Thursday, August 30, 2018

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds HoH Endurance Comp Updates - August 30

Once the live feeds return, I'll be regularly updating this post with screen caps and status. You will need to refresh the page to get the most current updates!

10:00pm ET -- The feeds return and they're still celebrating Scottie's return. No comp yet. 

10:12pm -- Still no comp yet.

Every time Scottie says too much about the jury house, like food they have, we get fish. Angela told Scottie the lies about her in Fessy's speech.

Apparently the comp won't start until after the live show airs on the West Coast.

12:35am ET - Still no comp, but I just had to say something. Haleigh was singing (bad!) 'You're So Vain' and Sam asked if that was a Carly Simon song. Then Sam went on to say Carly Simon passed away and was an original member of The Mamas and the Papas. I can't ... I just can't. No one corrected her.

Right now I plan to hang in and wait. Sleep might call, but ...! 

12:56am ET -- The feeds cut to previous season rerun to prep the hamsters for the comp expected to start in about a half-hour. 
1:24am ET -- Reruns stop, feeds to fish.

1:42am ET
1:42am ET -- Feeds on the comp. They're suspended by ropes spinning around. Mustard, catsup and water are being shot at them.

1:49am ET - JC down

1:54am ET

2:00am ET

2:03am ET -- All still hanging in except for JC. Kaycee is not feeling well. They're starting to go around faster.

2:05am ET - Catsup Boy Brett
2:07am ET - Sam down. She's dizzy and doesn't feel well.
And Scottie needs to stop singing!

Sam is down

2:11am ET - Scottie accidentally started spinning around and is down.

They are bombarded with feathers, too

2:20am ET - Only JC, Sam and Scottie out of the competition. Haleigh looks remarkably strong

2:22am ET - Brett slips and falls.

Buh-bye Brett

2:25am ET - Only Haleigh, Kaycee and Tyler remain in it.
2:32am ET - Kaycee down. Just Tyler and Haleigh remain. Both look strong.
2:40am ET - The waffle pie stopped slapping them for a few times around. Haleigh keeps changing her position while Tyler remains standing. Both look pretty solid. A few times Tyler asked Haleigh how she's doing and she said fine. I think he might be tiring.

BB needs to spice this up for these two! 

2:47am ET - Haleigh got walloped by the waffle pie and goes down.

Haleigh makes a hard landing

TYLER is the new HoH!

Big Brother 20: Live Eviction, Battle Back Show Blog Party - August 30

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging it -- refresh the page to get the latest news! As always, the real party is in the comments area. Please feel free to join in on the discussion!

A programming note for those in the NYC viewing area -- Big Brother will air at its regular time on WLNY 10/55 instead of WCBS2 due to football.

Tonight either Fessy or Haleigh will be evicted. And, whichever goes, will join the other jury members in a battle back comp to reenter the house. No, not my decision. It is what it is.

Also, the HoH comp will be on the live feeds after the aired show. I'll be setting up a new post to cover live updates on the comp. It will be linked at the bottom of this entry and should be up by 10pm ET. 

What's a party without a pool? Here's where we stand going into tonight's show:

Sam Bledsoe - Shayne McCaslin, HowSad, tbc, Sharon C
Haleigh Broucher - Brian, Sharon S, Monty924, Buzzmaam
Kaycee Clark - Sharon N, Skyriverblue, Indiana Jane, Jenna G
Tyler Crispen - SueGee, Glenn Allen, Jessica Underwood-James, JennasMom
JC Monduix - Brenda, Delee, T-Town Chick, Willie J
Brett Robinson - Judi Sweeney, Lovelakexo, Ed in Ohio, JonMD1267
Angela Rummans - Janice, Chacha, QuixoticElf, Tilda
Faysal Fessy Shafaat - Caela, Marthalight, Cheryl in NC, Marina Tatum

Bayleigh Dayton
Angie Rockstar Lantry
Scottie Salton 

Hamster watchers ready?

Julie reminds us of the battle back and we're into "previously on." 

Julie also now reminds us Level 6 has been watching the other side implode.

But first ... is there such a thing as one Final Two too many? Fessy is still fussy. Haleigh isn't sure what she should do. They talk. She talks about his attitude. He fusses because she's hanging out with "them." He's worried that she'll leave him after they get out of the house. He isn't sure it's real. I think their "real" differs, though. He says he has an eviction speech planned which might keep her safe for three weeks.

