Friday, November 11, 2016

BBOTT: HoH Re-Do - into Friday, November 11

It's a BB Laser Smackdown!

Due to the technical glitch with a broken mirror while Shelby tried for HoH on Wednesday night, there was a re-do between her and Jason (the "winner") last night.
  • It was the same smoke, er ... lasers and mirrors comp, but with a different solution.
  • It was still very cool, yet way convoluted.
  • This time Jason had a technical problem.
  • But his started AFTER Shelby's finishing time.
  • When it was all over, Shelby was the clear HoH winner.
  • Jason took his loss on the quiet side, but congratulated Shelby for a job well done.
  • They're all getting along in the house at the moment.
  • But you know that won't really last.
  • Danielle, with her short-lived HoH reign in the double eviction, cried because she didn't really get the room and wasn't able to actually have the photos of her son although she did see them.
  • Let the scheming begin.
  • Danielle and Jason want to push for Justin to go.
  • Of course, they'd probably prefer Morgan.
  • But they know Shelby would never go for that move!
  • Yet Shelby already doesn't care for Justin at all. It wouldn't take a lot of effort to convince her to target him.
  • Plus, for the others in the house ... Justin is popular, thus a threat to win the game.
  • In other news, they had the Julie Chen video visit yesterday.
  • They were surprised when Julie told them Trump won the Presidential race.
  • None seemed happy with the result.
  • Shelby said, after finding out that Monte was for Trump, that she wouldn't have aligned with him had she known.
  • Julie also told them that next week's care package is the final one.
  • And on it goes ... 

A clear winner is named.

I knew I screwed it up.

Will they be targeted this week?

I'm HoH and it feels so good!


T-Town Chick said...

Shelby is HOH? Grumble, grumble.

Judi Sweeney said...

There goes Justin, unless something in the care package saves him.... or he wins POV!

Thanks Jackie! Hope your getting better.

Petals said...


I think Danielle is the target this week (especially after Shelby learned that Danielle is going to buy rims with her prize money). LOL!

monty924 said...

Danielle and Jason are both the primary targets. They made a deal with Justin and Kryssie.