Thursday, December 01, 2016

BBOTT: Season Finale ... the winner is ...!

Tonight is the first and only live Julie Chen hosted show of the season! One of the final three -- Jason, Kryssie or Morgan -- will be voted the winner by America and win the grand prize. This version only has a grand prize of a quarter-million rather than a half-million. I believe second place still gets the 50 grand, but I could be wrong on that.

So, let's see which of the two win. Oh. Did I say two? I guess I did. Eh. I'll go with it. Let's see whether Jason or Morgan win ...! 

I had no sound when Julie started the show. Once we went back to Jason winning HoH, the sound came back.

Mostly recapping at this point. They're doing diary room speeches with video from the season.

Speeches over, the previously evicted hamsters are brought on stage.

Neeley's opinion -- impressed with Danielle kicking it into gear.
Scott - Shelby's being a lawyer shocked him.
Monte - Sister twist was good, proud of Morgan.
Whitney - Surprised at Shelby's secret, but knew she was smart.
Alex - Her alliance was scared America would target them if they targeted Jason.
Morgan and Alex are both sure they'll be closer now.
Shelby - Live diary room helped her, didn't hurt her.

Now we see diary room highlight clips.  Julie mentions the bad language.

Justin - A clip of his dancing. Strategy or being himself. Being himself.
Shane - Sacrificed game for Danielle? Regrets? None. Now has short hair.
Danielle - In a relationship with Shane now. 
Cornbread - Surprised to see Kryssie in the final three. He's blown away.         

Online voting.
Alex, Whitney, Shane, Neeley and someone else voted Jason.
None voted Kryssie
Justin didn't vote.

Now it's speech time with the two minute speeches from yesterday.

Julie announces the votes have been tallied.
The 2nd prize is 25 grand, not 50.

Third place and evicted -- Kryssie. What a shocker! 
Julie talks with her.  

MORGAN wins!


Ashes said...

I'm so excited. Hope Jason wins!

Ashes said...

That was crap

Jackie said...

Well, we all called Kryssie right!

T-Town Chick said...

Bummer. I was rooting for Jason.

Petals said...

YAY!!! SOrry I missed the live pool party, but I am so excited about the winner!

Ashes said...

Obviously did not vote on game play.

Petals said...

No, I voted on game AND character. Jason may have had decent game, but not a good character. IMO

monty924 said...

Wow!!! Wanted Jason to win, but congratulations Morgan!! A woman beat a man again so it's all good in the end. :)))

Can't wait to watch it when they post it on All Access

Petals said...

Monty - Shane cut his hair, LOL. And that is about the highest light of the finale. Oh, and Danielle & Shane are following their fauxmance predecessors Liz/Austin and James/Natalie and riding the BB fauxmance train to their 11th minute of "fame". hehehe

Ashes said...

Rah rah rah sis boom bah the in crowd at high school won again. 30 yrs ago I was part of that crowd. But then I grew up and realized that they are not the people I want to be aa part of. There are many of us that don't fit into a mold. I have my degree and a solid job. I'mi however want those kids that don't fit the currrent societal mold to win. What happened to the diversity in America? The least deserving won.

David said...

I watched the show live, well kinda as I was 30 minutes behind when the winner was announced because of buffering, but wanted Jason to win. I personally think Jason needed the money a lot more than Morgan ever will, but Congrats to her.

I did watch the Jeff interviews on Facebook that were left after I finally got to the end of the show. Jason did seem a bit bitter about not winning first place but was trying to play it off. I think Shelby was getting to him by the time he got to Jeff. Shelby is the poster child for sore winner even though she didn't actually win, her "team" did. She disappointed me.

This was a fun extension of the BB season and I hope they do something like this next year. I would suggest continuing the BBAD on POP for the BBOTT to drum up interest for the online show if they do.

Everyone have a great week and Thank You Jackie for all you do and giving us a place to hang out. Hope to see everyone next season.

Petals said...

But Ashes - you are against Morgan because she is "in"? Isn't "in" relative, anyway? And isn't that a bit like reverse discrimination - To root for & vote for the "odd" one simply because they are different?
I know many people were fans of the LNJ because they were the oddballs, but I didn't find them entertaining or interesting at all, so I cast my vote accordingly. Apparently I was not alone.
Regarding diversity, I think this house was very diverse compared to other seasons. Several different types of people represented - age, weights, ethnicities, backgrounds, etc.

