Monday, October 17, 2016

BBOTT: Scott's Nominations and Mo' Drama - into Monday, October 17

Even her own alliance is tiring of her drama

Well, Scott's final safety choices are in and there are no real surprises. He's going with his plan to backdoor Shane.
  • He named Morgan, Shane, Danielle and Shelby as safe.
  • That leaves Neeley and Kryssie as the nominees.
  • Now Kryssie has been nominated every week since the season began.
  • No matter the reason, that has to be a bit troubling for her. It doesn't matter that she didn't receive any votes the other weeks. She's still on the block and that makes one feel unsafe.
  • In his speech, Scott told Neeley that she's sure to win the veto comp. He told Kryssie that she had issues with group activities.
  • Say what?
  • Now Kryssie's all upset and is wondering what he's talking about.
  • Scott would have done better saying "just because."
  • Kryssie is taking Scott's speech as a personal attack.
  • Neeley is now shunning the girls who are saying they want to work with her.
  • Now, Scott has talked enough about this plan to everyone that they all know he plans to backdoor someone (Shane or Danielle).
  • Yet, they're all taking the nominations to heart. 
  • The Alex, Shelby, Morgan and Whitney contingent is very worried that one of them will be nominated by America.
  • Shane himself thinks that Scott is planning on backdooring him. But he thinks they should still act happy and hope the one put up as America's nomination goes home (as has been the case since the season started).
  • Kryssie is really irked that, in his speech, Scott said that they're both "mental giants" and compared himself to her.
  • I'd say if he was such a mental giant, he'd have a better job than being a debt collector!
  • Meanwhile, as the lines of distrust and dislike are becoming more clear day by day, Justin sits eating popcorn and says he'll let them all take each other out.
  • It used to be Neeley getting along well with "the other side." Not so much anymore. She thinks the girls betrayed her by not telling her she was going on the block.
  • Justin himself, easy going as he is, is worried that Shane or Danielle would go after him if either won HoH.
  • Hmm.
  • Jason tells Justin they need them now. Neither he nor Justin will be in trouble this week. Maybe next week will be a different story.
  • Kryssie is really taking the nom poorly. It's a double veto ahead and she just cannot grasp she's not a target.
  • Her bad reactions have the others talking about her little idiosyncrasies such as always wearing sunglasses (so they can't read her eyes).
  • Danielle continues to make most conversations about her. She's all full of drama, claiming she cried in the Diary Room because Shane might be in trouble this week.
  • We'll see ...
  • My own personal choices? If someone has to go from Jason's side of the house -- Danielle -- I find her the most annoying. If someone goes from the other side of the house -- Morgan. I personally think the sisters need to be split up (even though the hamsters don't know they're sisters) and I like Alex better.  

Shane should have stuck with a bromance

Morgan - will the sister act ever be revealed?

Leery of slop, can't blame her

Feels blessed to be there no matter what

Worried America will target her


David said...

I don't know who America will vote to put OTB this week, but I threw 40 votes to Shelby.

If America puts Danielle up, which is possible and being pushed by some on other sites, this veto becomes very important. America needs to put up one of the plastics or this could go very wrong this week in my opinion.

If Shane is picked to play veto and wins, both he and Danielle would end up safe if she is on the block. 2 veto's in play and it depends on who is put up and who is playing how this could go. I see too many ways this could go bad this week for Jason's side I will be surprised if they don't lose one of their numbers. And it might be someone we don't want to see go.

Nick said...

I haven't been tuned in to the feeds as much this week, so I'm not seeing Neeley changing the ways people here and on Twitter are referring to. However, I have definitely noticed how Danielle will almost always spin a conversation into a story about her. I also think Kryssie, most likely unintentionally, has gotten a little cocky with America being on her side the first couple of weeks. She's always throwing around comments about how America is watching and you gotta do the right thing and she knows America has her back...she really did that with Monte especially. I do want to like Kryssie because she reminds me of someone who Big Brother used to cast...not someone who wants to be a model or actor or is just basically there for eye candy, but a real person who fans can relate to easily.

If Jason's group has to lose a number, I'd certainly be OK with it being Danielle. I just don't want that side of the house to crumble and everyone turn on Jason, since he would be an easy one to pick off. A potentially big turning point this week indeed.

T-Town Chick said...

Love what you said Nick and David.

monty924 said...

Scott picked the double and Justin and Alex won the vetos. So the chances of a plastic going home this week is pretty much no chance at all. Looks like Danielle will be going home.

monty924 said...

Oh, America did nom Danielle.

T-Town Chick said...

Danielle is now crying because Justin didn't throw the comp so she could win the Veto. I'm still leaning to the LNC but they are getting very nasty and taking everything personal. They need to start taking their own advice and go back to playing with some maturity.

David said...

Well, because of how this went down, it looks like it will be Shane going home this week. I had a feeling this could go bad for Jason's side, and it did. America needed to suck it up and wait one more week before going after Danielle. Now we will not be getting out who we wanted and will still be stuck with Danielle.

Now it has become almost a do or die situation for Jason's side of the house in this upcoming HOH. If one of them don't win HOH this Wednesday the Plastics will run away with this since they will have the numbers to override America's vote.

The glee Scott is having with what he wants to say in his speech to Shane when he puts him up in the back door..... Scott definitely has HOH'itis.

monty924 said...

Yup, David!!

David said...

=) I guess our only hope now is if Scott and the plastics over think about this enough and think America will punish them for not voting out Danielle, which we will, and change their mind before Wednesday about voting out Shane. lol