Saturday, July 15, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Saturday Morning, PoV - July 15

Being questioned by Dominique

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Distrusting Dolts:
  • The Power of Veto comp, blocked to the live feeds (and apparently causing BBAD to show an episode rerun), played out last night.
  • Surprise, surprise ... we have a new veto winner in the house.
  • And, this one will surely do whatever HoH Alex wants him to do -- because it's her close ally, Jason.
  • I think Dominique's reaction to being nominated and campaigning method of operation is sure to sink her if she's not already sunk.
  • She went from person to person (hamster to hamster) with a line of questions and commentary.
  • I really don't know how they feel.
  • But, in watching it go down, it comes across as condescending and patronizing.
  • If I were in her line of fire, I think I'd want her gone because it's annoying and I'm tired of hearing her.
  • While claiming her loyalty, she's planting enough seeds to grow an acre of doubt.
  • She might have Jason convinced to use the veto to save her -- telling him that both she and Mark have been targets of Cody's agenda.
  • But, then again, he might do whatever Alex wants.
  • And she wants Dominique out.
  • I don't know. If I were in there, thinking there may be a Battle Back (which they were thinking before it was announced to us), I'd still go for Jessica to go.
  • However, Dominique is somewhat sketchy. She tries Paul's manipulation social game but falls short of the mark. 
  • Hmm ... 
  • Meanwhile, the HoH bunch is talking about taking Jessica down and putting Mark up as a pawn against Dominique.
  • He doesn't want to do that. Not at all. 
  • I don't blame him.
  • This is all just a bit odd. But I'll admit, the more I see Dominique, the more underhanded and sneaky she seems.
  • That's probably what's doing her in.
  • Hmm ... 
  • On a side note -- I find it interesting that Cody, in his Jeff interview, said if he comes back he wants to work with Paul.

Being questioned by Dominique

PoV garb

Being questioned by Dominque

The V-Toad has the Veto


chrob61 said...

Thanks for the updates Jackie. I understand more now on how irritating Dominique's questioning must be.

I still think if they need to get rid of Jessica.

Petals said...

Finally, Jackie! We agree on a house guest - Dom! Dom(ineering), IMO, has been sanctimonious and condescending to everyone the entire game. I just couldn't understand how all the HGs were so attached to her.
THEN - I saw a clip of her talking about how/when she was recruited and how embarrassed she was to even BE there ("I'm a LADY; I'm Dominique Cooper; I do NOT belong in this house with these people" - she said this to Mark over one of their fake Chess games).
THEN she played the black card. She said, "someone always goes after the black person". Uhm, no, not necessarily. With only 10 or so people in the house, someone is always going after someone, period.
So good - go home. And please take your holier-than-thou attitude AND your bad wig with you.

FINALLY - this is getting good!

Petals said...

THEN! Dom tells people she talks to God and then a spirit tells her things before they happen. Really? REALLY? grrrr

This is so fun! Jess & Alex working together; Cody may be coming back - now THIS is Big Brother!

Jackie said...

I said she was sketchy ... not all that.

Jackie said...

I don't really get that much into "hating" the people on these shows. I'm here to be entertained. I make observations, but as long as the feeds are interesting, I don't care who's a recruit, who's not and, in the end, it really doesn't matter to me who wins as I know they aren't going to share the money with me.

Petals said...

Exactly, Jackie :)

Another thought - Maybe Cody's return will be like Victor's - he can change his game and go far!

David said...

I don't think Victor really made it all that far by changing his game. He was evicted 3 times and came back. The fourth time finally stuck and he stayed evicted. Not the best way to go far in the game. =)

I personally don't hate anyone on the show. Do some of them have little quirks that annoy me? Yes. Dominique just isn't entertaining at all to me and her entitled attitude just rubs me the wrong way. I don't know who "recruited" her, but this was definately not a good one in my opinion. I did want to see her freak out about having to eat slop for a week before she left though. Now that would have been entertainment.

Chacha said...

I am not a big fran of recruits but will say Dom is by far the worst we have seen in a while.
I am ready for her to go home

Anonymous said...

Big blow up between Dom and Paul this morning. Can't wait for jackie's report because I am so confused by the context!


Petals said...

I watched the blow-up - Paul AND Dom both came-off terribly! Paul was bullying, claiming that all of America 'has his back'. I wish Alex hadn't pledged loyalty to Paul, b/c I'd LOVE it if he were the replacement nom.

Paul's attitude was just so cocky, like he owned the house. And the whole time, he was wearing a leather vest with a fur collar. He looked like a character from Vikings, ugh @@

Anonymous said...

"I said she was sketchy ... not all that."


I agree with Jackie. Dom is a very intelligent, articulate woman. She is also very logical. When you talk to her, though, it's like talking to someone who is being condescending.

