Wednesday, August 09, 2017

BB19: Live Feeds into Wednesday Dawn, Kerfuffles and a Brouhaha - August 9

The Dynamic Duo ... bwahaha!

I think I've done it. I've totally exhausted myself. Last night I fell asleep at 7pm after work and slept for almost ten hours. So, I was up early catching up on the live feeds. Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Lackadaisical Louts:
  • Talking with her boy Josh, Christmas thinks that after they get Jessica out this week, Cody needs to go next. Then they can concentrate on ousting Matt and Raven.
  • Hmm. What about Mark and Elena?
  • Christmas also doesn't buy Paul's claim that a show veteran can't win because Nicole won last season (over Paul, the then newbie).
  • Hey, that's what I've been saying!
  • Jason and Alex continued to explore the idea of a deal with Cody.
  • Josh has actually been on fairly good behavior when it comes to Jessica and Cody. He apologized to Jessica the other day.
  • But apparently Jessica and Cody are of the mind that it's "too little, too late."
  • Both have been snapping at him and treating him poorly although they're getting along with everyone else without issue. They've been calling him a coward, making fun of how he enunciates words and Cody threatened to "destroy" him outside of the house.
  • Well, when they're actually mingling in public they get along with others, that is.
  • Josh and Jessica had a loud verbal kerfuffle.
  • But he didn't do circus music.
  • But he did go up to the HoH room and cry.
  • Matt was there to comfort him, but Josh was in tears about all the personal attacks.
  • Geez. Pot. Kettle. Black.
  • Now, my heart goes out to someone who receives personal attacks out of the blue. But, has Josh forgotten what he's done to them, especially Jessica?
  • Cry me a river.
  • And, so he did. Christmas and others continued to comfort the poor abused boy.
  • @@
  • Kevin, while not seeming to have much sympathy over Jessica "personally attacking" Josh, did have issues with Cody's threats of physical violence.
  • He thinks Cody needs to be out of the house, that he's dangerous ... not meaning dangerous as a comp beast, dangerous as a physical threat to others.
  • Jessica told Cody that if he wins HoH, he needs to go after someone bigger than Josh. She says she made the mistake of going after Josh for personal reasons.
  • Oh noes. Josh goes for the pots and pans,
  • Maybe BB needs to take them away and give them paper plates, limiting them to using the microwave oven until this season is over.
  • Mark ended up on the wrong side of the house when he claimed Josh started the latest kerfuffle.
  • Paul says that Cody/Jessica went too far when they called Josh "fat."
  • Are we in third grade here?
  • Mark says he himself has been bullied (in real life and in the house) and has been gone after with the pots and pans (in the house) and it's harassment. 
  • He's right.
  • Back in the day, when Evel Dick went about with pots and pans, it was a totally different thing and certainly not repeatedly done whenever he was upset as it is with Josh. Dick's was more of a wake up call!
  • Josh's actions are more of a child acting out because he's having a hissy fit.
  • Despite Mark claiming that Josh isn't a victim and Paul pushing the case he is, they (Mark and Paul) got over it without resorting to childlike temper tantrums or crying.
  • Cody and Jessica exiled themselves again. Cody thinks that the only regrets they really have is when they react to the others. Hmm. Well, reacting with name-calling and threats of physical violence aren't too cool in the long run. 
  • Now, despite Josh being a childish jerk, it's Cody in the spotlight again due to his threats of physical violence.
  • Oh. And for calling Josh fat.
  • I didn't see the actual happening on the feeds -- they blocked some of the Josh/Cody brouhaha -- but a panel in the door was nearly damaged and Cody reportedly was the one who was at fault. Hmm.
  • Since I'm older than Kevin, my main thought is ... "Is this the future of America?"
  • EEK!
  • Raven hopes that she will be recruited to be on The Amazing Race.  
  • No. Just no. Please no.
  • Elena, the only one on slop this week (heehee), is upset because she has no energy due to being a Have Not and BB won't let her nap.
  • Poor Elena.
  • Heh.
  • Kevin told Paul he's abandoning his hopes/plan to get them working together after Cody's actions. He can't condone them and there's no saving Cody at this point because he's too explosive.
  • Kevin said Cody is a nincompoop.
  • Paul used more colorful language to describe Cody.
  • As he always does.
  • I think we need a BB season with fines taken out of the stipends for every time someone uses an F bomb without good cause like stubbing a toe or breaking a foot. How do these people function in the adult world? The corporate world? With their grandparents?
  • Paul wants to move to New York City after the show. No, I don't want to run into him on the street even though I think he should have won last year and he's playing the best game in the house this season, too. Believing he's a good BB player is fine with me. Real life stuff? He's SO not someone I want to know!
  • They continue to go over the odd piped-in sounds and announcements thinking that might be part of the HoH comp.
  • Whatever the comp is, it can't be anything too intense construction-wise because the yard remained open.
  • Mark and Elena are back to snugglebunnies.
  • Gah.
  • And, despite the thoughts that Kevin might work something out to work with Cody and Paul to take over the house, all bets are off now with the kerfuffle/brouhaha.
  • Jessica should be going home tomorrow.
  • No one will now work with Cody. If he stays in, he'd have to win HoH and/or PoV or the Temptation Challenge.
  • I personally don't think I'd want to be in the jury house with him. He's bound to be an unhappy camper sans Jessica in that house.  

