Friday, November 18, 2016

BBOTT: Thursday Doldrums - Into Friday, November 18

I quit my job for a second time ...!

Thursday was a heck of a lot of nothing going on in the hamster house.
  • Whenever all the hamsters got together, all was cordial and even to the point of friendly.
  • When the two sides -- Morgan/Shelby vs. Jason/Justin/Kryssie -- were separated, it was a whole 'nuther story.
  • Jason is miserable. He went on and on about quitting his job for a second time and how he doesn't want to be evicted by those "stupid" girls.
  • Stupid? I don't think so. They've gotten this far in the game. Plus, as they all know now, Shelby has her law degree.
  • Kryssie fussed about her old car and how she needs to be a newer old car. She's also tired of working 50 hours a week to make ends meet.
  • I kind of think 50 isn't bad at her age. I know there have been times in my life (and probably yours if you're older) that I worked many more hours and multiple jobs. 
  • On the other hand, Justin still loves us all.
  • But they all think that Shelby and Morgan have always had easy lives and trust funds.
  • Hmm. When Morgan took an HoH bubble bath, she talked to us. She says she wants to go back to school, but is "drowning in student debt" plus owes her parents a lot of money.
  • Jason thinks that Morgan and Shelby are just about already thinking he's gone.
  • Justin says being in the house has been a rehab for him because at home he was drinking and smoking pot every day.
  • Meanwhile, Shelby and Morgan do intend to target Jason.
  • It seems that they'd rather go into a final three with Kryssie more so than Justin even though they've "worked more" with him than with her.
  • Oh, well.  

HoH perks bubble bath

Loves us all, no matter what

Has high hopes

I'm not going to keep in touch with "them"


Judi Sweeney said...

Oh my... NOW the second guessing starts as to whether he should have quit my job! I am torn... Morgan and Shelby are kinda growing on me while Jason and Kryssie are getting on my nerves! I'm finding it interesting in just how their game playing and whining is changing my mind on things...

Thank you Jackie!

monty924 said...

Interesting challenge he has to complete. He has two hours to practice it but only gets one shot to complete it. He has to walk across a slack line and reach the other side without falling off. Come on Justin... this seals your spot in the final 4 and as David said, if one of Justin, Jason or Kryssie wins VETO then Shelby has to put Morgan up.

monty924 said...

Before anyone corrects me from ^ there, I realize I said the wrong thing and had it backwards, lol. If one of Jason, Justin or Kryssie wins the veto, Morgan will be forced to put Shelby on the block.

btw... Justin DID indeed complete the challenge!!! Woohoo

David said...

Good Job Justin. I saw him practicing it earlier and he started off rough but got the hang of it pretty quick.

The girls think that if Justin wins veto he won't use it because Jason wanted to get him out instead of Danielle last week. I am not so sure about that. He doesn't seem to be one to hold a grudge. He could pull Chryssie off the block so Morgan has to put up Shelby. If he does that he has the option of evicting Jason or Shelby. He would hold all the power as Morgan would be the tie breaker.

I know I would not want to go into the final HOH competition having to compete against Shelby.

So we got all weekend now of nothing going on until Monday when they play the Veto and won't know until then. Dang you BBOTT. lol

monty924 said...

Yep, David and isn't it glorious? I think I've actually had more fun during this season than I would have imagined when the concept was announced. It's been fun. :))

monty924 said...
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monty924 said...

Oh, I forgot to say that they all (the hamsters) talked about the fact that Justin was the only one who played on the slack line in the BY all the time this season. They did, I didn't. That must mean it was RIGGED!! LOL