Sunday, April 02, 2017

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - April 2, 2017

Good morning! Since it's Sunday morning, this is my weekly off television topic reflection on the week gone by in both words and photos I took along the way. If you're here for Survivor -- you can find any Survivor posts I make at this link right here The Amazing Race season premiere was this past Thursday. While it looks like it's going to be a good season with its strangers teaming up twist, I saw that the ratings are way down. I would blame that on the late night (10pm) time slot. You can find any posts I make about the show at this link -- The Amazing Race.

I'd also like to remind folks that the cut-off for joining the blog pool for The Amazing Race is TUESDAY. You would need to sign up on this linked post to get in on the fun! Please don't sign up on this post you're reading now -- your request might be missed.

Since I've been so far posting about television in my weekly off television topic photo post, I might as well continue. Tonight is the season finale, two hours worth I believe, of The Walking Dead. I'm looking forward to that one! And, the series finale of Bates Motel should be coming up soon. But, when that kicks in, Fargo returns for a new season! Unfathomable pinheadery!

Okay, to life stuff. Um, it was a week. It rained a very cold wind-driven rain with temperatures just above freezing for much of the week. I really didn't take many photos at all. The weather didn't cooperate with me much when I was out and about. And, I lucked out with getting rides to work quite a bit. 

I found out my across the hall neighbor Joe is not moving out. He's in the hospital. His niece is in the process of moving in to take care of him upon his return home. Her furniture is nicer than his, so they discarded a lot of his. I noticed they kept his favorite recliner! They've been scrubbing and cleaning over there. I hope Joe is okay with the changes they've made when he gets home.

Healthwise for myself, I don't have any new news. I'm still awaiting insurance approval and the set-up dates for the vascular surgery on both of my legs. I still have extreme swelling and pain when I stand for any period of time. Elevating them helps. But Vincent the Cat thinks the couch pillow on the chair near my computer is for HIM to rest upon! No, Vincent, it's so I can elevate my legs! Sheesh! What a spoiled cat!

Oh, well. Onto the few photos I took this week ...    

Gull Patrol

Gulls keep watch over a parking lot in Bridgewater, NJ.

Down, but not out

The snow tried to kill them. Heavy cold rains tried to keep them down. But the daffodils, although not really perky, continue to fight for survival. Berckman Street, Plainfield.


I see dead people

The saga goes on. The first westbound train on the Raritan Valley Line early Monday morning. While people often sleep on all of the trains, this particular one usually has more as some of the folks have missed the last train into New Jersey from New York Penn Station during the wee hours. I've done that a few times. But I refuse to sleep on the train.

He made it through the frozen tundra!

An earthworm made it to the surface when we had flooding (COLD) rains this week. No, it wasn't the sound of a seagull stamping its feet to trick the worm to emerge -- it was lots and lots (and lots) of rain.

Yet they persist

It's like a tale of two seasons. While the seemingly never-ending rains this week knocked down parking lot snow piles from about ten feet high to about five feet high, they remain. The rain seemed to clean them up a bit, as well. Bridgewater, NJ.

Purry McPurrFace

Vincent has a new scratchy thing. It's supposed to hang. However, he ignores it when it hangs. So, on the floor it sits -- and he loves to sit on it! He does scratch it when he's not sitting on it. He doesn't like to be pulled around by the rope, though.

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