Sunday, January 29, 2006

Last Week's Hits, Misses and Somewhere In Betweens

Not in an particular order, these are the shows I watched and enjoyed last week...


HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER -- This is one of the few half hour long format sitcoms I'm really watching these days. The half hour sitcom has fallen out of favor with me since, oh ... perhaps the 'Seinfeld' or 'Mad About You' days. Not 'Everyone Loves Raymond', y'know. But I am enjoying 'How I Met Your Mother.' Neil Patrick Harris is a standout in his role of Barney and I love to watch his character's lines steal the show. This week's episode introduced a new love for Ted. Will it be the one? Well, of course not or the show won't have a premise! Sheesh! Once he meets his wife, it's all kind of over. If you're looking for something fun, lighthearted, cleverly written ... suit up! And, watch the show. If you go to the website for the show, check out Barney's Blog. What's scary is that I think I know a few guys like him. Yikes!

LOVE MONKEY -- What can I say about this one? It's the second episode and I'm hooked. Tom Cavanagh is perfect for his role; the NYC scenes are realistic and not filmed in Hollywood or Toronto; the music scene is lively; the characterization works; the cast is diverse (like the real world) without being exaggerated on a stereotypical level. While the premise of the show is Tom looking for love, most likely in all the wrong places, the show's story revolves around the music scene and just plain life, as well. Love it!

AMERICAN IDOL -- Oh, such a guilty pleasure, I know! Call the audition shows a freak show, whatever, I'm entertained. Simon's lines often crack me up when the worst of the horrible are auditioning -- he says what I think but I'm too polite to say. Well, sometimes he's a bit more harsh about some things such as weight. But when he talks pure singing talent (or not), he's spot on! I get a kick out of the auditions as much as I do once the finalists come forward.

Other Hits: 'C.S.I.' - 'Without a Trace' - 'Law and Order: Criminal Intent'


LOST -- Well, this was better than the last episode which I panned as a Miss in my last Hits and Misses entry. But, still... more questions raised, nothing answered. We're off on new tangents (save the baby!) while not addressing much of past issues with the exception of Charlie's drug background. I was entertained. It kept my interest. But they really have to start addressing some of the previous mysteries and stop just introducing new mysteries. It's starting to remind me of a bad novel I wrote in the 80s in which I had all these fantastic ideas and couldn't wrap up the plot at all.

C.S.I.: NY -- This is usually a "catch on the rebound" show for me. I tend to watch the reruns or every now and then tape the show as it's against 'Law and Order', but this past week's 'L&O' was a rerun. I like the show. I was initially put off by it as I'm a NYC purist. If you're going to have a show set in the city, it should be filmed in the city. (Plus, it's neat to see the shows filming on the streets!) Also, in its first season they had that dark gritty blue tint to the show. I felt like I was wearing blue sunglasses while watching it. I still can't watch those early shows in that odd tint and darkness. This week's show was based on the "sport" of subway surfing which really wasn't. I thought the TWU should be thrilled about how their conductor was portrayed. Heh.


THE FOUR KINGS -- I had it on in the background, but it didn't even catch my interest. Instead I ended up reading. As much as I want my unrequited crush on Josh Cooke (darn, he's a cutie) to work, the show is just not entertaining me.

I watched other shows and still have a few things I taped which I must watch. One show I taped which is in an absolutely horrible time slot is 'Crumbs.' It's the kiss of death to put that show against 'The Office' and 'C.S.I.'. I wanted to take a peek as it's got Jane Curtain and Fred Savage in the cast. It sounds like a nice sitcom (unlike that recent one with Henry Winkler!) and I want to give it a go. But, geez... ABC... get it out of that time slot!
What did you watch and enjoy this week? What did you watch and wonder why you were wasting your life on "this"? Tell me! :-)

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Famyates said...

I have not been real impressed with much of the new stuff that the networks have trotted out so far. I've caught "How I met" and am not impressed,seems like a been there,done that kind of a show.Didn't like the Winkler show either or 4 Kings or much of the new ones to be truthful. I find myself waiting and longing for AR and Survivor and BB and even Deal or No Deal. I am in love with Dancing W/ I wish I could do that!! LOL Lost is getting so confusing for me,trying to keep all the new stuff straight and remeber all the clues from before. It had better all start to make some sense soon or I fear it will lose viewers. I like Grays' Anatomy alot and am going to mourn the loss of 7th Heaven,but the new cast members and story lines have left alot to desire. Ruthie doing the dirty dancing and turning into a super sex symbol is just a bit much to take after watching her grow up on the show. I fear she's trying to out Mary Mary. And I know,I know.... I am a 50+ boomer here,but I love Gilmore Girls so much. It's the mother/daughter dynamic thing,I think. So that's what I'm watching...oh,and Project Runway is another fav and What Not to Wear. Also catch Moving Up when I can,just love that mean and snipey Doug Wilson.....LOL.