutual respect meeting, Kryssie managed to turn the focus on Scott as Public Enemy Number 1.
  • While Danielle and others think it's a move equivalent to Dan's funeral, me not so much.
  • Y'see, Scott has already been too much involved in going back and forth between the sides. He thinks he's been so honest, but watching him in action is a bit slimy. (Could that be the debt collector in him? Heehee.)
  • And, America has seen that, too.
  • Scott has also been vocal about wanting Kryssie out ... to many people.
  • America's vote on the Have Nots came through, sending a strong message to the house.
  • Monte, Scott and Morgan are the Have Nots. They have nothing but slop to eat. The room is a Halloween Horror theme.
  • That's an indication that they need to step up their image with the fans.
  • Morgan and Scott seem to think their being Have Nots is due to their connection with Monte.
  • Monte is realizing his HoH crashed and burned. Now he's a Have Not. Both were America-involved actions.
  • While I personally think he's a controlling So-and-So with a chip on his shoulder, I see that chip sliding off a bit. There might be salvation for him if he can make it past this week.
  • On the other hand, Scott has his own chip on his shoulder, considering himself an expert BB guy. He ain't. You can watch the show and the live feeds and be a superfan, but that won't make you good on the show in person. I know I've seen every episode, every year and the live feeds from every season. Unlike Scott, I did that as an adult with an adult mind rather than a ten year-old fan mind. I'd probably qualify as more of a superfan than would any kid in his twenties. BUT ... I know I'd suck at the social game aspect. He just thinks he knows it all and it's all blowing back in his face.
  • Let's see ... what else? Oh! As predicted, Kryssie saved Jason with her care package Save a Friend bit.
  • And, last night the Safety choices started. So far -- Kryssie, Whitney, Neeley and Morgan are safe.
  • Most of the hamsters have said they want to be a Have Not with Justin because he cooks.
  • Heh.
  • They better watch out. Be careful what you wish for ...
  • As for the nominations, Alex is realizing that she needs to distance herself some from Monte and America as an Invisible Hamster sees all. But she's still probably going to put up Danielle and Shane. She is tossing around the thought of Scott. But I think she'll stay with her original plan.               
I'm not racist! I'm not homophobic!

No, Kryssie, not equivalent to Dan's funeral.

Decisions, decisions

That's not a joint, Justin.



Sharon N said...

Dan's funeral was a "one of a kind" event that (I don't believe) can ever be matched.

BB-Boy said...

My initial thoughts for this week's America's Nomination was MONTE 100%......but now I'm honestly leaning towards nominating Scott!

I feel like enough of a message has been sent to the Sorority Girls side of the house for the moment, and I'd much rather get Scott out now! We don't need another Ian/Ronnie/Steve knock-off making his way thru this game!


T-Town Chick said...

Scott has given me the creeps since he walked in the door with his "Walmart" outfit. The way he interacts with people, his mannerisms, how he talks about people behind their gut tells me that he's a bad person and if I was in the house I would avoid him at all cost. Also the fact that he is proud of the fact that he's a debt collector. (There is a special place in Hell for debt collectors in my opinion!) Monte is an ass and needs to go but this week I'm throwing my vote to Scott.