Monday, November 07, 2016

BBOTT: Nominations, HoH Camera - Into Monday, November 7

Why did I do this? Tell me again.

Oh, don't worry. It's still a house divided. But, that said, they are spending more time blurring the lines. Ah ... but to what purpose?
  • The HoH camera came out and, unlike some other times, all got involved and had fun with it.
  • Even if they didn't have fun with it, they pretended to do so.
  • That's much better than outright hate and refusing to participate.
  • They had fun in the yard with three-legged races and such.
  • Sundays, with the exception of the Safety Ceremony in the evening, are so boring in the house that they'd to practically anything to amuse themselves and pass the time.
  • But, the big news of the day was indeed the Safety Ceremony.
  • As expected (by us because we eavesdrop), the nominations are Danielle and Shelby.
  • Justin and Jason are all smug because their "plan" went off without a hitch -- their strongest comp competitor is on the block while the other side's weakest comp competitor is up.
  • Dependent on the America nomination, they think Danielle has the strongest chance of winning the veto.
  • If Danielle wins it and saves herself, because Jason nominated her, he gets to nominate a replacement.
  • That replacement would more than likely be Alex.
  • No matter who America nominates, if Alex and Whitney are on the block, one would go home (Alex of those two).
  • Justin is still into keeping Whitney around for his own self as an ally.
  • Danielle knows the plan.
  • However, we all know that the best-laid plan of mice and hamsters often goes poof.
  • The Veto comp could be a crap-shoot type with anyone able to win it.
  • Things also hinge a bit on America's nominee and America's vote.
  • I'm actually a bit surprised that Shelby went along with putting her weakest member on the block against Danielle, who's been winning comps.
  • I thought she'd be smarter than that.
  • But, then again, her weakest person is also the bottom member of the alliance and one they've had concerns about flipping to the other side.
  • Maybe she could be considered expendable to them.
  • Hmm. 

Hamming it up for the HoH camera

Not quite guffaws

The only real entertainment in town

Having 3-legged race fun in the sun

Safety Ceremony is done


David said...

Alex was America's nomination this week. Morgan was the additional player to play in veto, picked by Alex when her name was drawn.

Jason won the Veto.

It sounds to me that Jason plans on taking down Danielle and putting Morgan up in her place. This is so America's vote will not matter and the LNJ can vote out who they want.

It sounds as if the plan is to vote out Alex. The girls are Scheming, trying to come up with a plan to try and save them all. I don't think it will work at this point.

Judi Sweeney said...

Wow... glad to see they are all scheming! Thanks Jackie and David!

Lemonjello said...

This is getting so exciting! I have never had the live feeds before, I am so glad I decided to try them this time. Jason acting like Cher last night was hilarious. Now if they just send Alex home this week, everyone can relax, maybe they will all start liking each other. That might get boring tho.....

monty924 said...

I love it, lol. I don't necessarily want to see Alex go, but I only have one vote. I wonder who America will vote out and who the LNJ will target out of the two seesters? I doubt they will vote out Whitney.