Friday, July 14, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Friday Evening, Nominations - July 14

The game is afoot*

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Boisterous Boobs:
  • First, to explain the * in the screen cap caption above -- Survivor fans should remember the line coming from Tarzan. It fits the return of Christmas and the state of the house here. 
  • Well, well, well ... I left you this morning saying that it would go without saying that Jessica would be on the block and, at the end of the update, I told you Alex told the camera (us) she'd be making a big move and nominating Dominique.
  • How did that work out?
  • Read on.
  • Hmm ... Alex told Jason that she (Alex) went on the block to save their side. She tells him that her target will be Dominque, but will understand if he wants to vote Jessica out.
  • Um. Okay.
  • Kevin is considered on her side.
  • But Josh isn't. They look on him as some sort of buffoon who they can talk into voting their way.
  • Alex, Jason and Kevin all trust Paul. That's not to say he's necessarily on that side, but ...!
  • Meanwhile, Dominque trash talks about Elena.
  • And Elena trash talks about Christmas.
  • Paul and Elena talked about how Dominique's show actions put her in the spotlight.
  • Dominque really interrogated Ramses. He wasn't expecting the Spanish Inquisition.
  • No ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!*
  • * My apologies to Monty Python. I guess I'm full of odd pop culture quotes tonight.
  • Now, Ramses isn't really in with Alex. But, then again, he's not all that in with anyone in the house no matter how much he tries. He ends up being treated like the pesky little brother who always wants to tag along.  This coming from a guy who thought he was going in with such a great social game.
  • The frog-toads are no more.
  • Alex talked to Jessica, telling her that if she goes on the block, she's not the target and other people know it.
  • Hmm.
  • Jessica guesses the other nom would be Dominque, but Alex won't confirm it.
  • In the end, Jessica agreed to trust and work with Alex and Jason if all goes down as planned.
  • Jessica then ratted out Raven for stealing Alex's cat ears.
  • Alex told Jessica to act upset and surprised at the nominations ceremony.
  • Alex told Ramses that she thinks that Dominque is the one spreading rumors about him.
  • Tired of the summer heat? Well, it's Christmas time! Yep, she's back.
  • With a huge cast, might I add.
  • Quite a serious injury this has turned out to be. The doctor told her she'll never have full mobility of her foot and, as with many breaks, it will eventually develop arthritis. She will also need more surgery down the road. She's quite upset about that.
  • Well, hopefully CBS has big health care pockets. It sounds like they will have some huge bills to pay.
  • All this over tomfoolery.
  • Jason feels bad about it, but she told him she doesn't blame him.
  • She had to be filled on the Dominque show and all that's gone down in her absence. She says she had no TV, no magazines, no word of anything in the hospital.
  • Puppy cam for the nominations.
  • Lo and behold, Dominque and Jessica are on the block. 

Frog's legs

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

The big and small of things

What happened to targeting showmances?

Kevin and the ex-Frog


Susan in MA said...

I think it would be interesting if Jessica goes home, and then Cody happens to come back, to see how Cody would play his game. He'd probably still be an ass, but at least he'd have to interact with others....I think.

Carol C said...

If the competition is physical to get back into the house it seems like Cody will have an easy win; and it would be a great time to turn his game around if he can. Which Cody is real and which is for the cameras?

Anonymous said...

I knida feel if Cody knows that Jessica is in the battle back competition he will find a way to throw it to her.


Jackie Hardin said...

Why the rerun? Have I missed something?

David said...

They are doing something, possibly playing the veto. BBAD will not be shown tonight is the message on. They are showing a repeat of a previous BB episode. Dang them. lol

I had a feeling Dominique would flip out when she got put on the block. Did she feel she was entitled to be just passed to the end and win it all without doing anything? And blaming it on race on top of it just makes her look bad. SMH

monty924 said...

I agree Susan. I hope she goes out so only one of the them can come back in, lol

monty924 said...

Yeah, David... my pool girl has gone down this past week, but I'm still hanging in there with her. :(((

David said...

Jason won Veto. It must have been a bull riding contest. =) There is plenty of bull spewing forth from Paul all the time they had plenty to use in the contest.

chrob61 said...

Maybe it's because I just got up and haven't finished my first cup of coffee....Jackie, that update left me scratching my head!!

So Dominique made an interview show, and she quizzed Ramses too hard, now she's a target in the house??

Going back to do a re-read. I didn't watch Survivor so I don't get the *, but Christmas is back so the game's indeed a-FOOT!

Jackie said...

This update isn't her "show." In the show, it was the Cody questioning that caused issues. Her Ramses interview itself was fine and he actually deflected the probing questions well. Cody used her show interview to plant seeds of doubt and she kept it up.