Sunday, July 23, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Sunday Evening - July 23

Jason and Kevin do walking laps and lifts

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Revolting Rodents:
  • Kevin and Jason think that Cody is lying a lot to them. They know the age lie because he admitted it. Kevin still can't understand why he'd lie about that.
  • The latest is that Cody was telling them some kind of mission he was on and was trapped. He couldn't remember how he was rescued, then said others came for him.
  • Kevin and Jason picked up two things on that story -- first, it identically matched a movie they both had seen. Second, as Kevin pointed out, in a situation like that which supposedly happened four years ago, you might forget how you got into it. But you'd surely remember how you got out.
  • In other Cody war stories news of the day, Jessica told him she'd prefer he stop mentioning that he's killed people.
  • I know a lot of people who fought in wars myself. In the decades (and scores) I've known them, rarely is it mentioned that they killed people. One has a Silver Star, a combat award. He was in Vietnam and killed many. To this day, he rarely mentions it. It haunts him. 
  • Cody told Jessica they were "bad people." I'm sure they were. But it still bugs me (and apparently Jessica) that he brags about killing people.
  • Back to Kevin and Jason -- they also mentioned Cody's staring. It's not just us noticing it!
  • Ramses has been deemed the best slop cook.
  • But this week it's Paul, Mark and Mark chosen along with Josh who has a second week of it.
  • Raven seems to be the cook of the house with chicken dishes a specialty.
  • Raven eats and talks with her mouth full of food and it annoys me.
  • The movement is afoot to take Ramses out this week instead of Josh.
  • Elena isn't privy to said movement.
  • Jessica, obviously the more astute of Cody and Jessica, is worried and is thinking that she might have to use the veto. Or even the Hex.
  • She doesn't want the guilt of Ramses going home on her HoH nomination.
  • On the other hand, Cody thinks she's just being paranoid. How could they vote out Ramses when Josh is such a "psychopath"?
  • Jessica can understand why the others would want to keep Josh over Ramses. She knows they can use him while Ramses is unpredictable.
  • Cody doesn't see it. 
  • There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.
  • She would like Paul out but feels that would totally alienate them at this time.
  • She's asking around a bit to get the feel of the vibe.
  • She talks to Elena. Um, not the best choice as she's one of the few not in on the Keep Josh Movement.
  • Oh. They got new foodstuffs today. They complained about getting roast beef.
  • "Who eats roast beef?" they ask.
  • I do.
  • FedEx it here, please. 

Resting B-Face?

Josh prepares his slop breakfast

Maybe he and Jessie will become buds

Inhaling his slop pasta

Kevin will talk to anyone


Sharon N said...

Wonder what Jessica will do tomorrow. She definitely has a better feel for this game than Cody! Since she's suspicious, her thought of pulling Ramses and putting up Alex instead might be the smart move to force Josh out.

Thanks to Jackie & Uncartie for answers re Kevin being married (on a previous thread).
I hadn't read any of the hamster bios (only Jackie's pregame snippets), and also don't have the feeds. But I had to assume he is (or was) married with that many kids. Guess it's a good thing that's she's a nurse... hopefully, auto medical coverage. Ha!!

uncartie also mentioned that Kevin does laundry, but never seems to cook anything.
Interesting... with 7 kids and being Mr. Mom, you'd think he'd be great in the kitchen.
But maybe with all the girls in the house, he's more than happy to take a break? LOL

It helps when people here fill in the blanks on the Walking Egos.
This summer's group has been so blah that they aren't even interesting enough to stay up late for BBAD. Hopefully, things will improve as the summer rolls along. Oddly enough, having Josh in the house is worse (for me) than Paul.

monty924 said...

Jessica told Cody that they shouldn't isolate themselves this time and what have they been doing???? Yep! Two people that can't learn or modify based on experience. They're constantly in the HOH together. ugh

I really don't care. Just keeps them as a target.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else notice the innapropriaye flirting and kissing between Kevin and Raven? Wonder what his wife thinks of that??

Nana in the NW said...

I've been wondering about Kevin too. He seems to cuddle with the girls, flirting and other things that seem inappropriate for a man that is married and has daughters the age of these girls!

Anonymous said...

Raven puckered her lips out for a kiss, he kissed her and called her a cutie pie and said I wish I was younger.. she said : YOU?? I wish!! Then caught herself and stopped talking. I'm thinking if I was his wife he'd be homeless right now lol - Rita

David said...

I've seen Raven doing the same with Paul of all people. So it is probably her way of keeping herself in with the in crowd. I also notice Matt not caring and he seems to be pulling away from her a bit at times. She does seem to be smothering him. You never see him without her and I am sure that puts a cramp into his game play.

lemonjello said...

If I was Kevin's wife, I would be more upset by Christmas, I think He thinks Raven is cute but like a daughter. I also wonder if Matt is getting tierd of Raven. she seems to annoy him more lately. Given the chance Matt would have gone for Jessica. Elena continues to make me sick, Jessica is not much better.

uncartie said...

Kevin & Jason's daily walks around the backyhard have become the most interesting part of the feeds. I hope they keep Josh this week. Yeah he's a cheat and an overall basket case but he adds a whole lot more drama than Ramses does.

July 23 12:20PM BBT Cam3 During their backyard walk Kevin throws BB Battle Back show under the bus

Anonymous said...

This group is making me sick, they certainly do not understand the game, any smart thinking person would go after Paul,but instead they want to keep him around because he's a strong player DUH. Do they all think he's going to take every last one them to the end with him, how stupid can they be. Every one of them wanted Paul to go up against who ever was going to be fighting for a chance to come back into the game. And Jessica and Cody are also stupid, they know they don't have the numbers to maybe go after Paul, so who do they to go after, non threatening players like Josh and Ramses who they could get out anytime. If she was smart Jessica should have put up Paul and Alex now they would have been a smart move. However the house seems to feel they need to break up the couples, but they seem to only SEE Jessica and Cody as a couple. By the way Kevin seems to be in a COUPLES (intended)(smile) with all of the ladies in the house. Paul is smart, even though I can't stand him. Did anyone notice how Elena was rubbing all over his arm and neck the other day (it might have been on BBAD) he was not feeling her at all.