Wednesday, January 25, 2006

New 'Survivor' Castaways: A Closer Look at Melinda Hyder

All right! Moving right on along with my 'Closer Look at...' entries regarding the new cast members of 'Survivor' -- it's time for Melinda Hyder! I want to get finished with the cast entries today as it's my day off and I want to get on with blogging about show stuff! ;-)

From her CBS bio page:
Melinda's a 32 year old singer from Sevierville, TN. She was born and raised in Tennessee and seems very cleancut and family oriented. She's thrilled her parents were high school sweethearts and have bee married for 44 years. She started singing while in church at the age of four. (I started singing about that time, too. Alas, it took me another 20 years to realize I cannot sing at all!) She trained in ballet, tap, jazz and gymnastics for 12 years -- all good for show comps in their own ways. She's even taught dance. (I can't dance, either. :::thump:::) Oh, she must really be able to sing -- she went to college on a full scholarship for voice. In her singing career, she's worked at Six Flags and toured Europe. In other work, she's been a real estate agent, private vocal coach, model (I think she's a cutie as far as women go), pageant coach and dance instructor.

An excerpt from the bio: "Hyder describes herself as vivacious, competitive and compassionate. Her hobbies include creative home decorating, collecting Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, watching CBS soap operas and jogging." Interesting. I think she's the only one so far who hasn't said why she thinks she'll win or what qualities she possesses which will help her win. Hmmm.

It's onto her CBS Favorites page for more insight:I like her scents -- vanilla, sandalwood and cinnamon. Two of those were listed by another. Hmmm. Taboo, Twister, Tetra and Frogger are her games. Okay. (Dang, I haven't played Twister in like decades!) Heh... movies include Legally Blonde. She doesn't have any favorite sports to play, but has various outdoor activities she enjoys which include fishing, hiking and swimming, plus snow sports (which don't come into play much in tropical climates). In TV shows, she goes for CBS soaps, American Idol, Survivor and NUMB3RS.

Well. She seems like a very nice person. But I'm getting the feeling she might not have enough drive and compassion to really get into the game and win. I also think she has that nice quality which, with the exception of the flying under the radar approach, isn't a great quality for winning. I predict early boot, although she does seem sweet. I think it's a shame she's too old to try out for American Idol, that's what I think.

Your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Melinda is a former Miss Tennessee top ten contestant and talent winner in 1996 and 1998

She was a competitor with the other contestants and NOT SWEET

Jackie said...

She didn't win the Miss Congeniality award in the pageants, eh?

Anonymous said...

That was 1995 & 1996
She was in the top ten
Sang well the first year and sang awful the second.
Not friendly,or nice- agreed. Very spoiled,catty, and SELF-IMPRESSED!