Wednesday, October 19, 2016

BBOTT: Renom, into Wednesday, October 19

Will she rebound?

You get lots of screen caps today! I snagged some early yesterday and then never got my report up. Work has been a bear once again. (Sigh.) Well, it's not like it's been a thrill a minute. But, here's the big news --
  • Justin used his PoV to save Kryssie. 
  • Scott put Shane up in Kryssie's place.
  • Alex did not use her PoV.
  • So, as we head into eviction, on the block are: Shane, Danielle and Neeley. 
  • Neeley should be totally safe (as Kryssie would have been, too).
  • Scott wants Shane out.
  • Jason thinks Danielle out would be better for his own game than Shane leaving.
  • Jackie (me) would prefer Danielle go because she's way too dramatic and into herself.
  • It might be a tie tonight.
  • Then again, it might not.
  • We won't know until we know.
  • In other news, I watched Justin dance a pizza from the storage room to the kitchen.
  • The BB piped in voice, "Stop that. That's really annoying! Stop it."
  • Say what?
  • Going back and looking at another cam, I found out the voice was chiding Jason and Danielle for talking about its voice.
  • Danielle stopped her crying jag.
  • Now, at times, she seems overly giggly.
  • Whatever happens, at least the showmance will end tonight. 

Some things never change

In cahoots

No ants reported so far

"Better her than me."

When the debt collector calls ...

"It is what it is."

Dancing with his pizza

From tears to smiles, tonight back to tears


Petals said...

Thanks Ms Jackie!

Shane is now the one crying @@
Danielle keeps telling everyone she won't have sex until she is married? Uhm...
how did she get her kid, osmosis? Besides, she & Shane have sure been
getting up to something every single night. Ick.

Scott & crew want Shane gone, why? Danielle is twice the man that Shane is!

Anonymous said...

Justin used the Veto to save Kryssie not Alex, Alex did not use the veto.

Chacha said...

I have been really out of the loop this week for the inner talking of the house.
Life has been so busy for me this week.
I voted for Shane to leave.

Judi Sweeney said...

Well, at least Danielle or Shane will be gone... I'm pulling for it to be Danielle! Thanks Jackie!!!

monty924 said...

I gave all my votes to Danielle since America put her up. One of the LNC is going home so they better win the HOH or this game will turn on a dime really quick and the plastics plus Scott will hold the voting power for a while until they splinter. And we all know they will but in the meantime, Jason and Justin are vulnerable. Just my thoughts.

Can't wait to watch the show tonight even though it's on sooooo late. BB, why can't you do it like the televised BB? :(((

monty924 said...

Shane will go home tonight. It doesn't matter how America votes unless there is a hinky vote or something. Alex, Morgan, Whitney, and Shelby will vote Shane out (probably). Jason, Justin and Kryssie will vote Daniell (probably) and if America votes Danielle, that's a 4-4 tie and Scott will break it. I wonder if the LNC will just go along and vote Shane out too?