Wednesday, November 16, 2016

BBOTT: HoH Quiz/Endurance Comp - November 16

Like they didn't know

Yet another rather convoluted comp. They first have to lock in answers for questions that the answer would be either male or female. Then they all go stand on a peg for a period of time. After time passes, the questions are tallied. If they have an answer incorrect, they must move to the next smaller peg. Last one standing wins.

Answering male/female answers

Yes, she is

Questions like these


Still boring

All got the first two questions correct and remain on the first peg platform.

This is moving along VERY slowly. 

On the third question of seven, Justin was the only one to get it wrong and must move to a smaller post platform. He has the biggest feet. It doesn't look all that good for him now.

Jason has joined Justin as a second smaller post platform person. 

Justin is wrong on the fifth question and has to move to the next smaller post. 

Geez, Justin. He got the next question wrong, too. Onto a smaller post!   

Biggest feet, smallest post

The questions have ended. Now every five minutes they must move forward to the next (smaller) post. That will continue until they're all at the smallest post.

11pm ET - They all move forward a post. Justin is on the smallest post. Jason is on the third post; Kryssie and Morgan on the second. Wait ... Jason falls before really getting his balance! He's out! 

11:02pm ET - Justin down. Jason down.


11:10pm ET - Both Kryssie and Morgan move forward to the next smaller peg. Morgan tries to deal with Kryssie to no avail. 

11:15pm ET - In the transition to the next post, Kryssie lost her balance. Morgan is the new HoH! 

Messing around after Morgan wins


monty924 said...

I agree they are boring, but I kind of like the new Survivor like challenges this season. If we were able to watch all those endurance type challenges in real time, we'd be bored there too. :))

monty924 said...

Justin moved again. Everyone else still the same.

monty924 said...

Justin off

monty924 said...

Missed jason... shoot. Kryssie hanging in there with Morgan. Come on Kryssie :)))

monty924 said...

MOrgan wins!!! Damn!

Judi Sweeney said...

Kryssie should be a tad nervous.... Especially since she wouldn't deal!

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie!!

monty924 said...

You just know that all the trolls on Twitter will be saying it was RIGGED!! She was a cheerleader, LOL. People, really!!!

David said...

Dang. Well Jason and Chryssie will be put up by Morgan assuming Justin wins his care package immunity.

Jason and Chryssie's only hope now is to win the veto so Morgan is forced to put up Shelby.

All voting by America is over now except for the winner. No nominee or eviction vote.

And Monty, it was RIGGED!!!!. lol

Lemonjello said...


monty924 said...


Petals said...

Actually, Jason weighs less than MOrgan, and Kryssie has smaller feet (and a lower/larger center of gravity). This was Jason's comp to lose (and he did)

monty924 said...

I know, lol... but she was joking around afterwards up on the little pole saying her years as a cheerleader (flyer) paid off, and that's what gets trolls going with the RIGGED comments. :)))

monty924 said...
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