Friday, October 23, 2020

BB22: Season Review Show Blog Party - Oct. 23


I'm not all that sure exactly what we're in for tonight. I'm guessing it will be a look back on the season with "never seen before" clips, their final three champagne feast and a lot of reminiscing going on. I probably will not be updating this entry with most of the events -- probably only the ones I find worthy in my opinion. Of course, my opinion might be swayed by different content than your opinions.

Therefore you know where the party is -- feel free to join in on the comments! No HOH part one spoilers, please. That won't be shown until Monday's show.

For those looking for the AFP voting link, this is it.

We're getting a Previously On segment but it's leading into the Final Three looking back on the season. They have their final three champagne feast which was blocked to the live feeds last night.

Reminiscing the pranks of the house.

Did Tyler convince Enzo to go vegan? He decides to "blur the rules." For him, anything that comes from the ground is vegan. He wonders about eggs, chickens and such.

David accidentally starts a fire making French fries.

Janelle and Kaysar in a fifteen year BB friendship.

Enzo learned what a bidet is. Cody has no real idea what ripe means. That's sad.

Cute DR segment with them asking for stuff. Kaysar wants a bunny. In a second appearance he tells them please a bunny because he's already promised half the house a bunny.

Ian talks about rocking on the hammock and being on the spectrum. We go into deep meaningful (or not) conversations. Kaysar explains halal food and they go more into various religions, then race issues. Da'Vonne's talk with Kaysar brings tears to his eyes. He feels he needs to be on a mission in the house to spread awareness.

Onto the costumes and punishments.

The show wraps up with each one telling us why they want to win.

BB22: Live Feeds, Winner HOH Part One - Oct. 23


Enzo chows down

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Dwindling Days:
  • The feeds were blocked for a good chunk (or, to be honest ... chunks) of time since the live show.
  • They got their feast with champagne and all.
  • We only saw the aftermath of that.
  • They did the first part of the HoH three part final comp.
  • We only saw the aftermath of that.
  • Nicole won the first part.
  • From what they're saying, it was one of those comps in which they're suspended and spinning around hitting things.
  • They said it was slippery. Maybe rain and goop sprayed on them?
  • Cody said he kept hitting the moon.
  • Enzo was saying that they'll probably be mocked for how quickly the comp was over.
  • So, yeah. I can actually see Nicole winning a comp like that over either Cody or Enzo. And Cody would probably do better than Enzo.
  • The second and third parts of the comp won't be until the live finale show.
  • So, we're into the doldrums until then.
  • Gah.
  • Enzo and Cody will compete in the second part. In the third part the winner of part two will go against Nicole (winner of part one). The winner of the third part chooses who will go into the final two with him or her and sends the third wheel packin'.
  • They talked about how Christmas probably won't get along with people in the jury house.
  • Heh. Y'think?
  • All three are getting along well.
  • This is going to be way boring.
  • I thought I knew boring before.
  • But I ain't seen nuthin' yet.
  • That's all for now!
Oh! The America's Favorite Player voting is on this link.

That wasn't my comp

I like the towel

How I feel about this season

Thursday, October 22, 2020

BB22: Live Eviction Show at Final Four Blog Party - Oct. 22


Yes, we're getting down to the wire and it really can't come too soon! Tonight we will have the final four live veto meeting and Cody, as the PoV holder, will make the decision who will be going out the door -- Nicole or Christmas.

For those who may have forgotten who they have in the blog pool, SueGee's latest update can be found at this here link.

I will be updating this entry with the major events as the show airs here on the East Coast -- refresh the page to get the latest news. As always, the real party is in the comments area. Please feel free to join in on the fun!

As per usual, I'm sitting out Previously On. 

Hmm ... the narrator says that Cody's decision is not set in stone? Hmm. I guess they need to fill out the show. At least we'll have a jury house segment.

Day 79 so Julie says. Oh, great ... we'll find out before the hour is up. Thanks!

Enzo tells Christmas that he wants to keep her in the house. He thinks he stands a better chance of getting to the final two with her and the win, although he doesn't come out and say the win.