That said. I think TOO many people in the CBS chat rooms and on social media are bashing Dom for very petty reasons. Religion? who cares if she's religious and brings God into the game? It's her belief? "race card"? (I look at people who use this term suspiciously as it was created as a retort to trivialize race issues, much like "all lives matter". She is the only black woman in the house so do you HONESTLY expect that to NEVER cross her mind, especially when she's nominated for seemingly no reason? Even though I disagree with her, I see WHY her mind went there and will not beat her up over it. I understand people thinking she's domineering, but I do NOT like the backlash she is getting over the race comment. It is NO secret that BB ONLY casts 1 of 2 black tokens (the biracial beauty queen or the sassy southern religious dark woman) and they are almost always hated by fans. So Dom has a point and is justified in bringing up race IMO and not wanting to be seen as the latter or fearing that she already is or is being set up to be, as it's happened before (season 15)!



Petals said...

He (Paul) was really aggressive with Dom; he got louder and more bullish the more he heard his own voice.

It was kind of difficult to watch, especially since I don't like Paul to begin with.

monty924 said...

Paul couldn't be the replacement even if she wanted to. He's safe with the DoT pendent.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is there has never been another Will Kirby....and Paul....YOU ARE NO WILL KIRBY! The days of Will and Janelle are long gone. Once again....get new casting people.
Get rid of Paul....since its turning into the Paul show....thanks to the producers.

SusanS. said...

I don't have live feeds and can't stand to watch BB After Dark anymore because of the F word being shouted into my house.
I had no idea Dom was this way. I don't have anyone to root for this year. Maybe it's too soon. I think I like Matt but don't care if he wins or not. Don't really know enough to dislike anybody, but at the same time, don't like like anybody either. If Dom thinks she's too good to be there, why is she there? Oh wait... didn't like Cody and don't like Jessica. So I guess I do have a dislike.
It does seem to be the Paul Show and I don't like it when they recycle people. Also don't like the Battle Back. I think if ur gone, u should be gone.

Sharon N said...

Although I didn't like Paul last year (other than his detective? routine that was hysterical), he really did deserve to win over Nicole. IMO, the producers probably weren't happy to have someone win who did very little. Maybe that's why they brought him back?

In any case, he's still not likable, but will go far simply because of that extraordinary 'safety' reward. After Dom is gone, I'm hoping Paul's domineering/overbearing attitude will become even more obvious and, hopefully, people will start to focus on him instead of just handing the game to him.

Petals said...

WTG Sharon! ^5

uncartie said...

Sat 12:39 PM BBT:
Ramses to Camera: "America this game is crazy. I'm so alone in this game. I'm going to have to Janelle my way thru this season"

Ramses,I've seen,Janelle,I've watched Janelle,Janelle is one of my all-time favorite players.
Ramses,You are no Janelle!

Sharon N said...

Ramses > Delusions of Grandeur.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or is anyone else tired of "Your boy" and "Friendship" and the good ol F word that is sooooooooooooo overused. I am so sick of him. He seems to be the only one they want in the Diary Room talks. Is this BB or The Paul Show.

Sharon N said...

We were all tired of 'your boy' and 'friendship' last summer.
Having to hear it again this summer is, again, gag-worthy.

Susan B said...

I'm so glad to see others who are tired of "your boy"...but I really think he is going to go farther if Christmas stays in the game. She's a smart girl and knows he's a strong player/manipulator so she is going to throw everything to him in exchange for protection. It would be such a better show if Christmas went home this week and Cody came back with Battle Back. Since Paul will no longer have his free three week pass, it will reset the game to a place where players don't have significant advantages and disadvantages.

Has anyone considered the possibility that Paul is arrogant enough to demand a three-week guarantee from eviction in exchange for his return this year? If he couldn't play in any competitions as part of the guarantee, it might have made a little better sense. But I don't recall BB ever doing such a dramatic advantage for a player.

Susan in MA said...

Jackie, just wanted you to know: although I have the feeds, I love reading your updates, because you break it down for me. I don't understand a lot of it when I watch the feeds. So, thank you.

Judi Sweeney said...

I am so glad we are at the tail end of Paul's three weeks of safety! Then we will really see how these hamsters play knowing they can evict him!!!

monty924 said...

Lol, uncartie. Agree 100%

Jackie said...

I finally have my post up about the kerfuffle. I think CBS BB chat rooms are akin to the old AOL message boards. I recall once in BB1 I witnessed on the live feeds Chicken George nudge Pugita (the dog) out of his way with his foot. He basically moved the dog. People who didn't like George had him just about drop-kicking the pup! Some fans get so tied up in their love or hate for a hamster that everything tends to get magnified.