Monday, August 07, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Monday Night, Veto Meeting - August 7

Is that a holiday sweater? Christmas?

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Radical Rats:
  • Kevin is all excited about everyone sitting at the table eating dinner for his birthday. He wants some time with the game aside. He wants family time, it seems. I guess he misses his kids!
  • Besides his dream of dinner together, Kevin also has another dream in which he, Jason, Paul, Cody, Christmas and Alex work together to be the final six.
  • He might have to just keep on dreaming.
  • Jessica, thinking she will be evicted this week, pep-talked Cody. She knows he can win comps and that skill just might save him.
  • The PoV meeting went down, blocked to the life feeds.
  • Mark saved himself.
  • Phew!
  • He might have been dense enough to use it to save his unrequited love Elena. I 'm glad he came to his senses!
  • Raven, as planned, is the replacement nominee for Mark.
  • If Christmas had her way, Cody would be going home this week. The animosity she feels towards him increases daily. It's to the point where just about every breath he takes near her will irk her.
  • Hmm. I've had neighbors I felt that way about!
  • Jessica mentioned to Cody that BB offers them therapy after they leave the house. 
  • Cody says he doesn't need it.
  • I think a punching bag might suffice for him.
  • Some weirdness happened today. First, Kevin saw a Happy Birthday balloon over the wall. Then the sounds of a baby crying piped through the house with someone yelling to hush said baby.
  • Oh my.
  • Are they clues?
  • Alex tried to warn Paul that others think he's spending too much time with Elena.
  • Will he listen?
  • Then there was a dog barking piped through the house.
  • Hmm.
  • A shot rang out! The maid screamed! 
  • Oops. That last one was me.
  • Alex isn't on board with Kevin's thoughts of keeping Cody.
  • She and Paul agreed that keeping him could be a bad idea, especially if there's a double eviction.
  • Kevin told Cody that he wanted everybody for dinner at 7pm. Cody told him since the yard would be shutting down, he had a date with Jessica. He agreed to come in for cake.
  • Kevin also talked to Cody about possibly working with Paul. Cody said that Paul never lied to him, telling him one thing and doing another. He has others who he thinks betrayed him he would target first.
  • When they starting singing Happy Birthday to Kevin, only Jessica was missing. And she had a good excuse -- diary room. Josh took part.
  • Still not like a happy family ...
  • The morning walk and talk laps
    He's playing the game and the others
    Banana logic
    She's obviously glued Cody's head on


Anonymous said...

Still no Paul back door. He just might win HOH again on Thursday.

Stormy said...

I did have some hope that Christmas was playing her own game a little bit anyways but I see I was wrong again. She used her advantage on Cody when it will not help her in anyway. She was not in danger at all this week. there will be a time when she will be and it could have surely come in handy to have when that happens. I hope they all play back this season when it is over and see how they handed Paul their game with a bow on top. Amazing to watch that many people so clueless.

Sharon N said...

By Cody excluding himself (again) outside with Jess, he's been missing all the sounds that appear to be clues for a comp. I'm sure he doesn't even have an idea that anything has been happening. They are so busy being bitter...

Nickelpeed said...

Yes, Cody and Jessica have isolated themselves, but really, what gives them incentive to participate. They have been treated horrible. Since week 1, they have been a target. Nothing has changed. They are the target. Paul has had tunnel vision. It's been Jody since week one. Jessica will probably leave on Thursday. He'll have plenty of time thereafter. The others could care less. Even when Jody was with the others, they were still ignored.

These people are so clueless.