They both know that Cody and Nicole would most likely take each other if they're in position to do so. It turns out that now Nicole holds the record for the most amount of time spent in the house.

Cody is teasing her that she needs to go with that record. At least he's acting like he's teasing. Enzo and Cody talk about how Christmas and Nicole are now best friends. Enzo wants to convince Cody that Christmas would be easier to beat in the final HoH. Cody tells us he isn't all that worried because he knows Nicole would take him to the final two.

Christmas is solitary right now, talking to herself. She thinks that even Enzo has betrayed her and doesn't think she'll take him to the final two if she can get that far. So, now she thinks she needs to work on gaining Cody's favor.

So, she works on Cody, throwing Enzo under the bus and telling him that Enzo said he would bring her to the final two. She continues to throw him under the bus with the old Nicole vote. She promises to take him to the final two if she stays and wins. Cody admires what she's doing. But he does have final two deals with both Enzo and Nicole ... so, I ask you ... why would he even want to keep Christmas? Oh. To add minutes to the show. I got it!

Nicole talks to him. She tells him she thinks it would be easier to beat Enzo in the final comp. He tells her about Christmas's proposed final two deal. She's getting antsy and might be blowing it with Cody. She gets emotional while he giggles.

To the jury house. All are surprised about Memphis arriving.  They watch the video. David thinks Nicole could win it all while the others don't think so. They think Enzo and Nicole are going to go after each other. Da'Vonne points out that Nicole laid low in her season then won comps at the end. 

Time for the final veto meeting and live eviction. Cody cannot use the veto as there is no one else to evict.

Christmas -- Shout outs. She compliments Nicole. Enzo - congrats on third place. Cody -- jury will see previous winner
Nicole -- Talks of friendship with Cody. Hopes to be kitchen friends with Christmas, nice to Enzo, shout outs to family at end.

Cody has to vote live ...
He evicts Christmas. Nicely, but surely, the holiday season ends a few months early. She's polite but full of herself as usual during her Julie interview. I want to know why she has some sort of rag in her hand flopping it around as she talks.

Julie announces the AFP voting is opening. As usual you can vote up to ten times a day on the CBS BB website.

The final three get encouraging words from home with videos.

There is a special episode tomorrow night.

Monday is Part One of the Hoh and other things.
Wednesday is the finale.

BB22: Who's Your Hamster? UPDATE

The esteemed Lifeguard SueGee, affectionately known as SqueeGee, has made the random match-ups for the blog pool. So. it's time to play WHO'S YOUR HAMSTER!

ALL-STAR                                         POOL PEOPLE 

Nicole Franzel                   Micaela, Sally, Defnotadoge, Deirdre
Christmas Abbott              BrizanWillow, JonMD1237, Skyriverblue   
Enzo Palumbo                   dia, Glenn Allen, Rbennie, Dolores   
Cody Calafiore                  Shannon, Chacha, Jackie 


Keesha Smith                   Margo, Juju, T-Town Chick
Nicole Anthony                 Sharon S, Mytimindi, Sandy, Donna NY 
Janelle Pierzina                 Judi Sweeney, David, Lori G
Kaysar Ridha                    Ayana, Rich H, Beachbound Gmom, joC 
Bayleigh Dayton               Jennasmom, Chase, Cheryl NY, Kelsey NY
Ian Terry                         JLaf, Jennifer, Jean From Tampa
Da’Vonne Rogers              Monty924, Cheryl in NC, Lili, Jessica Underwood James
Kevin Campbell                Auntie Leigh, Janice, MikesGirl
David Alexander               tbc, AprilW, Marthalight
Dani Donato-Briones         Donna in FL, Marlo L, Nickelpeed
Tyler Crispen                    Sharon N, CherryPie, SueGee
Memphis Garrett               Dr Celine, Indiana Jane, Krysta Gibson  

Let's hear those cheers for your chosen hamster to win!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

TAR32: Blog Party October 21 Episode


Are you ready to race?

SueGee has updated the blog pool and we're following our long tradition of reassigning folks who had the unfortunate circumstance of backing the first Philimination team. And, in a season like this, before we even barely knew them! The updated blog pool can be found at this here link.

