Wednesday, October 12, 2016

BBOTT: Renom Day and Other Stuff - into Wednesday, October 12

Talking strategy? Nah ... coloring books.

Well, as expected, Shane took himself off the block with his veto. Up in his place went Kryssie.
  • Although putting Scott up might save Monte, it would also cost that side of the house a number. They honestly think they just might get Danielle out.
  • Me? In a way, I would just as soon Danielle leave out of the three. While I don't care much for Monte, he adds more entertainment to the live feeds than Danielle does with her Shane showmance. I'm tired of showmances.
  • The veto comp punishments went on.
  • Danielle fussed that "it's the middle of winter" claiming it was 5 degrees and there she was having to dive all the way down in the pool to retrieve golf balls at BB's beckon and call.
  • Um, gee. If it were five degrees in Los Angeles, I think that would have hit the news.
  • It was a bit sad to see Scott spend the night on the sand pit. It looked like it was chilly (but not five degrees) and he got dew all over him. He awoke early and told us how many mistakes he's made so far in the game. He apologized to Cornbread. He also said that being a show fan doesn't make you good at the game.
  • Well, duh.
  • Most fans of the show realize they'd suck on the show. 
  • But he does say he's having the time of his life.
  • Oh my. 
  • As for the Kryssie nom, she's very upset with Alex. She feels blindsided because they had been working together to an extent. 
  • Alex told her it's because she knows America loves her (Kryssie) so much.
  • Alex is sure Kryssie will be safe.
  • Out of the noms, Alex's side wants Danielle out. Jason's side wants Monte out.
  • Scott did a bunch of shout-outs. He didn't shout out this blog. Shame on him.
  • He wants to "take out floaters."
  • Well, there aren't many of them this season. He says Justin is not a target of his because Justin has been one of the only ones who seem to care about him. He thinks that Justin and Jason are the only two on the other side who seem to have any faith in him.
  • Scott says that he has info on Shane that he'll bring out because no way will it be Cornbread, Monte, then him (Scott) out.
  • He says he's not just there for the $1,000 a week stipend even though that's more than twice what he earns outside the house.
  • Yikes, collecting debts doesn't pay enough to pay your own debts! Oy!
  • Of course, with him using the stipend bit as strategy, that will backfire on him. They all know he's a "superfan" and it's obvious that a dream of his is to win BB.
  • Sigh. Whitney has no clue what leprosy is. The school systems don't seem to be turning out well-rounded educations as of late.
  • Monte is trash-talking Danielle at every chance.
  • Jason and Company are trash-talking Monte and Shelby at every chance.
  • Justin is sailing through like a charm and has been a surprising refreshment this season ... so far.
  • They had their live DRs last night which are kind of interesting even though we see their interactions with others. It's a good look at what they really think, not just what they're saying to others.
  • And the beat goes on. 

On the block blues

On the block blues

On the sand trap blues


T-Town Chick said...

Yesterday I voted for Monte. The "other side" of the house has a lot of players that I don't particularly care for, (Shelby, Monte, Morgan) and if I was in the house, I would migrate toward "Jason's" side. When I'm listening to the "other side" all I hear them talk about is how spoiled and rude Danielle is. Then last night during the Diary Rooms, Whitney mentioned that while Monte was competing for the HOH, Danielle was sticking her tongue out and being disrespectful. Now, up till this point, I noticed a few things on Danielle's end that got on my nerves. I chalked it up to her being young and the stress of her being on the block for two weeks in a row. After the Whitney comment I went back and started paying close attention to Danielle. Whitney's right. She's rude, disrespectful and negative. She's also BORING. I'm with you Jackie. If I have to sit through another game full of showmances I might gauge my eyes out. Also Monte is entertaining. He's an IDIOT and he's also has an enormously inflated ego. He also has this weird obsession with Shane. BUT he's entertaining. It's probably too late, but today I voted for Danielle. I want to keep the action going. Not stop it in its tracks.

Chacha said...

I am all for Jason and Justin to make it far.

If that means keeping a showmance in the house for another week I am fine with that.

They will always be a target to the house and that they are on jason and justins side right now is good for me.

I don't enjoy watching showmances. Its irritating.

Danielle is a whiner and childish sometimes. Keeps her a target....

Petals said...

I am voting Danielle for eviction, have never liked her, like her less every day.
Monte is entertainment, and NOT an entirely bad guy. I feel kinda bad that Shane
kicked him to the curb for that slag. @@ Sure, Monte needed to be taken down a
peg or two, but to evict him over Danielle? Nooo

See you guys later! XOXO

Petals said...

Shane painted her nails today? Blech.