She wants to play comps

I'm ready for Hollywood fame!

My boyz

Cody has a facial hair thing goin' on

Just proof they're all bozos on this bus ... Jessica bangs a can with a wooden spoon so hard it broke ... right in Josh's face. This brouhaha between Josh and Jessica was not instigated by Paul. It was all on Josh and Jessica. This was before he got the pots and pans out. I realize that some folks "hate" Paul so much that everything is blamed on him. But these folks can be jerkfaces all on their own without instigation. If Paul told you to jump off the Empire State Building, would you do it? They're supposed to be adults.


Petals said...
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Anonymous said...

Josh needs to get a restraining order against Cody. Cody basically PROMISED to "destroy you and rip you apart and show the world what a POS you are." That went TOO far!


Jackie said...

Josh is supposedly a grown man. He makes his own decisions. I know that you like to blame Paul for everything, but Josh had already had the initial kerfuffle/brouhaha with nothing to do with Paul.

ceemurph said...

I miss the days of straight up campaigning and making deals to get votes *sigh* #dansfuneral

Jackie said...

Also, this time Jessica was pounding a wooden spoon on a can to the point of breaking the spoon ... right in Josh's face. That was before he went into his pots and pans action. It can't all be blamed on Paul no matter how much you don't like him. They're acting like jerkfaces!

Anonymous said...

This is quite the season so far. Glad you are getting brouhahas and kerfuffles this year! lol.

Jackie, I'm with you, "is this the future of America?" Eek is right.

Paul is a pot stirrer, no doubt. He does direct the sheeple and they comply. Mark shouldn't be made to feel guilty about not defending Josh.

Jessica lost the temptation challenge. Josh even told her she wasn't his target. Jody should have tried to mingle and stay under the radar. Now, we're stuck with Elena and her preening (and I don't have the feeds and I see it!).

Anonymous said...

I like Jessica. I don't like her blatant horrid grammar "Cody and I" rather than "Cody and me." I won't miss that part.

Ed in Ohio said...

Aaaaah Jackie....the voice of reason! I enjoyed reading your post this morning. Thanks for bringing some sanity & levity to this otherwise 'whack-a-doodle' season of misfits.

Great Post!

Petals said...
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Chacha said...

Yesterday on Twitter I said-
I hope Cody walks out of the door with Jessica.
This would also have a complete house Reset.
On the other hand if a "reset" were to take place, Raven and Matt would be
the first targets.
Paul has successfully planted this into the hamsters.

Paul should have won last year and at this point he should win this year as he really is
the only "player".

I really hope that Julie calls out Jessica when she interviews her.
Josh did want to keep her early in the week. Jess and Cody are just as
bad as Josh.

The kerfuffle yesterday was fun as I was watching it.

Chacha said...


There is another special episode on August 18.

wonder what we will see? Can we really have another Battle Back?

There would be only three people if next Thursday is a double eviction.

I sure hope they dont keep Jess in sequester for the week.

Chacha said...

Speaking of Pots and Pans-

Eveldick yesterday stated that he was told to stop in BB8 and when he was going into the house for BB13 they said he couldn't bang them.
He stated the reason is the banging being picked up on the mic and not being able to actually hear what people were saying.

Petals said...
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Chacha said...


Thats what I said.

uncartie said...

Jackie,I was starting to worry about you when there was no late night post. Glad you got some sleep. I gave up about 12:30.

I still don't understand how CBS is allowing someone (Cody, who has threatened to harm Josh outside the house,to remain in the game. They won't be happy until there is actual violence and the show ends up being cancelled. :(

Cody & Jess are the ones that initiated the bullying. Josh is childish and easily influenced and production is taking full advantage of that.