I am the cheese.

Judi Sweeney said...
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Judi Sweeney said...

Well, because I am just a follower, I have no voting power. But, I was impressed with how Morgan kicked in, once her sister left... I originally wanted Jason to win and to be able to get himself out from his mom's basement. But, then his character started draining me and I couldn't keep making excuses for him. It reminded me of why I wanted him out on BB when he was on it.

Morgan studied constantly and started taking it seriously while I feel Jason relaxed, feeling he had it made with America! Glad they are both getting money!!! At least Jason might get his job back due to at least taking second and he'll a lot more friends! Thanks Jackie!!!

monty924 said...

Just finished watching the show. I thought it was great and I loved seeing the look on Jason, Kryssie and Morgan's faces while the others gave their final speeches again, but with this time, more close ups on them when they realized each one of them played a good game in their own strategy. I always say that they respect each other and can appreciate the game play of their fellow housemates more than we do out here. Kudos to this F3. Couldn't have been better.

Of course I wanted Jason to win because he was my pick from night one, but Morgan deserved it as well. Now, I may tick my pal off, but I have to agree with David. Shelby is an ugly winner, and I didn't really care for her after the first few weeks of the season for reasons like what she showed on finale night and the BY interviews. I know you've championed her after the midway point in the season, Petals, but others like Chacha and I always said both sides were nasty to the other and Shelby was just as ugly in character as you and others thought Jason and crew were. I never cared about that, because I don't care about them personally, lol.

Great inaugural season of BBOTT and I hope they do it again next year. This one was fun.

Love you pal/friend and thanks everyone here for making it interesting in this new experiment. Jackie, thank you so much for all the updates and providing us a place to discuss our favorite passion... BIG BROTHER :)))

Petals said...

Friend, you can never offend me, I respect you too much :) We are all entitled to our opinions and, even if we disagree, we can discuss it in a safe forum, thank to Jackie!
Actually, I agree about Shelby and her being a bad winner. She did scream a bit too long & too loud last night. BUT - she did get the brunt of the bad treatment from the LNJ (Jason) most of the summer. They all really treated her like garbage, she really carried a chip on her shoulder about it.
In the end, America made the decision and I am just so relieved that Kryssie wasn't rewarded at all. One article compared Kryssie to Victoria, being someone to drag to the end, an easy win. I think that may be true.

I wonder if CBS will do another online season? If they do, will they allow America to be AS involved as we were this time?

Petals said...

PS - I changed my avi from Judge Mom to Santa me. LOL (am I the only JJ fan? heehee)

monty924 said...

You know I love your Santa avi, lol. Kryssie was no Victoria no matter how much people out here said it. Victoria did whatever Derrick told her to do. Kryssie actually won an HOH and she did have influence on the double eviction. Victoria was basically a picture on the memory wall the entire season. No comparison. I will forever love her being carried away by a crow story though, so there was that. :)))

monty924 said...

* and a side note... yes, Kryssie was the ultimate to take to the end because she sucked at comps so in that comparison she was a Victoria, LOL

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Morgan was the warmed over leftovers from the BallSmashers, lets be real. She didn't play a game normally worthy of a winner. However, she was in the perfect position in the end, and for that, she played well, winning when she had to. It's been interesting reading all the reactions, actually pretty hilarious. I think more than anything, it came down to simple math. Jason SHOULD have won easily. This season seem to be tailor made for that boy. But his vile behaviour definitely turned some people off. Him bad mouthing his own alliance member, certainly turned those votes into Morgan votes. You gotta think that despite what an awful player Kristy was, she had to have stolen some votes from Jason as well. Add it all up, and Morgan is your winner. Not one big thing, but a bunch of little things adding up to a big thing.

I hope we never see this format again. America's vote was a complete failure, but I do think it was strategically placed to allow Production aka Allison Grodner to manipulate the game. It 100% takes away from the integrity of this game, when power means nothing. I lost count how many HOH's lost allies during their reign.

Frankly, I wish every year for a 'house cleaning', starting with the management. Grodner, Meehan and Cass would be a good start. The game needs infusion of new blood. It's a very cool game, but the twists are out of control, poorly implemented and lack creativity.