I'll be updating this entry the best I can as the show airs here on the East Coast. I'm still iffy on some of the names, so you might see me referring to teams with descriptors rather than names. I promise you by the time the season ends, I'll have the names down! Heh. Refresh this page to get the latest update. As always, the real party is in the comments area -- I hope to see you there!

We left the teams still racing from the Tobago pit stop and receiving a clue to catch a flight to Bogota, Colombia. The flight is a bunching point with all teams on it. Ohh ... thin air as it's high altitude. That might do in some teams a bit.

Once they land, they travel by taxi to salt mines. Search the underground tunnels for hourglasses. They can stop another team for ten or twenty minutes. They can also yield a team. They also sign up for the first release time for the next clue. The more time they spend looking for a 20 minute hourglass, the more likely they are to have a later release time. The earliest is 6am. Most of them have ten minute hourglasses.

Travel on foot, climb a bell tower, find an emerald or a golden wrap and deliver to respective places to get next clue. 

Then travel by taxi to the location of the next clue -- first opportunity to use the hourglass if they wish. Uh-oh, the Olympic women are lost. The blond sisters are lost, too. Eventually they catch up to each other.

NFL is in lead, followed by Hung and Chee. The Roadblock is a circus theme tightrope walk in costume. holding a wine bottle. Then they have to go back across with a tray of glasses. So far no one has Yielded anyone. 

The new clue location has teams attaching items to customized truck. NFL is started. Several teams arriving.

NFL first and traveling by taxi for their next clue.

Uh-oh. The Olympic women are in last place going into the Roadblock.

Hung and Chee are in the lead heading to the pit stop. They are followed by NFL. Meanwhile, Olympics redeemed themselves on the tightrope.

Pit Stop
1. Hung and Chee, also won a trip to Switzerland.
2. DeAngelo and Gary (NFL)
3. Riley and Maddison
4. Eswar (sp?) and Arpana
5. Victoria and Michelle
6. Will and James
7. Leo and Alana
8. Haley and Kailynn
9. Jerry and Frank
10. Kelly and LaVonne -- Philiminated Olympic athletes

BB22: Final Veto Show Blog Party - Oct. 21


Yep, we're getting down to the wire ... thankfully. This season, one for which we had such high hopes, will not be going in the records books for one of the best. I'd say probably in contention for one of the worst. Oh, well.

Tonight should air the veto comp and filler material. The actual veto meeting will be on tomorrow night's live eviction show. The veto winner holds all the power. Unless the HoH, Enzo, wins the veto, the veto holder will be the sole vote to evict. That, of course, is why the meeting will be on tomorrow's show. 

I'll be updating this entry with the major events as they air here on the East Coast. Refresh the page to get the latest news. As always, the real party is in the comments area. Please feel free to join in on the fun! The Amazing Race airs after this episode -- a separate blog party post will be up for that show.

Previously on. And on and on.

Okay, finally they show the nominations of Christmas and Nicole. We get a surprise luxury competition for filler tonight.

They still have that huge table. It will be even more sad with three people in the house.

Of course, Christmas is crying. She's so alone, y'see. It's those three against her! Nicole, to her credit, has been trying to be nice to Christmas, small talk and such. Christmas cries more to us. She's in a snake pit. Poor baby.

Her freaking out makes Cody want to get her out of the house even more, according to him. Now, he's wanted her out all along anyway as he knows she was targeting him for a backdoor plan. Enzo wouldn't mind if Christmas won the PoV and ended up getting Nicole out.

Christmas cries even more. She outright sobs. Time to call the wahmbulance? Of course, she thinks she will win veto. I guess we'll see if Comp Christmas actually decides to show up for this one!

Ohh! Strange music and flashing photos! Clash of the Comics. Each one chooses four BB comics and they will compete. The last one standing will win $10,000. It's a bunch of battles between the comics in rounds.
It's like a bad video game battle. The battles can go on between members of the same team even. The hamsters sit and watch while wearing capes.