For you lost souls (just kidding :))that don't have the feeds,enjoy yesterday's brouhaha :)

Annabelle said...

Jessica started the fight with Josh yesterday. Josh did nothing to provoke it. She was stomping around the house like a spoiled brat who didn't get her way and she went off on Josh of all people because she is a bully and he is the weakest target. That's exactly what real bullies do.

Josh never personally attacked Jess from the start. She has said disgusting things both to his face and behind his back. Yesterday, she called him the dumbest person she's ever met and yes, fat, among other things. She is a horrible person and I cannot wait for her to leave tomorrow.

Judi Sweeney said...

I think reality of going home has gotten to Jessica. That was all Jessica butting into a conversation Josh was having and taking it to another level with Josh... then Cody charged into it too.

Paul was VERY wrong to be telling Mark that he should have stood up for Josh when Josh was being bullied! I was glad Mark stood up for himself and didn't back down from Paul. Nobody stood up for Mark when he was being harassed and bullied by Josh. In fact, Paul was encouraging the bullying by Josh! Why didn't Paul go after others too for not coming to Josh's assistance? How soon Josh forgets how he was to Mark, Jessica and Cody! Josh mentally justifies any bad actions that he has done and everyone else should forget it too! Cody's threats are definitely in the wrong.

Though entertaining, none of this behavior is good! I worry for this upcoming generation... Will they ever grow up!?!

Ed in Ohio said...

I don't get it. Paul the 'little - bigman' that he thinks he is scolds Mark for not defending Josh when Jody was arguing with him. If I'm not mistaken just about the entire house was in the kitchen while this was going on.

Not a peep out of any of them, they all just sat there and watched. But somehow Mark was supposed to defend Josh? What were they all doing? Who are these people? SMH!

Sharon N said...

The "fight" was ridiculous. Jessica started the entire fight and Cody had to add to the ugly. Josh did manage to stay cool with her (and Cody), but he could have just as easily walked away and ignored her. In reality, that probably would have gotten to Jessica a lot more... but he didn't walk and the fight continued.

Paul is so full of himself and never shuts up. Even when he asks Mark a question, he doesn't give him a chance to answer. Paul basically goes to Mark to call him out on why Mark didn't defend Josh... after Josh had spent 45 minutes banging pots/pans at Mark the other day. Oh, and NOBODY stood up against Josh for bullying Mark. Paul is so righteous... he pretends to accept what Mark has to say, but what Paul really wants is for Mark to fall to his knees, say "yes master," and agree with him.

After Josh's crying jag, he decides pots & pans are the way to go again?
After he broke a couple the other day... banging them at Mark?

geez, these people are ALL childish and flippin' bizarre.

Sharon N said...

I'm sure Paul went after Mark because he still thinks Mark is Cody's ally.
Plus, he wants to have Mark (and probably Raven) his next targets.
I call 'set-up.'

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I read a big chunk of it at jokers, but it was interesting to watch. Like a trainwreck!

uncartie said...

Spot on Sharon! Paul wants Mark out soon and he set it up perfectly.

BB Rule #3749 Don't try and defend the guy that everyone hates with a passion. It's bound to splash back on you.

Anonymous said...

Well..Ed in Ohio seems to be the only one who gets it. I agree totally. Little big man just stood there, as always, not speaking up. The only time I ever saw Paul speak up at one of these fights was when he told Josh to get the pots and pans and head outside....WITH A VERY ENTHUSIASTIC VOICE. I am so sick of Paul. Glad someone else see's what he is doing. In addition...Jason too gets it. Paul went to Josh and repeated what Jessica and Cody said over and over and over again...just getting Josh more upset..which is what he wants.
Get Paul and his little man complex out of there. Are we watching a game or is this just Kindergarten recess>??

Sharon N said...

yep, uncartie.
No matter what Mark said, and no matter how Paul "seemed" to agree that Mark had been bullied and didn't hear the Josh/Jessica/Cody fight... Paul is still harping to everyone that Mark didn't stick up for Josh. Set-up to the inth degree.

Oh, Paul hopes to oust Cody first. If that happens, I strongly suspect Mark will be the next target. Seems like Paul would be thinking of bigger fish first, so I'm not sure how smart that would be. Although, nobody else has won much of anything that has much merit. So far, it's mostly been Paul, Cody and Jessica battling it out. Josh's HOH was a total crap-shoot.

Jackie Hardin said...

Last night when Matt and Raven were in bed, was he laughing or crying? It looked like both.

Annabelle said...

I've never really considered what Josh has done as bullying. Yeah it's immature and ridiculous, but bullying? Really?! Banging pots and pans and walking around in a tutu singing about meatballs?

