Sunday, October 16, 2016

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - October 16, 2016

Good morning! Since it's Sunday morning, it's time for my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. This is a regular Sunday part of this blog in addition to the television posts. Right now I'm covering Big Brother: Over the Top daily -- you can find those posts at this link. I'm also live blogging Survivor episodes as they air on Wednesday evenings. Come join the blog parties!

Ah, next week is the return of The Walking Dead. We'll finally see who Lucille did in. I'm thinking it might be Glenn or Maggie. Maybe Carl?!? I dunno.

My work week has been one from heck (or someplace worse) this past week. Between undependable coworkers, a boss who's been taking vacation every other week for two months now (leaving me to do the work) and undependable technology, I'm just shy of a breaking point. Geez, I get five weeks vacation. If I took vacation every other week, my work would never be caught up. Gah. 

At least we're out of summer and into autumn. 

I don't have much else for you other than the photos. Clicking on an image will open a larger version of it.

The Full Hunter's Moon

It's supermoon lighting up the night's sky last night. And, for me, shooting the moon is always a challenge.

Ring in October love!

The landlord at my workplace grounds has gone above and beyond with the decorations this autumn and I'm loving it! Between the pumpkins, the gourds, the stalks, the bundles of hay and the mums in planters, I'm in photo heaven! At first it was huge pumpkins which would take more than one person to steal, but now there are smaller pumpkins as well. I'm talking all over the place. I'm sure many will end up stolen. Sigh.

Early in the week, the day moon

Tis the season for mums!

The mums in planters near my workplace were so photogenic that I have many shots of them this week (see after the jump) -- some I messed around with photo editing software with and others I left just as taken.


More mums

Mums the word?

Hey, even more mums!

So many mums!


If I were a squirrel ...

... I'd probably be the one searching for acorns under the big gingko tree at the Plainfield Train Station, too. The story of my life ...!

Eek, a train!

My ride from the Plainfield Train Station arrives.

This is MY flower!

An ant discovers another bug on his wildflower at the Bridgewater Train Station. It's a stand-off! By the way, this is one of those teeny ants you see on the sidewalk covering a candy or ice cream spill. It's just a close-up. (But not really focused enough to be a macro shot.)

My flower! MY flower!

The Lone Azalea

Although I took this shot earlier in the week, as of yesterday the Lone Azalea blossom is still hanging in there. Outside of the TD Bank Ball Park next to the Bridgewater Train Station.


I was sitting in the upper level of the double decker Raritan Valley Line train on my way to work for this shot. And, the train was sitting, too. Because of track work, it's down to one track west of this spot. I was heading west. We had to wait for the eastbound train to pass after they crossed back over to their own track. So, we sit just outside of Bound Brook for ten minutes. Oh, yay. I just love that.

What the ...?

That bird of prey was circling high overhead early one morning in my neighborhood. This shot is bad -- my camera wanted to focus on the wires, not the bird. I really don't think it's a hawk or vulture -- the common birds of prey in this area. Nor is it an eagle, found locally but not really around Plainfield. The whiteness is what's off. Maybe an owl? Hmm.

Painted so pretty

They finished touching up the outside of this North Avenue building in Plainfield. While they've done a lot of work rehabbing the place, I still wouldn't want an apartment right there. It would be great to be across the street from the Plainfield Train Station. But the riff-raff who roam the night around there need to go far away. Plus, there is no elevator and, obviously, the tenants leave the door open. No, thank you! That building needs an intercom system and tenants who actually care about a secure building!

The pushy panhandler dude

Sitting on the corner near the building pictured above is this guy. He is obnoxious. He sits on the bench barking out, "Got any change!" and "I need change for coffee!" at each person who gets within 200 feet of him. I've encountered him before and, unfortunately, I probably will again. I don't like panhandlers to begin with -- I've had to work for a living my entire life, along with overcoming obstacles and demons along the way. But this guy is downright RUDE in addition to being a panhandler. I'll never give him a penny. And, it seems like most working people passing by feel the same as I do.

As the sun sets

One day I arrived back to the Plainfield Train Station just after the sunset.

The almost full moon

Friday early evening.


As with other flowers that I've noticed, the red mums blossom later. I have no clue why.


As I tried to get a focused close shot of the moon early Friday evening, I took this shot. There was a slight haze of clouds around the moon and I also got some tree branches in it. While I would like more moon detail other than a white ball, I kind of liked how this came out.

Even white pumpkins!

Grooming is key

Vincent being all fastidious and stuff after eating his breakfast.


Petals said...

Love all the pumpkins! Love Autumn - your pics are amazing, I especially love the Moon.

Jackie said...

Thank you!