Losing all four of her comics, Christmas is the first one out. Enzo is out next. Cody is eliminated. It's Nicole's Memphis and Da'Vonne comics battling. Memphist and Nicole both win $10,000.

Now Christmas cries because she betrayed Memphis by not picking his comic. @@

Filler stuff. Christmas is waxing Enzo's eyebrows. Then Cody. She's rougher with Cody.

Enzo watches Christmas and Cody on the HoH cam. He thinks that Christmas seems cool and collected compared to Cody. He would really prefer her for the veto win. Nicole is studying, hoping the comp will be knowledge. 

PoV comp time ... giant hamster wheels! Several rounds, will be asked question about the day an event occurred in the house. Last one to answer by moving inside the wheel and moving to the right answer on the pad gets a strike. Three strikes and you're out.

What day in the house is it today? 74 Christmas gets a strike.
On what day did four HG redeem Safety Sweep Pass? 17 Enzo earns a strike.
What day was the triple eviction? 58 Enzo gets a second strike.
What day did you enter the BB basement? 31 Enzo is eliminated.
On what day was it announced that the replay power was activated? 51 Christmas gets her second strike.
On what day was the PoV first used to remove someone from the block? 27 Nicole gets her first strike.
On what day was POV last used to remove someone from the block? 47 Christmas is eliminated.
On what day did Dr. Will tell you to think three moves ahead? 55? Cody isn't sure. He earns a strike.
On what day was it announced the Disrupter Power was activated? 38. Nicole gets her second strike.
On what day did you meet OTEV? 53 


TAR32: UPDATED Blog Pool Team Match-Ups!

To familiarize yourself with your team you can find photos and my brief takes on the teams on my Meet the Cast posts here, here and here.

Lifeguard SueGee (affectionately also known as SqueeGee) has kindly done the random pool match-ups. As per our standard practice, the team first eliminated pool people get a second shot (as well as one straggler in this case). Here is the latest update with the reassigned first Philiminated people reassigned:

Alana / Leo -- Jennasmom, Sharon C, Donna in FL 
Aparna / Eswar -- Cheryl in NC, Kelsey NY, Skyriverblue 
Gary / DeAngelo -- JLaf, CherryPie, Judy Sweeney 
Hung / Chee -- Bizaro22. Glenn Allen. chrob61 
Jerry / Frank -- Donna NY, Monty924, Andi, Willie J 
Kaylynn / Haley -- Jennifer, Indiana Jane, Ed in Ohio 
Kellie / LaVonne -- David, ChicMc, Sharon N
Michelle / Victoria -- Mario L, Jackie, SueGee 
Riley / Maddison -- Dr_Celine, PDX Granny, Marthalight 
Will / James -- Petals, CherylNY, Nickelpeed

Nathan / Cody

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

BB22: Live Feeds into Tuesday Evening - Oct. 20


Enzo -- you're indoors!

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Bored Badgers:
  • I'm giving you a report because I promised you a report.
  • Okay ... hmm ... 
  • They've been talking a lot about hamsters in the house this season as well as the other seasons they played. Compare and contrast, if you will.
  • They've been playing board games.
  • They've been cleaning out the refrigerator.
  • They've been cooking.
  • Enzo is the first person who can make watching them play chess in the house amusing.
  • "I don't like that pawn dude breathing on my horsie!"
  • The veto meeting won't be until the live show on Thursday as it's only one vote -- Cody (as he won PoV).
  • Enzo is going to take his cow Moolan home with him to NJ.
  • I wonder if Tyler will sue for visitation rights.
  • Christmas knows that Cody will vote her out.
  • Yet she periodically tries to convince him otherwise.
  • Lots of studying going on for questions comp in the three part HoH comp.
  • Christmas has become buddy-buddy with Nicole.
  • Enzo thinks she wants an invite to Nicole's wedding.
  • Christmas pushes her website whenever she can.
  • At least she stopped crying so much.
  • The feeds still get randomly blocked over nothing.
  • Speaking of nothing ... I really have nothing more to report.

Cool beans Cody

At least he took off the sunglasses

Enzo playing chess is amusing

We still see you, Christmas

What the fresh hell is with her hair?