Brett talks to Tyler about a final two. We know that Tyler has deals with just about everybody in the house. Now it's Brett's turn. Brett tells him that Kaycee and Angela need to go because they would take each other. Tyler denies a showmance with Angela.

Julie tells us it's time for allies to turn on each other if they want to win. JC tells us Fessy is probably leaving and has no brain, so he goes to Tyler. While he's been working with them, he isn't a part of them. He tells Tyler that Angela or Kaycee need to go. He says one of them before Haleigh. Tyler ain't buying it.

So, he goes to Brett, says he'll be his new BFF. Brett tells him he's on board. Brett is worried about a battle back because he's made enemies with everyone so far on jury.

Into the live vote and eviction (already) --
Fessy -- Shout outs, love and respect for Haleigh, talks trash about Angela and throws her under the bus.
Haleigh -- Compliments Julie, shout outs, grateful to know everyone, great cast, not ready to leave, you all mean so much to me.

Votes to evict:
Tyler - Fessy
Brett - Fessy
Sam - Haleigh
JC - Fessy
Kaycee - Fessy

Rather predictable for us feeds watchers. Fessy is evicted. 

The interview went well. He couldn't answer the question about whether he would have saved Haleigh or himself with the veto. He also admitted he lied in his speech about things Angela said about Tyler. 

She told of the battle back and we're into commercial. 

Julie tells the hamsters about the battle back. They will not be allowed to watch. We get a segment on the jury house. Bayleigh and Rockstar watch the video of Haleigh winning HoH and the Hacker nominating Rockstar then the infamous veto comp. Scottie arrives. They watch those videos.  Scottie says he's dumb. They get a notice to pack their bags and there will be a battle back. Bayleigh wants to target Tyler.

In the yard, Fessy surprises them all. He first apologizes to Scottie.

Comp is called Big Top Drop -- race to retrieve their balls, drop into a tube, then race across the yard. Fessy was leading, but now Scottie. SCOTTIE returns to the house!  

Ooooh! Scottie says to Julie he's going to try to work with Tyler! 

My HoH comp live feeds update is at this link.

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Thursday - August 30

I want to spend time with you, Haleigh

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Unrequited Love:
  • Fessy, Fessy, Fessy ... you're on the wrong show.
  • You thought the way to win is to just keep winning comps -- everything would be physical and you're just so darn athletic.
  • You thought you'd win the show and a girl, too.
  • Poor Fessy.
  • He spent another day moping for most of the day yesterday.
  • Haleigh talked to him and found out that they're in one of those is the glass half-empty or half-full scenarios.
  • Haleigh thinks of this week as one of them (her) is staying. Fessy thinks of it as one of them is leaving.
  • He's very upset that she's been spending so much time with the others while they (her and Fessy) only have hours left to be together.
  • I do think Haleigh honestly LIKES Fessy.
  • But, in no way the way he's smitten with her.
  • Haleigh seems to be the type who likes to flirt and not be with one guy until that's "the one." And, she's only 21 -- she's not looking for the one.
  • Fessy, on the other hand, thinks she's the love of his life.
  • Eventually Haleigh buckled and spent quality hours with him for the most of the evening.
  • Now he probably is running marriage plans in his mind.
  • Oh, but they're still denying showmance to the others. @@
  • She agreed to go out with him at an adventure park after the season ends ... like sort of a date, dude. Not marriage. Not even going steady.
  • In other news, JC and Sam are clashing.
  • Sam is still being rather unusual. She will go from picking at a pillow to playing with her wind chimes to odd ballet-like moves to standing on her hands.
  • Yet she curb-stomped no one.
  • JC might thing he's on her curb-stomp list.
  • Tyler is still concerned that Brett might turn on them (Level 6/4) because he feels bottom of the alliance. His friendship with JC seems to be going strong and he might listen to and team up with JC.
  • Tyler and Angela agree to spend more time with Brett.
  • Tonight's show with the eviction and battle back should liven things up.
  • They need it.        

So, Sam. What next? Odd ballet?

