Sunday, August 06, 2017

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was - August 6, 2017

Good morning! Since it's a Sunday morning, this is my weekly off television topic post taking a look at the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken along the way. This weekly post is done year in, year out. Big Brother, the main draw for so many of you, only lasts about three months -- although sometimes it seems to be a lifetime. If you're here solely for the BB posts, please feel free to skip this post. You can find my latest BB19 posts by using this link.

It's been just another week in the life. We've had nightly or early morning thunderstorms almost every day and hot, humid days.  The streak seems to be over for now. I left my windows open last night for the first time in days. It was great not to be running the air conditioner and not to worry about rain coming in the windows! Tomorrow it's supposed to rain again. Sigh.

Mind you, I actually kind of like rain and storms ... just not when I have to be out commuting in that weather!

I really don't have much for you this week other than the photos I took. So, without further ado ... clicking on an image will open a larger version in a gallery setting.

Mama Sparrow still feeds baby ...

... even though baby looks fatter than her and is perfectly capable of picking up his own bread crumbs!  The youngster chases after Mom, fluttering his wings repeatedly and cries for food. Sheesh. I don't know about this younger generation! Plainfield Train Station.

A small murder of crows gather

 While waiting for my train (delayed by a half-hour!), I watched crows gather on the obsolete technology across the street from the Plainfield Train Station. At least their antics gave me great photo fodder and passed the time while I waited to be late for work.

Are they arguing?

Last call for alcohol! Er, um ...

Last call before the Flower of an Hour closes up for the day, that is.

If I had the time, I'd love to time lapse these


Closing, closed and passed

Yes, I'm a work of art bird style!

Mama (or Daddy?) Starling

No, I'm not a crow

Mama doesn't feed the starling

I guess sparrows cater to their young longer than do starlings. This starling is young, probably no older than the "baby" sparrow. Yet, he must fend for himself. He can't chase Mom around, flutter his wings and cry to be fed.

Crow ballet

Crow Ballet 2

Crow hissy fit?

I'm the top crow!

I'm ready for my close-up!

Hidden? Stolen and dumped?

Whichever the case may be, whoever retrieves it might regret taking it. It's on poison ivy growing under a tree at the Bridgewater Train Station.

Monday night's moon

You know me. I always like to take on the challenge of shooting the moon.

Let there be transportation

I say this as I wait for my delayed NJ Transit train.

Oh my

Now, that's quite some head of wild hair! As seen on North Avenue in Plainfield.

This is odd

These little yellow flowers seem to be growing on brittle dead stems. Bridgewater Train Station parking lot.

Vincent getting his beauty rest

After all, he needs to be gorgeous for his loving audience. Okay, his audience at home is mainly ME, but ...!


Petals said...

Your photos this week are FOR THE BIRDS, Jackie, LOL.

Actually- they are so interesting & beautiful, as always. I love the birds that live by (and on) my office) and could watch them all day.
Cooler temps should be headed your way (it is in the 60s here today!)

Nickelpeed said...

Love the photos of the mama feeding the baby birds. How do you get photos like this??? So great!!

Jackie Hardin said...

Love these pictures. I have humming birds that I look at. I'm disabled and the birds make my day.