Wednesday, November 16, 2016

BBOTT: Weekly Episode and Live Eviction - November 16

Since there is a scrolling banner telling us that the weekly (online) BBOTT show will be starting at 8pm ET, I'm putting up this post so anyone who wishes to do so can comment on the weekly show. I'm not going to live blog the show itself as we've already discussed all that happens.  Plus, the early time here for the show has it at the same time as Survivor -- which I live blog and more people are into than this CBS All Access only version of Big Brother.

I will keep one eye on the show so that I can announce the live eviction. Shelby's nominees -- Jason and Danielle -- are the only ones remaining on the block as Shelby saved Morgan with the veto. Since Morgan was America's nomination, no one will be replacing her. I am personally hoping for Danielle to leave before Jason, but we'll see.

9:00pm ET - Live eviction speeches time. 

The votes to evict:
Justin - Danielle
Kryssie - Danielle
Morgan - Danielle

It's unanimous with four votes to evict, Danielle is gone. America and the hamsters thought it was time.


monty924 said...

Not sure I can hang out until the HOH is played, but happy Jason still has a shot in there. When that thing Jason!!!

David said...

Good. I would rather have Danielle gone than Jason.

That leaves the earn your way to the final four care package going to Justin by default. Should be interesting to see how he does in a challenge. LMAO

Sorry Petals, but anyone but Morgan WIN the HOH. =)

monty924 said...

I know David, lol. He pretty well in the at least one challenge, but I'll probably laugh myself silly if he screws this up. :)))

Hoping Jason can pull this HOH out. His only real competition is Morgan. Fingers crossed!!!