Bun better than straight long hair

Wakey, wakey. I said: Time to GET UP

Wow. Kaycee has some HAIR

Fessy climbed the walls

Quality time together at last

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Big Brother 20: Power of Veto Show Blog Party - August 29

As the show airs here, I'll be live-blogging it -- refresh the page to get the latest news. As always, the real party is in the comments area. Please feel free to join in on the discussion!

Tonight's veto comp should be a mix of funny, messy and exciting -- it's a new one! Grab your adult beverages and settle in a comfy chair. 

Before we get going, just a heads up for folks here in the NYC viewing area -- Jets/Eagles football will be airing on WCBS 2 tomorrow night. Big Brother (and the rest of the CBS line-up) will be airing on time on WLNY 10/55 at its regular time. I, for one, do not miss the days before they bought out that station! I remember waiting until 1:37am or later to see the show. I'll even forgive the fact the call letters for the channel are for "We Love New York."

Okay, let's get this show started! 

Previously on and blah, blah, blah ... we finally pick it up just after the nominations. Angela admits she's evil. Fessy didn't see it coming (kind of like all summer long). Haleigh isn''t surprised at all -- she says they need to go win the veto. 

Oh, poor Sam. Fessy is precious to her. He tells her that it's just a game and they will go play veto. Tyler is thrilled with the Level Six game play. He also likes to cuddle with Angela.

Angela, who's been at odds with Haleigh, is actually targeting Fessy. 

Fessy admits to Haleigh that she was right last week -- they should have kept Scottie. Fessy smiles as he goes through all their mistakes and bad luck for the last several weeks.

JC tells Angela, Tyler and Kaycee that Sam shouldn't play for veto. If she happened to win it, she would save Fessy and, guess who would go on the block? Yep, JC.

Veto players pick time! Angela randomly draws Kaycee. Fessy randomly draws JC. Haleigh gets Houseguest's Choice. -- Fessy tells her to choose Sam and she goes ahead and does it.

Haleigh talks to Angela in the guise of borrowing a hair curler. Angela tells her that Fessy is the target this week. It's dawning on her why Fessy wanted her to choose Sam. 

Fessy tells JC he needs to save him if he wins the veto. JC tells him that if he does, he and Fessy would both be on the block next week. He makes no promises to his ex-buddy Fessy. 

Time for the veto comp. They each have their own space station and have to recover Vetonium to put in their containers from Planet Veto. The most Vetonium brought back wins. Flying saucers, giant scorpions and a three-eyed monster greet the first person -- Haleigh.

The monster spits goo and a ball they're supposed to catch. Slime gets all over the goggles making it almost impossible.

Next are the Scorpinators. It's raining and the ball-throwing is unpredictable. 

The third round has them catching squid-like things in their mouths. 

Haleigh did poorly, Kaycee did quite well. Sam is up now. Sam did poorly. JC up. Um, he caught one ball with the scorpions. Angela up. She did better than Sam and JC, but nowhere near as good as Kaycee. Fessy up. He's confident. He's the only one that got the slime balls in the first round. He did decent on the second round. Good on last.

JC - 2 points
Haleigh - 13
Sam - 2
Angela - 16
Fessy - 32
Kaycee - 33

Kaycee wins the PoV!

Haleigh fights tears in the Diary Room telling us her only choice is to separate herself from Fessy, the one person who's had her back all along and be with the others who want her gone. Fessy looks miserable, losing by one point.

Haleigh starts her integrating with others move. Fessy is mad because Haleigh isn't spending time with HIM. He fusses to her about being upstairs. She tells him they shouldn't isolate themselves. Fessy is such a poor loser! Was it real or was it a game? 

Haleigh cries to herself in the hammock and Brett consoles her. He knows Fessy is the target. He thinks of it as a game move to improve his own standing. She denies to him that Fessy and her are a couple. Fessy goes to his Have Not satellite dish bed, slams himself down and pouts. 

Veto meeting time. She gives them each speech time.
Haleigh -- Your decision, don't want to leave.
Fessy -- Condescendingly, he congratulates Kaycee on her win.

Kaycee does not use the veto.

Fessy wonders if he will get to keep Haleigh after the game.

Haleigh cries because everyone she's been close to in the game goes away.

Tyler is happy he never had to use his Cloud Power App. But, as he says, now things will get tougher.

