Sunday, July 16, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Saturday Night and a Kerfuffle - July 15

Sleep while you can

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Slithering Snakes:
  • Shortly after I posted my last report, at about half-past stupid o'clock in the morning, there was a major kerfuffle.
  • It didn't really rise to the level of an outright brouhaha.
  • Y'see, Alex backed up with Paul, has been saying that Dominique was the hinky vote to save Cody. (They are aware of Christmas and it's not a big issue.)
  • We know Paul knows it was Kevin. Alex thought it might be Kevin, but didn't know. But, hey, blame it on Dominique. After all, the purpose in having Kevin vote that was was to create chaos.
  • And, it did.
  • Tie in the hinky vote with the Dominique Show interview of Cody which ended up being a platform for Cody to call out and name names, some truths, some fiction.
  • Then, you tie in all of the questioning in an interrogation kind of format ... KERFUFFLE AHEAD!  
  • Call in everyone!
  • Everyone except Jessica, Kevin and Ramses ended up in the room.
  • Toss in that Alex (who wanted Dominique out even before she teamed up with Paul on the cause) told Paul that Dominique said there was a snake and a tempter in the house ... implying it was Paul.
  • Dominique has "implied" much too much and it blew up on her.
  • Dominique thinks because she didn't outright say Paul is the snake and tempter, he has no case.
  • It just went back and forth.
  • And back and forth.
  • There were no fisticuffs.
  • She kept saying One Team, One Fight.
  • He kept saying infiltrator, snake and tempter. (Things he believes she's either called him or implied about him.)
  • Just on and on.
  • Forever. 
  • In the end, she didn't help her cause any. 
  • Elena and Mark denied ever talking about Paul to her.
  • Josh said he just came because he doesn't know what's going on.
  • Heh.
  • And, both Paul and Dominique made a few valid points in the verbal kerfuffle.
  • A good part of it is her own fault due to the way she interrogated people yesterday. Her style of questioning, condescending and all, has given a mindset in the others and this whole thing didn't help her.
  • As the day wore on, the others kept talking about her ... even worse than yesterday.
  • In other news, Alex told Mark that if Jason takes Jessica off the block, she will be putting him up as a pawn, a true pawn. She thinks the vote will be unanimous to evict Dominque.
  • He doesn't want to do it, but will for the team if he has to. 
  • I think Jason will take Jessica off the block and Mark will go up.
  • But I'm almost willing to bet Dominique will go home.
  • Oh, Paul will have his day when they turn on him. There have been some rumbles. But it's too early and he's too protected to go up against him this early. 

Giggling at Ramses

Better than she thought ...

But I don't WANT to be a pawn!

What have I created?

"You called me a snake."

"There is a snake and tempter in here."

Dominique's meeting didn't help her


Carol C said...

We can always count on Jackie calling out a kerfuffle. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jackie.

So Paul knew Kevin threw the vote, yet continued to imply it was Dominique?? Then made such a big deal during the kerfuffle that the reason for the kerfuffle was because "his character was being attacked"??? Wow, if that's true I REALLY! don't like him. That's VERY low.


Jackie said...

I might have missed it, but I don't think Paul himself ever implied Dominique cast the hinky vote. It seems more like others just jumped to conclusions. When Kevin's name came up, he said he was sure Kevin didn't do it. Paul just went along with Alex (that I personally witnessed) by trying to keep Kevin's name out of it.

It's Big Brother. Sure, he's low. So many often are low. It's a tangled web we weave when we deceive.

Petals said...

IMO, the entire kerfuffle was much ado about nothing. It lasted for hours and seemed to go nowhere, all based on nothing. I mean, everyone implies things about everyone else, so why did it bother Paul SO MUCH that someone implied he was a snake? I didn't get was ridiculous.

This is great for the show, though. I wonder if Paul considered that when he donned his fur-collared vest and had his minions circle him on the bed?

After Elena's part (following the Paul Show), she asks, "NOW I'll make an episode, right?"

*smh* Thanks Jackie, for your updates.

Jackie said...

Petals - I'm just glad that Paul didn't admit that he knew Kevin voted the hinky vote. Kevin is the most entertaining in there and I'd like him to stick around most of the summer, if not all summer.

Anonymous said...

It bothered him so much because he knows he is the snake...

BB-Boy said...

Dominque had a feeling someone in their alliance was causing chaos. She was 100% sure who, but is thinking it might be Paul (which is true, because Paul told Kevin to vote Ramses)
Dominique informed Alex, and told her she wanted to have a meeting with the whole house, so they can watch everyone's faces and see how they react. So Dominique would be validated in her belief!!
But when Alex told Paul about it, Paul screwed up dominiques plan, and made her have that meeting right then, with whoever was around. Which lessened the impact it would have had, if Dominique had been able to call the meeting herself!

BB-Boy said...

I'm ready for a Paul take down!
Anyone else?

Jackie said...

He can't be taken down right now due to his safety. I'm sure the day will come. And, I have a feeling it just might eventually be Alex spearheading the take down of Paul. She has more game in her than most of the house. While she's using Paul now, I think she has her sights set on the win.

tbc said...

I was so over Paul last season with the stupid "your boy" and phony "friendship" before he even started wearing a lifesaver duck around his waist 24/7. I have no idea why he was asked back. It's like having Jesse appear every year to flex his
Muscles. At least, that is only briefly. It does seem as though The producers have an agenda surrounding Paul. I just don't get it.

I like Kevin and I hope he goes far. Ramses is my pool pick and I like him. I don't expect he'll stick around though.

Wouldn't it be funny if Cameron (was that the first guy out??) came back in the battle back.

Petals said...

Jackie - OMG, I know! Paul having that information on Kevin is so dangerous. I was sure it would come out last night.
When/if Paul is on the block, I'm sure he'll use that. It can't end well for Kevin, unless he confides to Alex & Jason NOW!
But, as much as I like Kevin, he does still have the $25k, so good for him.

And I am LOVING Alex. She is a great HOH - making moves but staying humble. No HOH-itis on Alex. She is one of my faves.

Is it me, or is xmas more fun on drugs?

Joe in NY said...

Drugs always make Christmas easier to take...that's why they spike the egg nog.

Petals said...

bwhahah, my friend! ♥