Threatening someone verbally and physically, taunting someone about their appearance and speech, demeaning someone's intelligence, throwing hot sauce in someones eyes....THAT is bullying.

The reason this is all happening is not Paul, it's Jess and Cody. Evidence of this is when Cody was gone, everyone in the house was so much happier (even Jess!) and things weren't at all so serious all of the time. Once he returned, things went right back to the way they were.

Those two are just toxic together and are way too serious to be on a show that is historically silly with outrageous, obnoxious personalities every single season. That people expect more mature behavior from BB contestents is hilarious to me.

Nickelpeed said...

I am so over this BB. The reason why the house went back to being toxic with Cody, is because he has been a target since week 1. I'm so tired of hearing, "we've got to get Jessica out, then Cody." I guess there has to be a couple who is targeted every year. I'm just so tired of this whole season being, "we need to get Cody and Jessica out."

Weeks have gone by, it hasn't changed. I am sure Jessica is stressed and just snapped. Cody, on the other hand, is always angry. I guess I would be angry, too, if the entire house has done nothing but target me for 6 weeks. However, his anger issues need to be addressed. I know Josh banging pots and pans is irritating, but to go after someone and promise bodily harm, is way beyond the pots and pans.

Yes, I am over this. LOL

Judi Sweeney said...


Jessica and Cody have bullied... Paul has bullied by way of directing Josh! Josh HAS harassed and bullied over an over again... PLEASE DON'T minimize any of their actions. How soon we forget how Paul's lectures to his team and especially Josh to get out there and get in Cody's face... get him to become violent so he gets kicked out of BB... Josh went out and followed his master Paul's direction! He didn't just bang pans together...

This last action was definitely not Josh's doing. But at the same time I don't feel sorry for poor (sarcasm) Josh! Josh is VERY capable of pulling out the tears as needed! He even talked about how he should get an acting award on one of the previous shows.

As my almost 13 year old granddaughter said the other day... "this is one of the worst BB seasons! Sad". This IS the first time (watched them all) that I don't have a favorite player by now.

uncartie said...
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uncartie said...

Anon 3:36,Paul is playing the Game of BB and putting on a clinic in the process. Why would he insert himself into the train wreck of Jody vs Josh? He would gain nothing by doing it. Instead he manipulates Mark into defending Cody. Mark was already on shaky ground with lot of the HGs for spending too much time with Cody. The conversation he had with Mark just makes Mark a bigger target and illustrates just how Paul is thinking ahead.

I don't like Paul. I think he's obnoxious,his personal stories are mostly crap,but he certainly knows how to play the game.

Petals said...
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Anonymous said...

Train wreck on BB19. Not worth even watching this season. Need to call it quits and just forget this year all together.

Anonymous said...

They have to stop having these kerfuffles after the veto ceremony. There isn't enough time to show it on the live eviction night.

Hmmm. Aug 18th? I hope I can catch that one.

Anonymous said...

I so agree about the language used by these houseguests, male and female. Am I so out of touch that I don't realize that young people really do use the F word (or WORSE, the MF word) in every sentence???? At work??? At church??? It has really begun to get to me.

Petals said...

AND this season makes TMZ. Again.


Petals said...

Anon 7:34 - I agree, but I find the JC and GD more offensive and both just roll of their tongues. Grrrr.
And when not cursing, they are being vulgar, particularly Elena - she is really very crass, brash, bawdy (not in a humorous way, either). ick

monty924 said...

stand by my assessment last night. They are all whack in there (well, I don't think Kevin and Jason are but the majority are). Sharon, you were spot on as uncartie said. Of course Paul was setting Mark up as a target down the road and it's a short road, lol. Whatever anyone thinks of him as a player or a person, I think 99+% of what he does and says is completely game related. The best players do that. Andy was the best at playing both sides of the house and always popping up into every room and conversation and it worked all the way to 500K.

Sharon N said...

Anon 7:34
We no longer live in a polite or mannered society. Try lingering near a group of young people (ages 10-50) and you will hear every 'nasty' word in the book, and used in sentences like conjunctions. Words that would have gotten our mouths washed out with soap.

Remembering the time when we moaned over young people using "like" constantly throughout every sentence. Now it doesn't seem so bad. LOL

Sharon N said...

Jackie has the game thread up!

Jackie Hardin said...

Last night when Matt and Raven were in bed, was he laughing or crying? It looked like both.

Judi Sweeney said...

It looked like he couldn't stop laughing! He would get control and suddenly start laughing again....