Sunday, October 16, 2016

BBOTT: Safety for Some and Have Nots - Into Sunday, October 16

Surviving better than I thought he would

I had a horribly long work day yesterday and had to flashback the stuff I missed. Yet I know I missed more than I caught anyway.  But that's how things go. Here's the major doings from the day into the overnight:
  • The Have Nots voted by America are Shelby, Alex and Danielle.
  • Heh.
  • Of those three, I really don't mind Alex at all. She's gaming and I don't think she's obnoxious about it at all.
  • As for Danielle, even her own side of the house (except Shane) is growing weary of the girl being so self-centered and overly dramatic.
  • Shelby? She's the Queen of Odd Expressions. From chewing her lips to furrowing her brow, I often can't really concentrate on her game playing when the faces she makes are so entertaining. She's a pretty girl, but those faces ...!
  • Then there was the long dragged-out Safety Ceremony. Scott made these people safe: Justin, Jason, Alex and Whitney (not necessarily in that order).
  • No surprises there.
  • We know his plan. He is using the America's Care Package, choosing the Double Veto and putting up two weaker competitors so that they'll lose and he can backdoor Shane (or Danielle if he can't get Shane). 
  • He plans on nominating Kryssie and Neeley.
  • Lots of petty hiding of stuff continues in the house.
  • Danielle is acting out more and more. I'd rather she be the target than Shane.
  • In other news, with Monte gone, Justin is more beloved by the others every day. Between his lack of knowledge about sneaky backstabbing in BB and his laidback kind of ways, everyone likes him. For all of his worldly talk, he's never been away from home for more than two weeks in his life.
  • If he gets his comp game on towards the end, he could win this whole shebang. 

The gamer with the drawl

Goofy, but doing something right there

These girls are so high school!

Most awkward smoker ever

Late night talks

No green glow for them


Petals said...

LOVE Justin. He is absolutely a charmer and that Creole accent? Fuggetabout! ♥
HATE Danielle. She's nasty, Period. Makes you wonder about Shane, too, right?
Like, what kind of normal, nice guy would go for a hoodrat like Danielle? He
must have some loose screws (or nuts...)

Thanks Ms J!

David said...

From the bio's at the beginning of the season I thought Neeley was the one who would be acting like Danielle is and vise versa less maybe the showmance. Shows how first impressions can be wrong.

As much as people seem to dislike Danielle, I think she is still needed for a number for 1 more week and plan on voting for Morgan or Shelby for America's nominee. Haven't decided yet which. I am trying to figure out which one will get more votes so I can add mine and hopefully throw her over the top. Since there are those that will also be voting for Alex and Danielle it is hard to say how this week will play out.

Jackie said...

Can we not use expressions like "hoodrat"? I realize that you don't like Danielle, but ...!

Petals said...

OK, Sorry, Jackie. Can I say slag? It's British...

T-Town Chick said...

Even though I'm not as passionate about my dislike for Danielle as Petals is, I don't like her and my plan was to nominate her for eviction. However, after listen to "the plastics" and Scott last night, I'm now leaning to Shelby just so Jason's side can keep a number for one more week. Speaking of Shane, I've felt that there is something off about him for a while. I still feel he's a nice guy and would be playing a different game if Danielle wasn't around, but there's something about him that feels weird. Didn't he say in the beginning that he was actually looking for a showmance? Maybe that's what I'm picking up on...... Anyway I watched a really funny video on YouTube the other day. It was Monte and Whitney talking about the Veto. Monte was convinced that the HOH didn't play in the Veto, Whitney kept saying, no the HOH plays for the Veto too, but Monte being Monte didn't believe her. Someone in the comments mentioned that Monte said that to Jason too and wouldn't believe Jason, the vet. If that is true I wish I would have see that!!!!!

Petals said...

TTown - thank you! Yes! There is totally something weird about Shane! He's just so.. ick. So "not" a normal guy.

Oh! And for those that missed it, Justin & Danielle had an argument about being an unwed mother, etc. The gist is that Justin feels like Danielle uses her babydaddy for $$$. She objected, he apolgized.
Cut to last night! Danielle was planning her next b-day party in the Bahamas, and said (for ALL the cameras & the world to hear) that she would save all her child support payments in order to buy everyone a ticket to her Bahama birthday.
See? She is totally a nasty slag. An embarrassment to single mothers who struggle.

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie!!!! Wow, Danielle really said that Petal's?!!! If the baby's daddy got that on record for a good lawyer she would learn to keep her mouth shut! Gives single parenting a bad rap! It does show that Danielle is self absorbed and it's all about her rather than her baby... at least put the child support away for college if you don't really need it! Again, WOW!

Petals said...

yeah, Judi, she did. 2:20:36am, Sunday morning. Yup. She calls it "CS", and has referred to it several times over the past few weeks. That is why Justin jumped on her (sorta). She's total trash.

monty924 said...

Yep, agree with David and T-Town Chick. I'm not voting Danielle out just yet. She's on the side I'm rooting for, so... Not a fan of hers, just want the safety of the vote.

Petals said...

Can I also just go on record that I am against the TERRIBLE BULLYING that the LNC is doing to Shelby? I don't understand how it began, or why it continues, it it is waaayyyy outta hand.
Jason, Danielle, Kryssie, Shane - they all target Shelby for some reason. It isn't fair.

For that reason, I am not against Shelby any more. I just feel too bad for her. I've been her, and it feels terrible.