Who gave Christmas a weapon?

Monday, October 19, 2020

BB22: HoH Comp, Nominations Show Blog Party - Oct.19


Good evening! For those who read the live feeds reports, I'm so sorry. I don't think I've ever seen feeds so blocked and boring. I will post an update tomorrow. I promise. Really.

Please remember that this is show post -- no spoilers from the PoV, please!

I'll be updating this post with the major happenings as the show airs here on the East Coast. Refresh the page to get the latest update! As always, the real party is in the comments area -- please feel free to join in on the fun!

Previously on and all that involves. Let this segment be over quickly!

They're pacing around worrying about the upcoming Knight Moves comp. None of them seem to remember the original Knoght Moves from BB6. They go to the backyard which is set up with a huge chess board. Nicole cannot compete. The moves they can make are like a knight in chess. Once they land on a square, it cannot be used again.

Christmas foolishly picks a starting spot on the edge near a corner. ody, fairly wisely, chooses one more towards the middle but with the thought n mind to block Christmas. Enzo seems to go off on his own instead of helping Cody trap Christmas. He's more worried about his own safety more than cornering either of them. 

Nicole is all ticked off that Enzo is playing for himself. Cody is eliminated first, Christmas only has one move left. She is out. ENZO wins HoH!

Christmas actually thinks that she might not go on the block? Bwahahaha! 

Cody is frustrated saying he had to sacrifice himself risking the final three. Heh. Enzo played for himself. Good. Nicole is really upset, thinks that she can't trust him. Nicole thinks Enzo wants to go into the final three with Christmas instead of her or Cody.

Love it. Enzo talks to Tyler's inflatable cow in the HoH room. He tells us he thinks he'll put up Nicole and Christmas.

Enzo tells Christmas that his best chance of winning is with her in the final two. His dream final three would be Nicole, Christmas and himself as either of them would choose him to go with them to the final two.

Christmas doesn't know what Cody has against her, so goes to talk to him. Cody is honest that she was the first person he was going for. He tells her he was going to go for one person, then the next. Right. Yeah. She still doesn't seem to realize that Cody and Enzo are together even though not necessarily in this comp.

We actually see Enzo's HoH room reveal. He brings the cow. His photos show his kids with Team Enzo shirts.

Cody is telling us that he HANDED Enzo the comp. Um. No. ENZO made the decision to play for himself. That is ultimately playing for Cody, too. But Cody isn't seeing it. 

Enzo wants Christmas to stay while, of course, Cody wants Nicole to stay. Dependent on veto, if Christmas and Nicole go on the block, Cody would be the sole vote this week.

Oh, gosh. Cody went and got Christmas talking about herself, like she needs an invite. She forgets how to do the dance she so wanted to show him. Typical.

After a few humorous filler segments, Christmas goes to talk to Enzo about her get Cody out agenda. He tells us that he agrees with her. But will his bromance with Cody negate all of that? Hmm.

Time for nominations! He nominates Nicole, then Christmas. He tells them he likes them both, win PoV. 

Saturday, October 17, 2020

BB22: Live Feeds - Power of Veto Winner - Oct. 17


Yes, we have a new Power of Veto winner. Nicole has been obsessively studying, figuring it would be questions. Christmas has been busy moping and crying. Even Enzo has been studying.

CODY won the Power of Veto.

His win pretty much guarantees that Enzo, Cody and Nicole will be our final three. He will leave the noms the same and, as the sole vote, will vote out Christmas on Thursday.

