Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Big Brother 19: Blog Pool Match-Ups are IN! And ... Regarding the BB Blogging

The blog pool random match-ups are IN! As per our usual custom, the folks assigned the first hamster out will be re-assigned another one to cheer on! I feel that's only fair because we never get to cheer on that one, right?

Alex Ow - jujufruit423, caela, Donna in FL, Nickelpeed
Cameron Heard - Indiana Jane, Jackie, Brian, Marlo L
Christmas Abbott - Willie J, Rich from Buffalo, Glenn, QuixoticElf
Cody Nickson - MikesGirl, Chacha, Donna in NY, Delee
Dominique Cooper - Ed in Ohio, Monty924, Delores in Hollywood (FL)
Elena Davies - Uncartie, Fred aka TwoBlackAces. Sharon N
Jason Dent - Donna in Alabama, Cheryl in NC, jo Chapman
Jessica Graf - zombiehospice, Jean in Tampa Bay, Merilee
Jillian Parker - Sasha, Janice from GA/FL, DFT, jessica UNderwood
Josh Martinez - Petals, Stormy, Kelsey in NY, Dr_Celine
Kevin Schlehuber - elee86, aya, SueGee on the Left Coast
Mark Jansen - Buzzmaam, Judi Sweeney, Cheryl C, Sharon S
Matthew Clines - JonMD1267, T-Town Chick, Sharon C
Megan Lowder -Jenn G, chrob61, Marthalight
Ramses Soto - tbc, Pupis, Babs, Tammy
Raven Walton - Kristen from Ohio, David, Nora

Remember -- we have a two hour long season premiere tonight starting at 8pm ET! I'll be live-blogging the show and hosting the blog party for the duration. 

Unfortunately (for me), the live feeds won't come on until 1am here on the East Coast and I have to be up early for work in the morning. So, it's likely my first live feeds report in the morning will be slim pickings. But that will all improve as the days go on. I expect to post  live feed reports twice a day (occasionally more, rarely less), live blog all the episodes, hang in with them during endurance comps and hang out with you guys here. I do work a full time real life job, so I do not post 24/7 on every breath these hamsters take. There are other sites out there which do that! If you feel moved to do so, I do accept Paypal donations -- see the sidebar. 

Hamster watchers ready? 


Dr_Celine said...

Thank you so much! Appreciate it! :-)

Nickelpeed said...

Like usual, I missed it. LOL

Jackie said...

Penny - I'll throw you in the pool.

Kristen from Ohio said...

Can not wait!

SueGee said...

I got the "old" guy! Only appropriate when I'm an OLD girl!! LOL

See you all tonight!!

SueGee on the LeftCoast

David said...

"My name is Uncartie and I'm a recovering BB addict.

Please do _NOT_ add me to the pool. Thank you in advance for your help and support in my recovery. :)"

Sorry Uncartie, we are all enablers here. Welcome to the deep end of the pool. =)

So I have Raven in the pool. I will have to have a wait and see with her. She did not impress me in her Jeff interview but seems to have a good attitude.

Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie!!! I will be watching Mark closely! Hope he's not a jerk that I end up rooting against! LOL... See you all a little later!

jessica UNderwood said...

IM SO UPSET!!! The first time I missed getting a pool pick for the last few years!

Jackie said...

jessica - I'll throw you in the pool.

Sharon S said...

I missed the pool too! My head has been so far afloat, I didn't even know the show started tonight!

Jackie said...

Okay, I;ll throw you in.

That's the last straggler, folks! I have to eat dinner before the show@

Cheryl C said...

Thank you!

Glenn said...

Hi Everyone! I am excited that I got Christmas as my pool pick. She is from Raleigh, NC which is only a couple hours from my hometown of Wilmington, NC. I liked her interview with Jeff as well!

Sharon N said...

Thanks Jackie... looking forward to tonight!
There's hope I'll like Elena.

I find it welcoming news that more and more women are starting to accept that they don't have to haul those big ol' boulders around on their chests. Who knew? It can be 5-10 lbs on EACH side, sometimes more. And putting up with the extremely tiresome smart-a$$ remarks people tend to think are SO flippin' funny. Over the years, it often becomes a painful health issue. The body structure is "off" because of all the 'forward weight' which, in turn, causes bad headaches, along with a lot of shoulders/neck pain. All from trying to hold those things up. There, that's my public service announcement! LOL

QuixoticElf said...

Wanted to post a pic, but I guess I will put in my profile. Our family does our own random drawings and such We are ready! Glad Ingot Christmas. For no other reason then I like be the name!

Helenann2k said...

Hi everyone. Missed the pool this year, but so glad I'm ready for the viewing party! It isn't summer until BB starts!

Petals said...

Sharon S - hope everything is ok with you, pal.
Penny - YAY!

PayPal is SUCH an easy way to contribute to our pool funds, Ms Jackie! Thanks for reminding me!

I have a new pool floatie, a cool case of Stella and am EXCITED!

See you all in a few minutes XOXOX

jessica UNderwood said...

Thank you!!!