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Wednesday - August 29

Oh, my! She's Tylerless at the moment!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Waiting for Thursday:
  • My apologies for not posting last night -- it's like we're in a holding pattern for the most part.
  • The biggest development is that Angela and Sam talked about that open intercom issue. Sam says she didn't hear much and Angela told her that Brett was all in arms due to some silly laundry issue. Sam explained that she had Brett give her his laundry and then she sorted them for washing. Brett un-sorted them -- not a huge deal, just kind of dumb.
  • Sam doesn't seem upset, nor did she seem to hear much as she said she was trying NOT to see or hear.
  • Hmm. So she says.
  • Everything else is pretty much the same.
  • Fessy continues to exile himself for the most part and is very brief when someone actually talks to him in passing.
  • Haleigh continues to mix and mingle.
  • Fessy told her he won't campaign and he thinks she's campaigning because she's hanging out with "them."
  • Nope, she's not campaigning in the sense that she's telling them to keep her and vote out Fessy.
  • Their minds are already made up to do just that.
  • And, Haleigh's only other choice other than hanging out with "them" would be to spend all her time with a grumpy Fessy.
  • Sam did Kaycee's hair. It is beautiful. But I can identify with Kaycee about not liking hair in my face.
  • By the end of the night, it was pretty much back to a bun.
  • Sam ate dinner with Brett and JC. Brett claims that he's never seen her eat.
  • Now, Brett ... how would she still be alive for two months without eating?
  • We've seen her eat. She eats.
  • Kaycee tried doing Haleigh's fingernails (or lack of) with polish from Angela's HoH basket to get her to stop biting them.
  • Haleigh claims anxiety makes her do it.
  • I say no to that. I say habit. 
  • And on it goes ... 

I'm not a fan of the new 'do


Fessy: "You're in bed with the enemy!"

Yes, Brett. Sam does eat.

Pout. Pout.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let your hair down.

Then it went to this

Orwell wants Rockstar back

Trying to fix the nail-biting

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds into Tuesday - August 28

Smile. You're on Candid Camera.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of HoH Exposed:
  • Things were running pretty much the same as they ever were (at least for the last day or two).
  • The Bickersons (Haleigh and Fessy) continued to bicker a bit.
  • Fussy Fessy doesn't even want to watch the show because it will show him eating ham(like) for the first three episodes. He will look foolish.
  • Well, that should be the least of his worries.
  • And, it should have been our first indicator that the Dude Don't Think because he's Muslim and he had other choices other than Ham he could have taken.
  • But did we pay attention?
  • Nope.
  • He plans to "expose" Angela in his eviction speech.
  • The huge news of the night has to do with the HoH room monitors.
  • Now, I don't care for the monitors in the kitchen and the living room and the fact that the HoH can make PA announcements through the house.
  • Welp, something went horribly wrong.
  • Brett was telling stories about how Sam snapped at him about laundry with no reason. Angela said how passive-aggressive Sam is. Tyler said Sam's behavior was getting worse.
  • Kaycee had to go down to change her shirt for the Diary Room and came running back to the HoH.
  • As she had walked through the living room she could hear the HoH bunch talking and saw them on the monitor. She had waved and said something back, but they apparently didn't hear her.
  • She had passed by Sam during that time.
  • Uh-oh.
  • Kaycee pushed a button to turn it off, but it remained on.
  • She went down to test it -- she could still hear and see them in the HoH, but they couldn't hear her.
  • JC went down to test it and had the same result.
  • Brett even mooned JC to see if he could see him.
  • Angela complained to production that they er ... were ... messing with her game. (That's not quite her wording.)
  • JC told the Bickersons who were out in the hammock what happened.
  • When Sam came out to check on the now infamous laundry, Haleigh offered to finish it.
  • Sam said she was tired, pissed off and had had it.
  • Fessy, of all people, told her that it's all just a game show on television.
  • @@
  • Yet, HE remains all bent out of shape.
  • How long the monitor was broadcasting, no one knows.
  • What exactly Sam might have seen and heard, only Sam knows.
  • The feeds went off of the HoH room and all four focused on the Bickersons.
  • They all eventually went to bed.
  • And, so did I. 

The new 'do. Curls will return.

Kaycee will soon make a discovery.

The game is over for US.

JC tells the Bickersons of the monitor woes.

Now Sam's REALLY going to hate me!