Friday, October 16, 2020

BB22: Live Feeds into Friday Evening, Nominations - Oct. 16


This is it, that's my speech.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Acrimonious Asses:
  • As you know from my last brief update, Enzo is the new HOH.
  • It seems, although I didn't catch any of them outright saying it, that Cody may have thrown the comp to Enzo.
  • If so, I don't know why.
  • But, then again, he's the one who brought Derrick with him in the final two of his season.
  • When Enzo talks to Cody, he's all "Jersey Boys never on the block to the final two."
  • He told Cody he will put Nicole and Christmas on the block.
  • But Enzo has his doubts about keeping Nicole in the game.
  • He thinks that Nicole would take Cody to the final two and it's possible that Cody would take Nicole.
  • Nicole was acting very upset with Enzo and even with Cody a bit last night after the HoH comp.
  • Christmas is just acting very defeated. Her threat of Comp Christmas never came to fruition and she feels all alone.
  • She's lost her best friend in the house.
  • She has lost her alliance member.
  • Woe is her. Play a sad Christmas song.
  • Today the live feeds went on another extended block.
  • It turns out this block was for some kind of luxury comp tied in with BB Comics.
  • As we couldn't watch the comp on the feeds, I can only go by what they're saying.
  • It sounds like they each had to choose a BB Comic of a jury member and one would win $10,000 for themselves and the same for that jury member.
  • Apparently Nicole chose Memphis and ended up winning the money for both her and Memphis.
  • Oh noes!
  • That threw poor pitiful Christmas further into the pit of despair.
  • SHE should have won the money for herself and her best friend in the house.
  • Plus, she thinks Enzo is going to put her on the block.
  • She's probably right about that.
  • But, as much as he wanted Christmas out before, I think Enzo would prefer Nicole out due to her connection with Cody.
  • Of course, this is the week with only one person voting.
  • If, for example, Christmas and Nicole go on the block, it could go down a few ways. If the veto is not used, Cody would be the sole vote. He would vote out Christmas. 
  • If Nicole wins the veto and saves herself, Cody would go on the block. But Nicole would vote out Christmas.
  • If Christmas wins veto, Cody would go on the block and Christmas would vote him out.
  • It's no longer Follow the HOH time. It will be whomever that veto holder or sole voter wants to keep.
  • Ahh ... the feeds are back.
  • Hmm. It seems like Enzo did indeed nominate Christmas and Nicole.
  • He does have this thing about how he and Cody will make BB history by being the the Jersey guys who were never on the block all season.
  • Well, either he or Cody will have to win veto for that to happen!

Thinks she might be targeted.

Sloppy eating Cody

Channeling her inner Audrey

Enzo's HOH room companion

Comp Christmas was a no show.

BB22: Live Feeds New HoH - Oct. 16


Yes, there is a new HoH in town. Keep in mind that this HoH is guaranteed a spot in the final three. However, this week's veto winner will hold all the power -- a spot in the final three and the sole vote for eviction. 

That said, YO ENZO ... congratulations on your HOH win!

Finally wearing that HOH key!

Also, a commenter mentioned on my show post that she couldn't get email notification on posts here like she used to get. I hadn't realized with all the Blogger changes that the option disappeared. I put in a new email notification widget at the top of the right sidebar if you're interested!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

BB33: Live (?) Eviction and HoH (?) Show Blog Party - Oct. 15


Well, I'm not certain that it will be live this week. Nor am I certain that we'll see the HoH comp. Oh, we might see it start, I guess. They're really messing with us this season. 

For those with hamsters still in the game, SueGee's latest pool update can be found at this here link.

I'll be updating this entry with the major events as the show airs here on the East Coast. Refresh the page to get the latest news! As always, the real party is in the comments area -- please feel free to join in on the fun!

Previously on and blah, blah, blah ...

Ohh, Kaysar returns tonight to surprise the houseguests? Cool.

It's Day 72. Ah, it is a live eviction for a change. 

Which wise guy is wiser? Of course we know Nicole doesn't want Enzo or Cody on the block. She tells us that Cody is her golden ticket to the final three. Christmas is willing to do the dirty work -- get Cody out -- if she stays. Memphis is sure his buddies Enzo and Cody will vote to keep him.

Nicole doesn't want to have to break a tie. She tells Christmas both Enzo and Cody will vote to keep her. Memphis knew Christmas was pushing the backdoor Cody plan. He feels the need to let Cody know. Cody tells us that Nicole already told him that Memphis was trying to get in on the backdoor Cody plan. So, Cody knows he;s lying to him.

