Wednesday, November 09, 2016

BBOTT: Double Eviction Weekly Show and All - November 9

I'm putting up this post so anyone who wishes to do so can comment on the weekly show. I'm not going to live blog the show itself as we've already discussed all that happens.  Plus, the early time here for the show has it at the same time as Survivor -- which I live blog. I don't expect the first eviction until after the hour mark, so I'll pop back in then.

Keep in mind, the nominees are Morgan, Whitney and Alex. One will go home. Jason saved Danielle with the veto and put Morgan in her place.

I'm not sure how the time element will work in East Coast time. I'll hang in as long as I can. But I do have to be up for work in the morning.  

Live eviction time! (9:00pm ET) They're giving speeches. 

Votes to evict:
Kryssie - Alex
Justin - Alex
Danielle - Alex

America also voted Alex. It's unanimous. She's gone. 

Big Brother Shopping Network

HOH Comp! They're watching a video of the BB Shopping Network, complete with schmaltzy music and all. The items are all from comps. They have time to study.

Oh geez. Rachel shows up at the door to host the comp.

Hostess with the mostest? Um.

Four-way tie with Morgan, Danielle, Kryssie and Whitney. Justin is out. Goes to the tiebreaker. Danielle wins HoH!

And, so, the Morgan/Shelby cryfest begins. Whitney has completely defected to the other side before tonight's eviction. So, it's just the two. I guess I'd cry, too.

Oh my! Julie's voice calls them to the living room! How exciting! She tells them that America is voting on the care package and they'll know in an hour. 

Okay, Morgan won the care package -- PoV and ability to remove someone from the block. So, they should both be safe.

But I have to call it a night. I'll update in the morning!  


monty924 said...

Sort of sad that Alex is going, but she's a good player so it was a wise move.

David said...

Getting out the best player of the plastics was smart of them. I will have to watch it later to see what happened and how CBS edited the weekly show.

Is there a double eviction this week? I don't think so since we vote for the double eviction ACP veto reward beginning later tonight. Probably after the HOH has been played.

Jackie said...

They've been doing promos for double eviction tonight. It might drag out all night, though. I'll eventually have to go to bed.

monty924 said...

I'm out because I'm sure it will be late and I'm already sleep deprived from last night. Thanks Jackie. David, will see you in the comments tomorrow. Nite all!

monty924 said...

Voting Justin for ACP as soon as it opens.

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Deleted that one.. voting opens at 10:00 EST and for one hour only!

David said...

Only 1 hour to vote for the ACP. lol. I was wondering how they were going to do that. The only one this care package could help is Morgan. Shelby is not eligible. So if Morgan gets it, she stays and Shelby goes home. If one of Danielle, Whitney, or Justin get it, it won't be used and I don't know which will go home.

America will not get an eviction vote tonight, but with Danielle winning HOH it would be an unnecessary vote any way.

David said...

OK, so not included in the description for this veto ACP, or added by production at the last minute, the veto winner can not be nominated and can also use the veto.

Morgan won the ACP veto so both her and Shelby are safe now from the second eviction. Now it gets interesting as to who Danielle will nominate as Morgan and Shelby will be voting also.

T-Town Chick said...

Please, please, please save Justin!!!!!

monty924 said...

MOrgan and Shelby have all the power here. I think Justin will go home unless they are more upset with Whitney. Not good for the LNJ. One of them is definitely gone.

monty924 said...

It will be a tie if they do it along lines. Danielle has to break the tie and will have to vote one of them out.

David said...

Well, it did come down to a tie vote. Whitney and Justin were on the block. Danielle voted out Whitney as the HOH.

I would have preferred she vote out Justin myself. Sorry to see Whitney go as I liked her.