Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Big Brother 19: Meet the Cast - Part 4

Cameron Heard is 24, originally from North Aurora, IL and now resides in Woodridge, IL. His bio on lists him as a microbiologist. Hmm ... I'm of two minds regarding Cameron. I like that he names Ian Terry as his favorite. I like that he's smart, a gamer kind of guy and a rather newly-hatched BB superfan (BB14 start). He has watched the live feeds and follows RHAP and all.

That's all in his favor. What I don't like is that he is a bit cocky about it. True, he might have a better social game than either Ian or Steve (which he mentioned) ... but don't knock them until you bring home the moolah, Rubik's Cube Boy! 
Megan Lowder is 28, originally from Cathedral City, CA, currently living in Phoenix, AZ. Her online bio lists her occupation as a dog walker. Another professed superfan, at least of the last five seasons or so, her favorite previous hamsters are Frank Eudy, and Victor/Paul from last season. 

In her Jeff interview, she brought up her Rachel-like laugh. Oh, geez. In her bio info, she mentions that she will need to control her constant analyzing everythin because she doesn't want to end up like Tiffany Rousseau. I guess we'll just have to see how it goes.
Matthew Clines is 33, from and still living in Arlington, VA. His online bio lists his occupation as a renovation consultant. In that bio, he lists Donny Thompson as his favorite -- cool beard, fun guy he says.

Hmm. He mentioned in the Jeff interview that he's actually in sales, not the renovations themselves. For the Jeff question about losing but being loved or winning and being hated, he chose losing. Not a great sign right there! He also mentioned how nice he is several times. Y'see, in my book, nice guys don't need to mention how nice they are. Prove me wrong, Matt. Right now you're not on my list of favorites.
Alex Ow is 28, from Thousand Oaks, CA, currently residing in Camarillo, CA. According to her CBS bio, she's an eco-friendly marketing rep -- whatever that is! In that bio, she also thinks she's adorable. Sigh.

She loves Nicole Franzel and claims to be a huge show fan. Yet, in her Jeff interview she started talking about a BB wedding and it didn't even dawn on her until Jeff mentioned it was his wedding. Oh my. Yes, her boobs are fake and she admits it. She will miss seeing herself on TV while she's on TV. Um. I don't think there will be too many mind-provoking late night talks with Alex! 

While this is my last Meet the Cast installment, there will be more to come as I post about this season's house and twists in the coming days! You can catch all my Big Brother 19 posts at this link right here.


Judi Sweeney said...

Thanks Jackie... I always love your wit! Can't wait to get going!

Petals said...

I agree with you about Cameron - a little bit of attitude on him. Ian was so awesome because he was humble.
That Megan looks older than 20-something!

Alex Ow is like another PowPow @@