Now Memphis and Enzo are all talking about how, if Nicole makes it to the final two, she just might win. Enzo is thinking, for his own game, it might be best to keep Memphis. He tries talking Cody into it. Cody is not convinced.

Enzo thinks that if Christmas stays, it's only good for Nicole. If he forces her to break a tie, she will have the legendary "blood on her hands." So ... will they each vote for one? It could be interesting.

Jury house segment, back to Tyler arriving. He shows them the video of his "demise." Seeing that Cody once again won HoH, they think he's playing the best game. Da'Vonne thinks Enzo needs to win something. Da'Vpnne brings up to Tyler that he had said he wanted to go home back then and he says it was indeed due to the BLM and wanting her to have a chance. 

Jurors get love from home. It's in the form of a DVD. Kevin's husband. Aw, David's dog! Ian's girlfriend. Da'Vonne's little girl. Angela. Dani's Dom, two kids and dog.

To the living room ...
Christmas - Loyal love, shout outs, big fan Julie, not ready for my interview, getting uncomfortable on the block, I can help you.
Memphis - New for me on the block, guys, word is everything, might want to keep me around in case Cody starts another grease fire.

The votes to evict:
Cody - Memphis
Enzo - Memphis

Aw, Nicole won't have to break a tie. Memphis is out. He handles the interview with Julie well and holds no grudges. His plan had been to be in the final three with Enzo and Cody, final two with Enzo.

The HoH starts tonight, will air Monday with nominations.

All to the living room now! Kaysar is on the video screen. It's the giant chess board. BB Knight Moves. It's not even starting as the show ends.

A refresher from BB6 --

BB22: Live Feeds into Thursday - Oct. 15


Sans messy bun yawn

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Mousy Moles:

  • I really don't have much for you.
  • But with all the other posting I did yesterday and the fact that I didn't post a live feeds report, I felt bad.
  • Oh, not real bad, mind you.
  • Not so bad that a dish of ice cream wouldn't cure it.
  • Y'see ... there's really nothing new to report.
  • They could have had the eviction after the veto meeting but prolonged our agony.
  • Memphis will go home tonight.
  • The show will be edited to make it look like they're seriously considering sending Christmas home.
  • And, if she was on the block with anyone other than Memphis, it would be her.
  • Enzo still has a bug in his baseball cap that it should be Christmas voted out.
  • But he will go along with Cody and Nicole.
  • If Christmas doesn't win HOH tonight, she will be the next out.
  • At this time, Cody could win the season over any of them. Enzo could win it over Nicole or Christmas. Christmas's only chance for the win would be over Nicole because Nicole is a previous winner. That one is iffy though.
  • It will be nice to put this season out of its misery.

In between day and sleep hats

Against anyone, he will win

One will go tonight. We know who.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

TAR32: Season Premiere Blog Party - Oct. 14


This season was filmed well before the pandemic hit and has just been sitting around waiting for its spot in the sunshine. Filming on TAR33 had to stop due to the pandemic. 

Lifeguard SueGee has done the random draws for the blog pool and you can find your team at this here link. That link also has the links for the posts I made with photos and my takes on the teams for your reference. If you didn't sign up for the pool on time, it's too late now but you can cheer on whatever team you like!

I will be updating this entry with the major events the best I can as the show airs here on the East Coast. In the beginning I always have issues with keeping the teams straight. Please bear with me. It might take a few weeks before I get accustomed to who's whom! The real party is in the comments area -- please join in on the fun!

They're starting from the Hollywood Bowl. 33,000 mile adventure. They get the first clue from the top of their bags across the Bowl. They are told they will head to LAX. They will be heading to Trinidad. 

 They have to take a taxi and find a 24-hour fruit stand. Roll a barrel that weighs 500 pounds to a huge loud and colorful carnival where they will get the flight assignment to Tobago. There are two flights.

Seven teams are on the first flight, four on the second.

Their next clue is to be found on Swallow's Beach. The flights are a half-hour apart. They have to go out on the water, find a "fish" that matches the fish on their boat, use the number on the fist to unlock the code. Some didn't memorize the fish colors, others didn't memorize the numbers.

