Thursday, January 26, 2006

Last Night's LOST -- Baby Saving, Wacky Dreams

I found last night's 'Lost' a bit better than the episode the week before which made a Miss in my Hits and Misses. I'm not sure how much it moved things forward and it certainly didn't answer previous mysteries much at all. But, it kept my interest and, but of course, brought up new questions.

This week's episode mainly focused on Charlie with flashbacks to his childhood, his drug days with his brother and the need to "save" Aaron, Claire's baby. This was done through very odd, wacked out surreal dreams. Okay, I can take that approach. It was kind of like being on LSD, but that was never Charlie's drug of choice.

New questions to ponder:
1. What's up with Locke? He confronted Charlie about the stash of Virgin Mary statue stash, then he takes them and puts them in the gun room down in the hatch? Why didn't he destroy them or let Charlie do it?
2. Why is it so important that Aaron be baptized?
3. Why are Ana Lucia's shoulders huge like a linebacker's? (That may be just a question I have and no one else.)
4. Will Hurley and Libby become one?
5. Again, Locke's being all mystical and mysterious. When the show started, I thought Locke was the "key" to the show. Is he? "Each one of us was brought here for a reason. Each one of us. Who brought us here? The island." Huh. Whassup wit dat, I ask?

What did you think of this week's LOST?


Judy said...

Just thinking they need to answer some old questions before they add so much it just me?

dawn said...

i'm starting to think locke is really an other. It would make sense. What do you think

Beverly said...


I gave up on Lost. It lost me. I absoutely loved last season, but this year, it's just frustrating to try and follow all the nonsense. I'm hoping that I'll want to watch the reruns of it this summer...maybe something will change my mind.