JC, can you see what I'm doing?

Monday, August 27, 2018

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds, PoV Meeting Monday - August 27

I'm too handsome to lose to a girl!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Woeful Wombats:
  • Just another day in paradise.
  • Or not.
  • It's certainly not paradise for Fussy Fessy.
  • As expected when the veto ceremony went down, Kaycee did not use the veto.
  • Haleigh and Fessy remain on the block.
  • He's still upset that he lost the veto to Kaycee by one point.
  • He's still upset that Haleigh has been mixing and mingling with the others in the house.
  • She tried to explain to him that they live with them. Yes, she knows they nominated her, but it's ridiculous to exile themselves.
  • Fessy didn't like that.
  • Nor does he seem to like that she's not buckling under his pressure.
  • Other than the Haleigh/Fessy ripples, it was a peaceful day.
  • Another day went by without Sam curb-stomping anyone.
  • Hmm ... maybe because they don't have a curb there?
  • Level 6/4 believe it will be a jury buyback this week and a double eviction the next.
  • Yet they're dead set on sending Fessy packing.
  • JC has washed his hands of Fessy. He tried for weeks to get Fessy yo actually think.
  • He says he was only close to him because of his spying for Tyler.
  • But I witnessed many of the talks he had with Fessy. He often tried to talk sense into him.
  • It didn't work.
  • Now JC is hanging around Brett.
  • Brett doesn't need any game advice from him as he tried to do with Fessy.
  • It's been a boring day.
  • Thursday should be interesting!

Wanna close that refrigerator door?

The Bickersons

Has written off Fessy

Hey, Have Not! Penalty nom, please!

So much better without Winston!

Big Brother 20: Live Feeds Sunday into Monday - August 26/27

Tyler and Angela snuggled

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Slumbering Sunday:
  • Remember -- the more screen caps I post means either lots of action or little action, nothing between.
  • As I predicted in my last update, this was a day of little action.
  • The biggest news is that Angela had to pick three Have Nots.
  • Sam kept volunteering, but the rest kept saying no one should do two weeks in a row, plus she's still quitting cigarettes.
  • Kaycee volunteered and Angela chose Haleigh and Fessy. Mind you, it's not because she hates them or anything -- neither has been a Have Not lately and Brett has already been one twice. Sam, Tyler and JC had last week.
  • There aren't really a lot to choose from now.
  • Fussy ... er, I mean FESSY kept fussing about his veto loss. He wants BB to review things because he should have won.
  • And definitely, he shouldn't have lost to a girl.
  • Other than complaining about his loss to anyone he happened upon, he kept himself segregated from the others most of the time.
  • Haleigh, although she still seems a bit nervous, mingled more than Fessy.
  • Brett and JC were talking game until Haleigh plopped down and joined them.
  • Tyler and Angela not only snuggled, but talked the game down the line.
  • They know it's likely they'll have to turn on each other at some point.
  • Anglela is worried, but Tyler is taking things in stride a bit more.
  • He definitely wants a relationship with her outside of the house, no matter what happens. She seems to feel the same way.
  • Sam didn't curb-stomp anyone.
  • She spent little time outside because it reminded her of smoking.
  • Instead, she cleaned and cooked.
  • She even told Tyler that if she (Sam) gets evicted, he should work with Angela.
  • Oh my.
  • Pigs can fly!
  • They got the HoH SnapChat camera glasses and fun was had by all.
  • Well, not so much by Fessy.
  • Fessy did try to get Kaycee to save him with the veto.
  • Yeah, like that would happen.
  • Pigs don't fly once again.
  • Fessy and Haleigh bickered because he didn't think she should be spending time with "them."
  • She's irked that he's all doom and gloom and refuses to be like that.
  • They got a small booze delivery.
  • No one kerfuffled or brouhaha'd with the booze.
  • For the most part, they all really like each other ... except for Fussy Fessy.
  • Brett asked Haleigh if she and Fessy were a showmance.
  • She denied it quite vehemently.
  • Today Kaycee shouldn't be saving anyone with her hard-won veto.

There was exercising

There was napping

Sam narrated her cooking

JC and Brett spent quality time together

They baked themselves in the sun

Angela watched Spy Cam TV

Kaycee gave Sam a massage

We watched the toilet stall door