Michelle and Vic get the next clue first. The teams from the second flight are arriving.

Who thinks they can steal the show? Teams must learn to play a song on a native instrument for this Roadblock. Uh-oh, the Olympic hurdle women are stuck at the fish. There. they got it. C'mon Mr. Tally Man, tally me bananas. Daylight's coming and I want to go home. Michelle and Vic lose their first place to Hung and Chee. 

From the Roadblock, they're heading to the Pit Stop. They each have to pick up a goat and bring it there. 

Pit Stop Order:
1. Hung and Chee, still racing must read clue. Leg is not over.
2. Vic and Michelle make it next.

The leg is still on. Phil is giving each team a clue. 
The Olympic women and the NFL guys are 9 and 10.

Nathan and Cody arrive last and are Philiminated. Wah.

BB22: Veto Comp Show Blog Party - Oct. 14


As promised on the promos, tonight is the return of the BB Comics Veto Competition, always a hit on the show. I myself certainly like it more that I could ever like ZingBot!

We have Memphis and Christmas on the block going into tonight. If one of them wins, would it be Enzo up as a replacement? Say it ain't so! 

I'll be updating this entry with the major events as the show airs here on the East Coast. Refresh the page to get the latest update! As always -- no live feeds spoilers -- the real party is in the comments area. Please join in on the fun!

Ho-hum ... sitting through the Previously On segment ...

We pick up the action after the nominations end. Nicole is definitely targeting Memphis. Christmas thinks she's safe. Nicole told her she's not the target. Yet she remains a bit leery. Enzo and Cody feel very secure -- they're the only ones who have never been nominated for eviction.

Of course, Memphis and Christmas are tight. Memphis is sure Cody and Enzo will keep him safe because they're Wise Guys with him. Remember, he has a duplicate Wise Guys with Christmas instead of Cody. Enxo knows he will go up if one wins the veto. He also thinks Christmas is the more dangerous to his game than is Memphis.

On the other hand, Cody would just as soon, maybe even prefer, that Memphis gets the boot this week.

Enzo finds out teakettles whistle. Heh.

Christmas tries to get Enzo to promise to use the veto to save her. He tells her he's worried about going on the block. She tells him if he wins, saves one of them, they can backdoor Cody. Of course, she's talking to Enzo. He runs to Nicole with the intel. Enzo now thinks that Christmas needs to be the bigger target this week. Nicole thinks that Memphis is the bigger target and she isn't changing her mind.

Cody is talking about missing his girlfriend who has been stricken with Hodgkins lymphoma. Of course, Christmas has to turn the discussion about her mother. At least it ends with "cancer free." Then she cries to us in the DR because she misses her family.

Christmas talks to Nicole. Nicole seriously thinks keeping her is best for her game. Enzo talks to Tyler's inflatable cow.

Time for the veto comp -- BB Comics! It's the same as in previous years, zipline across, find the exact same 16 comics to post. They're dressed in superhero garb with capes and all. Cody's dumb line of the night - "Counting to six isn't easy." Enzo goes next, impressed with this own Meow Meow comic. Time for Christmas. She's scared of heights. That''s too bad, huh? Then it's time for Memphis or, as his comic goes -- MemFIST.

Nicole is up. She's breathing. She won BB Comics in her season. We'll see. She seems sad that she's a serial killer while Janelle is a blond bombshell. Heh. Poor Nicole. So sad, huh?

The times in minutes.seconds
Memphis 31.56
Enzo 28.19
Nicole 11.21
Christmas 27.45
Cody 16.08

NICOLE wins the Power of Veto!

Poor Christmas feels so defeated. She talks to Memphis. He's sure he's safe this week. She knows she's not Nicole's target, but it would be better for her own game if Cody went on the block and home. Well, to jury. She goes to Nicole who tells her she plans on keeping the noms the same and she would be safe. She pushes the Cody out bit to her.  She says she doesn't trust Cody or Enzo with the vote. She actually does have a point that Cody would win if he makes the final two.

Nicole does NOT use the power of veto. Memphis and Christmas remain on the block.